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A Life in a Day: A Course in Amateur Traumatics By Victor Rust
Paperback: $9.16
Prints in 3-5 business days
Do you have visions of being perfect? Have you ever been frustrated by the welter of self-help books, which are too lazy or lack crystallisation to actually help you directly? Do you want a quick fix... More > to achieve that desired perfection? Do you always have so many questions running through your head when considering whether to buy a book or not? Then this is the book for you. In easy to understand – sort of – steps, the book guides you through the stages of a day (any day) and the issues that might impact on you and how you might best use them to your advantage. What is it about the self-help books that elevate this one to the top of the pile – even if what constitutes that pile is highly unpleasant? Well, you just don’t have to try too hard with this one and it is guaranteed effective (unless it isn’t, in which case, the guarantee is instantly null and void)!< Less
A Question of Balance By Victor Rust
Paperback: $12.57
Prints in 3-5 business days
Mike 'Jet' Black sensed something... ...and it wasn't just that he had a predictable nickname given the colour of his hair, his surname and the fact that he was a senior captain in Rainboways. No, it... More > was the new stewardess, Suzie, who looked, acted and sounded exactly like his dead Anna. But all that turns out to be peripheral as they embark on an affair that seems doomed to failure from the very start. Take into account Gary's bloodlust when he accidentally kills Lauren Stacey and the ensuing attempts by him, Suzie and Jet to cover up the crime and abscond from the Phillipines back to the relative safety of England and Jet's days just get blacker and gloomier.< Less
A Bucketful of Rust By Victor Rust
Paperback: $9.26
Prints in 3-5 business days
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A broad range of stories from the sad to the humorous to the downright farcical: A male model with a reason to be pissed off with the world; a husband suspected of philandering; friends who drift... More > apart once romance comes to the scene;a night at the pseudo-opera; a police inspector with delusions of intelligence; a very magical cat; a selfish man who believes the world is against him; a less than brave new world in tatters; the dark side of two personalities; the result of organ donation from a gangster; what happened after Marie Duvois was killed; a larger than life king worried about his weight; a new addition to Bedlam Radio; a secret agent who gets no job satisfaction any more; a glamour model with less to her than meets the eye; a long trip on the worst motorway in the world - A bucketful, in short, of rust!< Less
Puppet on a String By Victor Rust
Paperback: List Price: $22.37 $16.78 | You Save: 25%
Prints in 3-5 business days
Music was the food of love for David Loughton when he met the beautiful, operatic Diva, Marie Duvois. An ambivalent and consenting puppet on a string until that point, what happens to him and his... More > friends as he tries finally to wrest control of his life from the puppeteers around him? Tragedy and comedy unite and encircle him as he tries to disentangle the complexities of getting the object of his desire, of taking charge of his destiny and his belovèd operatic chorus and of managing his burgeoning ambitions. All this in the face of derision, jealousy, revenge and dangerous outbursts from some of those he used call his friends. Trying to keep his remaining friends close and his new enemies closer, David Loughton, sure of the clear path to success in all the relevant areas of his life, confronts all the trials and tribulations – taking them to their ultimate and lethal conclusion.< Less
Gemma and the Snowcat By Victor Rust
Paperback: $13.15
Prints in 3-5 business days
Did you know that some magical cats build snowcats and take part in snowball fights at the dead of night? Neither did Gemma or her brother Jack until the night after the heavy snowfall, when they had... More > spent the day building a snowman and having snowball fights themselves. Jasper is a very special cat, who appears normal as he snuggles up in front of the fire during the day, but at night he meets up with his friends and, with reverence, they watch Jasper as he conjures up the magic necessary for their snow-games. But Gemma and Jack have witnessed all this and are invited to join in with their Snowman and his Snowcat. What adventures are in store for them?< Less

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