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Out of Place By Don Edmundson
eBook (PDF): $4.99
Banyan Carver had momentarily stopped on narrow bridge when the drowsy driver of a semi truck struck the rear of his cycle and forcing him through the guardrail and over the edge of the bridge. When... More > Banyan awakes, he finds himself in a strange bedroom with a woman caring for him. Tian tells him to rest and leaves the room. Soon, he hears Tian arguing with a man; they were arguing as what to do with him. Banyan learns that he had internal damage, head trauma and broken bones but finds that he is healthy. Banyan confront Tian and her brother about being pulled from Death's door. What Banyan finds is more than he'd ever imagined. He soon finds a friend in Dyson, love for Tian and a secret he promises to keep to himself. Banyan is starting a series of adventurers, surprises and the ups and downs of loving Tian. He discovers working at Peri Enterprises and meeting new friends and challenges. Later he finds out something about himself than puts him in an unwanted limelight that he must deal with.< Less
Ark By Don Edmundson
eBook (PDF): $4.99
Maria Fortelli is a Nursing Student at the Brookhaven Medical Center in Prescott Arizona; her brother, Asher, is a young traffic cop for the Prescott Police Department. Relaxing at home, they heard... More > movement outside, then suddenly they saw a man running across the yard. Asher went outside to find a stranger laying face down in the swimming pool. Asher dove into the water and pulled the man out. after the stranger was carried into the house and set on the sofa, Maria and Asher were taken aback by the man’s completely dry clothing. Maria was in awe at the man’s physical form and beauty; Asher was more concerned by the man’s modern-esque Roman-style clothing, the device he was earing on his left wrist, and the insignia that he was over his left breast. This story followed Officer Fortelli and Enforcement and Protection Sentinels, Torrin Pullo Cirlius and his partner Vir Delora as they, first, track down a dangerous fellon, and later, get humans from two worlds to realize that each other exits.< Less
The Dickinson Melting Pot By Don Edmundson
eBook (PDF): $4.99
Blake and Abby Dickinson are a married 29-somthing couple who live and work in Blythe, California. Their home is on a rural acreage; just a mile from the Houser Geode beds. Abby is home alone and... More > making doll dresses in her sewing room when she hear a noise out on the front porch. She is aware that it is too early for Blake to be home and she cautiously goes to investigate. When she does, Abby discovers an unconscious young man; lying face down with his head resting on the surface of the porch with the rest of him positioned on the three steps. Abby rushes to his side, get him to stand up, and then she brings him in the house and rests him on the sofa. She finds that the attractive young stranger has broken ribs and is very weak, and he doesn’t speak English. However, she has managed to discover his name. Tobren Goris becomes the first member of the Dickinson family melting pot.< Less
Writers By Don Edmundson
eBook (PDF): $3.99
Kevin Davidson is a Science Fiction writer who inherited his Great Aunts old home. However, when he arrived at the supposedly vacant home, He discovered that it was occupied, but no one was home. A... More > neighbor told that a young man, O’dan Von Uradel had bought the house and that he was also a writer. It came to pass that Kevin and O’dan became house-mates and shared ownership. One afternoon, O'dan was injured when the two men were playing a friendly game of touch football. Kevin was prepared to take O’dan to the hospital, however, he was asked to take him into the wine cellar in the back yard. What happened next would change Kevin's life from thence on. This story contains many story lines especially with Lillian Toretti’s 24 year old son, Dallas who suffers from a severe heart condition.< Less
Weird People Down the Street By Don Edmundson
eBook (PDF): $4.99
29 year old architect, Sebastian Torlan, seemed to have a lot of bad luck recently. Thinking that he was a burglar, Deri, his wife, struck him in the head with a baseball bat. That incident put him... More > in a coma for 6 weeks and then awoke with amnesia. He found out that he, his wife and their 3 children were living in a cul-de-sac where 3 mothers and their families, who moved in 3 years earlier, had begun turning the neighbors against the Torlan's because Sebastian and his 3 kids had blue-white eyes and were sometimes seen by other children using their, so called, strange abilities. Prejudice finally caused the Torlan's to be shunned by the other neighbors, and given them the title of the weird people down the street. Little did Sebastian know, there were more eye-opening surprises and discoveries yet to come; one would change the lives of his family and his brothers as well as his sister, parents and grandparents.< Less
The Grass Is Always Greener By Don Edmundson
eBook (PDF): $3.99
Identical twins, Connor and Christian Vernon, 26, jointly own a coffee shop called the Coffee Break. However, Christian and his brother did not see eye-to-eye, since Christian was forced to spend his... More > life in a wheelchair, due to an injury he suffered during a high school sports event that left his legs paralyzed. One day, a stranger came to the coffee shop and seated himself at an outdoor table. The waitress asked him if he wanted anything, and the man was brought a coffee and a muffin, however, when it was time to pay, the young man had no money. Connor went out to confront the man, and found out the Cassian Tagaris could not walk because his exoskeleton's power cells had drained and that it needed a few hours to recharge. This story is about how two men, with the same disability, see the other as having it better than the other. One has the technology to make him walk like a normal; the other is accepted by his friends, family and others, despite his handicap; both had given up on life.< Less
Violator By Don Edmundson
eBook (PDF): $4.99
Torgger Sylvainian and his sister, Killian, had just gotten back from watching their parent's flight depart for Florida. While the parents were gone, Torgger and Killian took a small vacation at... More > their family’s cabin, no far from their home in Castle Rock, Colorado. One night, Killian was awakened when she heard someone moving about on the cabin’s front porch. She woke her brother and the two of them ventured out to see who it was. With baseball bat in hand, Torgger stood poised to strike when the intruder entered. The door opened and before Torgger had a chance to strike, an orange beam struck him in the stomach, causing him to fall to the floor in a paralyzed state. The woman who stunned him sensed the presence of Killian and aimed her weapon in her direction of the sofa. The woman walked towards her, and then became unstable when her foot stepped on the bat. Killian reached out to stabilize the woman and then she had her sit on the sofa. and handed back the weapon to her. Thus, an exciting adventure began.< Less
Sparked Into Life By Don Edmundson
eBook (PDF): $3.99
Seventeen year old Cassidy Mitchell was a strong and healthy young man. His mother, Stacy, was a 4th Grade School teacher, and his Australian-born dad was a Robotic’s Engineer at Robotic... More > Prosthetics Research and Development. When Cassidy was thirteen years of age, he was struck by a car as he was moving through an intersection. The woman sped through the red light at hit him; causing him to become paralyzed from the waist down. So it was no wonder that Cassidy would be the Guinea Pig to wear the first Robotic Exoskeleton. The Tobius Unit was designed to fit conformably beneath the pants, and the small computer inside controlled the stride and the balance of the wearer. Tobius had all the benefits of a smart phone Personal Assistant in that it could speak, give directions, find information on the Global Net, and manage his personal schedule. However, what Tobius could not do was be a mobile phone. This story takes the reader on a journey of self-exploration for Cassidy and his exoskeleton.< Less
Out of Time By Don Edmundson
eBook (PDF): $3.99
Frank Mancini was a Second Lieutenant in the Air Force and was a member of the Omega Squadron with the 26th Tactical Insertion and Recon Wing based at the Cannon Air Force Base in Clovis, New... More > Mexico. He was 26 years of age, had a wife, Maria, and 4 years old son named Anthony. Maria was pregnant with a son that they would name Anthony. However, on a mission to monitor two hurricanes in the southwest, all members of the Omega Squadron made it home safely, except Frank. It was determined that he and his the newly commissioned aircraft; the Boeing K-31 Wind Raker Flying Saucer was destroyed by the storms. the remaining 7 flying saucers were soon decommissioned and the pilots were given the Boeing Boeing S-4 Curve Tail Hornets. as for Frank, he returned 26 years later to a much different world from whence he came; especially coming face-to-face with his son Anthony who happened to be the same age as Frank.< Less
John Rhodes" - "Part 1 By Don Edmundson
eBook (PDF): $3.50
Melvin Hopkins married Rebecca Rhodes when she was 18. However, Melvin got her pregnant when she was only 15, but divorced him when she was 24 years of age and little Channing was but 9 years. She... More > returned to her maiden name and the two lived their lives without a man in it. Then she met a proper gentleman at the diner she worked; even though he was homeless and served him a cup of coffee. His name was John, and Rebecca soon became attracted to this quiet man. Later, he moved him into her house, and a year later they were married. 4 years later, Rebecca’s undiagnosed cancer took her life; leaving John to raise his stepson alone. It wasn’t until Channing was 16 that he was told the secret that John had only told to Rebecca. Since John was becomming quite a home baker, as a graduation give and surprise, John purchased a small bake shop for his son and named it Rebecca’s Coffee and Bake Shoppe. Channing had wondered why his stepfather seemed to resemble him.< Less

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