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Chronicles of the Kings - Book 1: The Death of Kings By R.P. Nettelhorst
eBook (PDF): $3.98
First of a series of books retelling the history of the Hebrew monarchy, set in an alternate future, in a galaxy spanning civilization, with battles between worlds and solar systems.
Where No Question Dwells By R.P. Nettelhorst
eBook (PDF): $5.47
Human beings come upon a world with an ancient, non-technological civilization that is locked in a rigid culture allowing no unanswered questions. The answers have all been given and the people are... More > expected to simply memorize all the questions and their appropriate answer. Conflict results when the people of this ancient culture are suddenly confronted, thanks to the humans mere existence, with the entirely new, which lacks both question and answer.< Less
Boiled Frog By R.P. Nettelhorst
eBook (PDF): $3.73
A fable about frogs and their attempts to appease the storks.
Chronicles of the Kings - Book 2: A King of Shreds and Patches By R.P. Nettelhorst
eBook (PDF): $4.28
Second book in a series retelling the history of the Hebrew monarchy, set in an alternate future, in a galaxy spanning civilization, with battles between worlds and solar systems.
Fades the Flower By R.P. Nettelhorst
eBook (PDF): $4.67
Paul Wilcox is 83 years old. When his friend invites him to visit an unusual archeological site in Lebanon, he never suspects that it will change his life. Archeologists have discovered evidence of... More > an advanced human civilization wiped out over a hundred thousand years ago in a biological war when the first virus was created from scratch and unleashed on the world. All the viruses known to humanity have their origins in an ancient weapon of war gone haywire. But that is not the only wonder uncovered; an advanced computer from that ancient time still exists and gives Paul a secret that will change his life—and the lives of everyone else in the world—more than any other secret from the past: the secret to eternal youth.< Less
Mole By R.P. Nettelhorst
eBook (PDF): $2.52
A child is placed into a totalitarian society, grows up as an ordinary member of it, and works his way to the top levels of the authoritarian government. But he is no ordinary child; he is a mole,... More > placed there to overturn the tyranny and establish freedom.< Less
Somewhere Obscurely By R.P. Nettelhorst
eBook (PDF): $2.44
Aramond Smith O’Reilly is a trader in human misery who, for a price, moves desperate workers illegally from depressed time periods to more prosperous periods of history. Aramond’s story... More > is a story of redemption. It is somewhat reminiscent of the story of former slave trader John Newton who went on to be a defender of the faith and author of Amazing Grace.< Less
The Perversion of Evil By R.P. Nettelhorst
eBook (PDF): $4.89
Milton Filby was a nice man, tolerant, easy going, kind to those around him, educated. Decent. But he wakes up to find himself on trial and doomed to Hell together with Adolph Hitler, a man... More > responsible for killing millions. Then there’s Katrina Harper, admittedly a very good woman, far better than Milton could ever hope to be—and a faithful churchgoer. Poor Suliman Ababa, a slave, was only twelve when he died horribly in a fire after his village in India was attacked back in 1735 BC.< Less
As Long As It Is Today By R.P. Nettelhorst
eBook (PDF): $4.09
Unexepectedly thrust into the past, Bradly Harris and his two year old daughter must decide whether to settle down, transform history, or find some way to get back to their home time.
Welcome the Morning By R.P. Nettelhorst
eBook (PDF): $4.13
Moslem terrorists kidnap six close friends and try to turn them against each other in a mad attempt to change history.