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Motivated for the Cause By R.S. Pearson
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"Motivated for the Cause" is a double-entendre: it refers to be motivated for the cause of our existence, in a sense the spiritual quest, and it also refers to being motivated for the cause... More > to make life great, to be in the full of art and experience. I would like to find a way through my writing to save the true spirit of poetry by what I call the anti-novel. I didn't invent the term anti-novel, but it is seldom heard. It basically means a literary form that has none of the conventions of the novel (a definition from Webster's). I think the very buzz of the word "anti-novel" would sell copies of my work and thus give poetry more of a chance of surviving than it presently has. The anti-novel can read like a novel, but it gives the ponderance of statement usually only reserved for poetry. This book is actually mostly composed of poetry, but it is poetry that has been taken out of verse form and put into paragraphs.< Less
Hyperreligiousity: Identifying and Overcoming Patterns of Religious Dysfunction. By R.S. Pearson
Paperback: $10.58
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Hyperreligiosity is a more established psychiatrically-used term for toxic faith. There is a timely nature of this work, as religious extremism is in the news every night. The author's hope is that... More > the ideas in this book will become assimilated so that people drawn to acting out in religious extremism have other perspectives to consider. This book is instrumental for understanding why people join destructive cults. This book bridges the gap between psychological understanding and the spiritual drive. Each one done separately is usually disregarded by the audience drawn more to the other. That is, people writing on a secular psychological level do not always take into account historically important spiritual goals. But the most dangerous situation is when people with a religious drive are not instructed on the dangers of what can happen to people who are very religious and have some imbalances.< Less
The Experience of Hallucinations in Religious Practice By R.S. Pearson
Paperback: $15.40
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When people take visions and voices as signs from the divine, they may become delusional. It has only been in the recent past that we have been able to see clearly by brain sciences that many of... More > these experiences actually are taking place in the brain. Such studies, including one in which the IQ of hallucinators was shown to decrease after the onset of hallucinations, are very important for all religious people to understand. The author believes that today's spiritual climate is often dangerous. Most of the traditional religious leaders, whether they be Christian, Jewish, Islamic, Hindu or Buddhist, teach that some religious experiences may be dangerous. However, in today’s spiritual marketplace, these experiences often become the most important part of some people’s spirituality. The author has tried to remove his own specific personal beliefs from this book to create an important interfaith work.< Less

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Paperback: $20.00