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The Sins of the Fathers The Life and Times of a Mafioso By Vito Quattrocchi
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The Sins of the Fathers chronicles the life and times of Tony Messina, a Sicilian immigrant to the United States. This sweeping narrative takes us from Tony's formative years in the street gangs of... More > Hoboken, New Jersey, a bustling waterfront town in the looming shadow of New York City, to the startling violence and barbarity of the Vietnam conflict. Upon returning home, Tony is swept into the ruthlessly violent world of his family, the Messinas, the ruling Mafia clan of Hudson County, New Jersey. Returning from a war in which he fought as a soldier for his country only to reunite with a family who desires him to act as a soldier in their service, Tony is torn by conflicting pathos of familial duty and a desire for personal redemption. The Sins of the Fathers offers us a look into the inner-circle of a powerful crime family, the corruption, violence, and brutality therein and the story of one man's Odyssey through this blighted human landscape illustrating that redemption is always at hand. 480 pages< Less
THE BOOK OF THE LAW OF GOD By Vito Quattrocchi
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This is the book of the laws that God gave to Moses. These laws were brought into the Christian Church and must be kept to this day if one wants a truly sucessful life. A must for all students of... More > Benedicaria< Less
Benedicaria Encyclopedia Edition By Vito Quattrocchi
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This upgraded Hardcover, full color edition is a virtual encyclopedia on the Southern Italian craft of Benedicaria. It is chock full of the Roman Catholic magical rituals of the Southern Italian and... More > Sicilian peasantry. How to remove the evil eye from yourself and others, Novenas to the Saints, the Holy Rosary, How to set up a Benedicaria altar, Incense, Invoking Saint Michael the Archangel, How to make Saint Michael's Oil, Everyday Blessings, How Saint Anthony can help you find the perfect mate, Spiritual Cleansing with eggs, Baths to bring love into your life, Baths to bring money , How to remove ghosts from the home, How to read the Holy Cards, The Sicilian Cards and their hidden meanings, The Saint Michael's Chain and communing with the Saints, The Pendulum, Stories and Wisdom from Benedettos and The Ledgend of the Haunted Rocca Brusambra Mountains of Western Sicily. This book is a 512 page sociological treatise on Magical Catholicism. A must have for students of Benedicaria.< Less
Benedicaria and The Spirit of Saint Michael By Vito Quattrocchi
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This booklet explains in detail who and what Saint Michael is within the Sicilian spiritual tradition of Benedicaria. More than just a Saint, He stands as a warrior Prince, Protector, avenger, and a... More > sure help in times of trouble. This booklet teaches you the Saint Michael exorcism prayer in full. This prayer terrifies deamons and drives away all unclean spirits. You will learn how to make Saint Michael Oil for annointing yourself,others,and candles. A real look at the Benedicarin side of Saint Michael the Warrior Prince of The Most High God.< Less
Benedicaria - How to Read the Holy Cards By Vito Quattrocchi
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The folk tradition of Southern Italian/Sicilian Benedicaria utilizes Holy Cards depicting Jesus, Mary, and the Saints to look deeper into life's most puzzling problems. The cards are laid out in the... More > prescribed pattern of a Cross. Then the cards are interpreted and read. The talented Benedetto/Benedetta will weave a story of the questioner's hopes, fears, and dreams. An intimate knowledge of the saints are usually mandatory. With this small book that intimacy is not necessary. What the saints say is laid out in an easily understandable fashion. This booklet is important for anyone desiring a deeper understanding of the ancient spiritual craft of Benedicaria.< Less
Benedicaria - Novena to the Saints By Vito Quattrocchi
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Benedicaria, the Sicilian and Southern Italian spiritual tradition uses novenas as a powerful spiritual tool for creating change in the mundane world. Learn how to use the spiritual novena, to... More > enhance your life and that of your loved ones. Create a personal novena to your patorn saint, using the proper color candles,and the proper day. Enhance your knowledge of the ancient craft of Benedicaria with these powerful novenas.< Less
Meditations on The Holy Rosary By Vito Quattrocchi
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Meditations on the mysteries of the Holy Rosary. A deeper understanding of the hidden mysteries within the school of prayer known as the Rosary.
Benedicaria- Magical Catholicism By Vito Quattrocchi
Paperback: $38.38
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Benedicaria, Folk Magic of Southern Italy. a combination of Roman Catholic tradition and ancient southern Italian Folk Magic. Novenas to the Saints, healing, how to remove the evil eye,How to... More > remove a ghost from the house, how Saint Anthony will help you find your ideal mate, and every day blessings of the Sicilian and Southern Italian peasantry. 189 pages.< Less
The Legend of the Haunted Rocca Busambra Mountains of Western Sicily By Vito Quattrocchi
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Angelo Quattrocchi was a very stubborn man, and so he ignored the old woman, Santucch, the village seer and practitioner of Benedicaria, when she warned him not to defy the evil creatures called... More > "The Gregori," the old ones of the mountains,who held the village of Corleone in a grip of fear and extortion by the use of an ancient and evil magic . However,defy them he did, setting off a series of events that began a spiritual war that lasted thirteen years. The folk magic tradition of Benedicaria comes alive in this legendary adventure story of True love, revenge, and heroism set in the heart land of Western Sicily.< Less
Sicilian Proverbs and Sayings By Vito Quattrocchi
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Sicilian Proverbs and Sayings -- Sicilians are a very peculiar people. They have their own way of looking at life, and it is apparent in their proverbs. It seems that for every problem that life... More > throws their way they have a proverb to fit the circumstance. All of life's contrarieties are explained away by wise sayings. This book contanis many of the folk proverbs that Sicilians still use on a day to day basis. A must for anyone interested in the Sicilian culture.< Less