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Web Sites for the Elderly By Farrukh Khan
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The main aim of this research is to present state of the art techniques that can be used in order to develop accessible website, especially for the elderly impaired. Fully functional PHP and MySQL... More > code for a substantial all inclusive website, (Cork Social Inclusion Network, Ireland website), is included. This code is very rare and cannot be found elsewhere on the internet. This write-up comes with 140 references.< Less
Section 51(xx) of the Australian Constitution - the Corporation Power By Farrukh Khan
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The Australian Constitution describes the structure of the Australian government and defines the power sharing arrangements between the Commonwealth and the States. Section 51(xx) of Constitution,... More > which is also known as the Corporations Power, grants the Federal Parliament the right to legislate in respect to foreign corporations and trading or financial corporations formed within the limits of the Commonwealth. This essay takes a look at this section of the Australian Constitution which has been used to bring into force The Trade Practices Act 1974, Corporations Act 2001, Foreign Acquisitions and Takeover Act 1975 as well as the Competition Policy Reform Act 1995 etc.< Less
The Battle of the Boyne (1690) By Farrukh Khan
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This paper takes a look at the historical Battle of the Boyne which took place in Ireland in 1690 after the overthrow of the Catholic king of England, James II.
Sisterhood By Farrukh Khan
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This paper takes a look at the sisterly relationship between Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony, the pioneers of women’s rights movement in the United States of America. The friendship... More > and intellectual collaboration between the two spanned nearly fifty years in an age which was to see the struggle for many rights including suffrage for black men and for American women. Although both the women did not see the fruits of their toil and labor bear fruit in their lifetime, they are an inspiration to the many through the ages whose cause they served. In this paper, their relationship is examined based on their papers and correspondence.< Less
Legal Issues Associated with Redundancy By Farrukh Khan
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In a world that is becoming increasingly accustomed to rapid changes in the business environment, there is a need to relatively quickly cease unproductive economic activities and to start new ones... More > that are more promising. This essay attempts to explore the redundancy laws of the United Kingdom and a broad comparison is then attempted between the employment and redundancy laws of the United Kingdom with those of Portugal.< Less
Human Computer Interaction Study of Online Job Application Forms By Farrukh Khan
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Advances in computing and telecommunications technologies have resulted in large volumes of interactions with unsurpassed levels of sophistication involving human users interacting with computers in... More > highly varied situations. A wide variety of data can be collected directly from the users who may be submitting information even when they are on the move, using the web interface of their mobile phones. With some websites receiving thousands of hits every day, it is important that the online electronic forms interface on these websites should be designed in a manner which will make it highly unlikely to submit erroneous information. This study presents the results of a survey conducted to identify some of the important trends associated with designing the electronic forms interface for the e-recruitment function. More then twenty five websites were surveyed in order to identify accessibility and usability design rules for online employment application forms.< Less
A Comparative Study of Offer under English and French Contract Law By Farrukh Khan
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This dissertation is a comparative study of the manner in which the English and French contract law views offers which are a first step towards the formation of contracts. Comparative law, which also... More > includes comparative law of contracts, attempts to explore legal traditions which have been a part of the legal systems in various countries. Both England and France have had a profound influence on the culture which has emerged in vastly spread out regions of the world as a result of their adventurism and colonisation. However, there are important differences in relation to how offers and other important concepts related to agreements or contracts are viewed by the two previously mentioned legal doctrines. An English law Lord is less likely to worry about the intentions of the parties who may have made offers or counteroffers and is more likely to be interested in only what has been agreed. This dissertation presents a comparison of offer under English and French contract law.< Less
Blasphemy By Farrukh Khan
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In its common context, blasphemy can mean different things to different individuals and a discussion of blasphemy is likely to unleash many a passionate feeling. This is because blasphemy is about... More > showing irreverence to the sacred and this sacred is likely to be the very glue that binds a society. The sacred is often the source of the rules by which individuals live out their lives or are treated by a society. Although ancient Greeks used to have laws about blasphemy, the early Roman Emperors considered blasphemy to be a matter that was best left to the Gods. Blasphemy started to be taken most seriously when Moses was given the Law of God and any mortal who dared to irreverently mention the name of God was required to be put to death. This dissertation attempts to examine the treatment of blasphemy in English Law and other Legal systems of the world.< Less
Public Policy on Public Houses: A Report on Influencing Factors on Attitudes of Binge Drinking in 18 – 24 Year Old Young Adults in the United Kingdom By Farrukh Khan
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Binge drinking has now been recognised as being a serious problem which affects young adults not only in the United Kingdom, but also in other countries with a predominantly Anglo – Saxon... More > culture. This phenomenon is possibly not a new one and those who indulged in binge drinking episodes were earlier referred to as being ‘lager louts’ in Britain. However, binge drinking has received considerable media attention in recent years because of the harm for the individual and the community that has come to be associated with it. This dissertation attempts to identify the influencing factors associated with attitudes of binge drinking which can have an impact on marketing for educating the public and designing interventions for positively influencing young adults.< Less
A Critical Analysis of the United States National Security Strategy Document 2006 By Farrukh Khan
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The United States National Security Strategy Document, or the NSS, is required to be presented by the Executive Branch of the government, preferably every year, in order to alert the nation about the... More > likely threats that have been identified in regard to the nation’s security interests and how the government intends to deal with these threats. This brief essay takes a critical look at the 2006 NSS document which was recently presented by Mr. Bush.< Less