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Simulacrum of Refuge : a History of Canada as Destination for U.S. Iraq War Deserters By Joseph Jones
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In 2004 U.S Iraq War deserters began to seek asylum in Canada, inspired by a legend of "refuge from militarism." About 50 surfaced as named individuals. Under both governing parties, courts... More > and lawmakers delivered a series of rejections. This first book-length history tells the story of the campaign to establish sanctuary. The main legal challenge ended in November 2007 with Supreme Court of Canada denial of leave to appeal. The political campaign foundered in July 2010 with a new immigration directive from the Conservative government. In September 2010 a handful of Liberals sabotaged their own party's legislative provision. Chapters cover U.S. based organizing, Nelson B.C. as locus of activity, deportation and police harassment, life underground, the psychosocial experience, and the intersection of Vietnam and Iraq generations. Over 600 cited primary source documents provide a quantitative basis for assessing the development of Canadian state policies toward U.S. Iraq War deserters. ISBN 978-0-9737641-2-3< Less
Happenstance and Misquotation : Canadian Immigration Policy 1966-1974, the Arrival of U.S. Vietnam War Resisters, and the Views of Pierre Trudeau By Joseph Jones
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Two linked studies document and expose a set of historical misconceptions about Canada's reception of U.S. Vietnam War resisters. No special provisions facilitated the immigration to Canada of... More > draft-age American males. The only specific action ever taken by the Liberal government was to abandon under pressure its covert discrimination against U.S. deserters. A strange revisionism credits Pierre Trudeau himself with "opening the gates" to Canada and extending a "welcome." This folkloric belief is traced from its embodiment in a manufactured misquotation through a widespread and uncritical propagation by activists, professionals, academics, and major media. ISBN 978-0-9737641-1-6< Less
Contending Statistics: The Numbers for U.S. Vietnam War Resisters in Canada By Joseph Jones
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Never directly countable, U.S. Vietnam War resisters in Canada became a magnet for numbers and an extension of society's battleground over the war. This study offers context and perspective, and... More > arrives at a carefully qualified conclusion that should never be simplified to a single number. Three earlier studies receive detailed scrutiny both as sets of statistics and as narratives. An original calculation builds on extensive data from contemporary newspaper accounts. Ten statistical tables organize figures from a variety of official Canadian sources. Selected personal histories illustrate qualitative categories that lie beyond any enumeration. ISBN 0-9737641-0-4< Less

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