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THE MIND OF A CHILD By Robert Winston-Burnett
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Coming soon.. So, what’s motivated this short, yet also concise, even gold mind of a find? Well, we are talking here about the most precious gift that can be bestowed on us or that of freshly... More > born children as miracles arriving on our divine planet earth from creation. Indeed, just look around you to see how so many of our children seem lost today, lost in their ways, even defined direction. Yet, if we as caring, diligent parents can also understand what we teach them and show them from day one to the age of approximately seven, also delivers what that child grows up to represent. As someone once very wisely stated: “Give me the boy or girl up to the age of seven, and I’ll deliver you the man or women they turn out to be in society.”< Less
eBook (PDF): $2.10
Discover how to recognise and claim the greatest free gift of all on offer, yet for given periods only! For set within these pages, is outlined the greatest free secret of claiming and also securing... More > the shinest, most tested, lasting gem of them all. It is offered now as a once in a life time gift, and simply can never be outshone nor out performed. No, not even the highest quality diamond unearthed, can out value it. No, cannot have a price tag attached and sorry cannot be simply purchased. Yes, even if having millions, upon millions in cash notes to spare or spend, for this is truly priceless! Little point ending up the richest person in the graveyard, yet with nothing of real worth in return. Here a real gem, but only once truly claiming it to your heart, for then remains yours to eternity as a true, lasting value spirals upwards, higher and higher. Yet here for less than a Dollar, will prove the wisest investment ever.. guaranteed!!< Less
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'Winds of Change' blowing another gale! Read here why once highly prosperous lands perish before our eyes. Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) is important in universal terms. Experience an abduction attempt.. then... More > an intervention, followed by regular contacts with the by far more friendly visitors ET's to our shores! Here, accounts and affects of a terrorist war, sanctions and all this entailed. Certain lands as Zimbabwe, contain vital universal earth points as vile vortices (see also a universal light access porthole at The Great Zimbabwe Ruins! The author, was born to Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) during vital earth events. Seeds Of Strife, graphic awakening of the human conscious to interplanetary events. Read why Rhodesia declared Independence (UDI) on November 11th 1965 under leadership of the Rhodesian Prime Minister Ian Douglas Smith! Developments on a global scale, the year 2012, far more to it all and not only in Africa as ALL feel affects of changing climes! Robert Winston-Burnett MSA.< Less
AMAZING GRACE - THE RETURN By Robert Winston-Burnett
eBook (PDF): $0.62
Particle conversion through the Photon Belt, as we transform back to origin light-being creation. Are you preparing? All having transpired on earth down the ages, is recorded deep within its divine... More > time-line template or bowls. All history encoded of both darker and lighter influences. If out of sink as we are, then is addressed, revisited, calibrated and revived. Huge changes unfold on the planet, whole landscapes reclaimed as aligned to greater Universal configurations, laws and balance. Disruptions to certain earth locations, might have far greater meaning than meets the eye. Here possibilities of why certain events unfold, transpire as final strategic inter-galactic evaluations. Are we traversing back from the dark to light once more? The human creation revived, released from centuries of outside, negative influences to balance more equal playing fields through advanced Celectial impact. Freed once more to trumpet returns of Amazing Grace as true meanings of worths are heralded back in.< Less
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Some calculate RNA/DNA represents a certain bloodline, even links to Celestial Intelligent Creation/design (CIC's). And yes, world-wide patents have been secured! Might well contain hidden secrets,... More > total clues within, than simply being junk? The Lemba of Southern Africa (Zimbabwe region), clear evidence a Bantu speaking tribe is of Jewish ancestry as linked to The Holy Lands. RNA/DNA of original source, as a team of geneticists, uncover Lemba men carry a DNA sequence distinctive of the cohanim as a hereditary set of Jewish priests. The priests vary from rabbis to perform certain rituals/roles and also practice circumcision. Then keep a day of the week holy and avoid eating pork or pig like animals. A major breakthrough for Humanity, is a common DNA sequences stems from research done into Jewish traditions. These priests might well be descendants of Aaron or the elder brother of Moses! Even one of the ten lost tribes of Israel, with new light on our own originality!< Less
eBook (PDF): $0.00
Do you know as you're reading this, now some 56% of the worlds population, believe there are Et's and Aliens involved with planet earth? That we need to keep ourselves protected, so only the light... More > can shine in brightly. Through defined and guided Conscious Connections, Good Vibrations distance readings, healing and councelling, a number claim back original connections as crystal infusions and as outlined at Humans should function at a specific vibration, molecular tonal and light level. So is up to individuals to claim a true meaning and purpose of life through certain biological unblocking tools now made available. To secure far more refined, cellular balance, The Mozesian Mentorship, helps to clear blocks so abundance can flow (ATTRACT). We assist people to take back control of their lives as creative beings through ‘Distant activation and clearing' of the crystaline base we all represent.< Less

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