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Web Sites for the Elderly By Farrukh Khan
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The main aim of this research is to present state of the art techniques that can be used in order to develop accessible website, especially for the elderly impaired. Fully functional PHP and MySQL... More > code for a substantial all inclusive website, (Cork Social Inclusion Network, Ireland website), is included. This code is very rare and cannot be found elsewhere on the internet. This write-up comes with 140 references.< Less
Religion and Healthcare in a Secular Society By Farrukh Khan
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The concept of holistic care in nursing is important because this concept deals with providing care for the ill considering their physical, psychological / emotional, social, cultural and spiritual... More > needs. Religion does play an important role in the personal life of individuals living in a secular society, in which many faiths or denominations may be living together under a secular legal umbrella, while maintaining their personal religious values and traditions at home. In this essay, an attempt has been made to study Islam and Judaism in order to determine how individuals belonging to these religions may be cared for in a multicultural and secular society.< Less
Section 51(xx) of the Australian Constitution - the Corporation Power By Farrukh Khan
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The Australian Constitution describes the structure of the Australian government and defines the power sharing arrangements between the Commonwealth and the States. Section 51(xx) of Constitution,... More > which is also known as the Corporations Power, grants the Federal Parliament the right to legislate in respect to foreign corporations and trading or financial corporations formed within the limits of the Commonwealth. This essay takes a look at this section of the Australian Constitution which has been used to bring into force The Trade Practices Act 1974, Corporations Act 2001, Foreign Acquisitions and Takeover Act 1975 as well as the Competition Policy Reform Act 1995 etc.< Less
Implementation of a Safety Management System By Farrukh Khan
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In the present day and age, many countries have accorded a greater importance to occupational health and safety for the workforce through legislation. Businesses, large and small, have a... More > responsibility to ensure that they are able to provide a safe working environment for their employees. Investments in safety can be of benefit to an organization in terms of greater employee satisfaction, loyalty, business respectability and act as an insurance against much larger financial outlays in the event of an accident as well as assisting in the prevention of human suffering. In this essay, an attempt has been made to investigate how a newly started small business may be able to set itself on the path to incorporating the OHSAS 18001 based occupational health and safety management system within its broader system of corporate management.< Less
Reflection of myself as a teacher By Farrukh Khan
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This paper is a research paper that describes and investigates various issues related to teaching in the present day. Teaching has always been considered to be a noble profession and individuals... More > belonging to the practice of this profession were much admired in all ages. With the proliferation of knowledge as a result of the World Wide Web and the emphasis shifting from the classroom approaches to the virtual learning environments, the role of the teacher has been seeing a radical change, especially in the higher education. In this paper, we examine various attitudes and issues related to teaching today.< Less
Aircraft Accident Investigations By Farrukh Khan
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This paper takes a look at the aircraft accident investigations that are undertaken when an airplane suffers an accident. Airplanes are complex machines and there can be many behind an airplane... More > disaster. As a result of international cooperation and the stringent standards of engineering testing that is required in international civil aviation, flying is the safest form of transportation that is available. However, accidents do happen and not all accidents are the result of terrorists attempting to destroy an aircraft. Fuel leaks, metal fatigue, engine fires as well as pilot error can cause accidents. Criminal investigations are only conducted if there is evidence of deliberate attempts to destroy an airplane. This paper takes a look at the investigations that are conducted after an aircraft accident.< Less
Bluetooth Communications By Farrukh Khan
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The Bluetooth communication standard came into being in the year 1994 when the Swedish communications company Ericsson announced the new wireless technology to connect mobile phones, computers and... More > accessories. Bluetooth technology makes it possible to use short haul radio for point to multipoint connections for low power devices that can operate on batteries. Thus Bluetooth technology makes it possible to connect various computing devices using wireless by utilizing a global standard. This paper discusses how a Bluetooth enabled phone may be connected to another Bluetooth device.< Less
Steel in Construction By Farrukh Khan
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In this report, an attempt is made to take a look at the use of cast iron, wrought iron and steel in the construction of buildings and civil engineering structures. These materials have been... More > extensively used in construction for a fairly long time and many outstanding and historical buildings have been built with the use of iron and steel. Iron and steel are mostly used as the dominant structural material to provide shape and strength to the frame of the construction. The report takes a look at the Millennium Dome in the United Kingdom and provides its readers with an extensive bibliography for their use.< Less
Issues in International Construction Project Management By Farrukh Khan
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Construction as an industry accounts for about 10% of the global Gross Domestic Product and apart from direct construction related activities which include the construction of buildings and other... More > infrastructure, construction services including design, consulting and other associated activities are also important. Globalisation has meant that governments are increasingly uninterested in having a preference for the local companies and foreign firms can compete for the tenders available. International construction activities, however, usually mean that additional risks have to be considered as compared to the construction activities which a company is used to undertaking on its home base. This report takes a look at the problems associated with international construction and comes with an extensive bibliography for those who may want to further research the topic.< Less
Cleanrooms for Semiconductor Wafer Manufacturing By Farrukh Khan
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Semiconductor wafer manufacturing is an important industry in the present day for many countries. Demand for semiconductor chips has grown steadily in the past decades and multinational companies in... More > the business operate on a global scale with coordinated manufacturing and distribution. A semiconductor wafer manufacturing facility can cost up $ 2.7 billion and needs sophisticated equipment, services and environmental control systems including cleanrooms in order to increase the yield of the semiconductor wafers. In this report, an attempt is made to study the issues related to providing the appropriate services and equipment to support the semiconductor wafer manufacturing process, along with the issues related to the design and testing of facilities.< Less