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The Battle of the Boyne (1690) By Farrukh Khan
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This paper takes a look at the historical Battle of the Boyne which took place in Ireland in 1690 after the overthrow of the Catholic king of England, James II.
Sisterhood By Farrukh Khan
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This paper takes a look at the sisterly relationship between Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony, the pioneers of women’s rights movement in the United States of America. The friendship... More > and intellectual collaboration between the two spanned nearly fifty years in an age which was to see the struggle for many rights including suffrage for black men and for American women. Although both the women did not see the fruits of their toil and labor bear fruit in their lifetime, they are an inspiration to the many through the ages whose cause they served. In this paper, their relationship is examined based on their papers and correspondence.< Less
Public Policy on Public Houses: A Report on Influencing Factors on Attitudes of Binge Drinking in 18 – 24 Year Old Young Adults in the United Kingdom By Farrukh Khan
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Binge drinking has now been recognised as being a serious problem which affects young adults not only in the United Kingdom, but also in other countries with a predominantly Anglo – Saxon... More > culture. This phenomenon is possibly not a new one and those who indulged in binge drinking episodes were earlier referred to as being ‘lager louts’ in Britain. However, binge drinking has received considerable media attention in recent years because of the harm for the individual and the community that has come to be associated with it. This dissertation attempts to identify the influencing factors associated with attitudes of binge drinking which can have an impact on marketing for educating the public and designing interventions for positively influencing young adults.< Less
Impact of Designer Fashion Prices on Young People and Customer Loyalty By Farrukh Khan
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Fashion itself and marketing fashion try to elicit strong emotional responses in consumers. For the younger consumer, emotions can be even stronger. Beauty and quality have been admired since time... More > immemorial and individuals have always sought to own objects that are exceptional. However, beautiful objects and fashion items are expensive, making it difficult for everyone to pay the asking price to own such items. This dissertation presents a discussion about the impact of high fashion prices on young consumers and loyalty that they are likely to have for fashion brands with high prices.< Less
American Single Parent Households By Farrukh Khan
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The landscape of the family as a social institution has presented a substantial change in the United States of America and other countries with similar cultural traditions. This brief essay attempts... More > to present an examination of the American single parent household from the conflict and symbolic theory perspectives and then presents a comparison of American single parent households with those in the United Kingdom.< Less
Analysis of a Film “The Shining, 1980” and its Adaptation from the Novel “The Shining” by Stephan King By Farrukh Khan
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Adaptation is nothing new and many novels and pieces of literature have been transformed into a different media, which is the audio-visual media, in which the requirements related to storytelling and... More > keeping the audience entertained is somewhat different from those for text. However, studying an adaptation in a critical manner can be of great use to those who are studying the craft of making films that will continue to shape popular culture and present messages in the future. This essay presents a discussion about the adaptation and the transformation of Stephan King’s novel ‘The Shining’ into the movie by Stanley Kubrick with the same name.< Less
Motivational Factors Influencing a Choice of Destination Made by Tourists By Farrukh Khan
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Human motivations are the driving force for action and decide choices made by individuals. This general and broad observation is also true for tourism and tourists often reconcile their motivations... More > for wanting to indulge in tourism with that which specific destinations offer to them. However, motivations vary and individual attributes including age, gender, cultural orientation, occupation etc do influence what motivates their desires and the resulting choices. Thus, it is important for those involved with tourism, including the tourism operators and tourism policy makers to try to understand better, how motivating factors influence choice of destinations. This project report presents a discussion about the motivational factors that influence tourists and their choice of destinations.< Less
Helping Children through Divorce By Farrukh Khan
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With trends that are suggestive of an increasing number of couples living together and continued high divorce rates, it is clear that the number of children affected by a divorce or a separation is... More > increasing. Such children are likely to present adverse impacts, including depression, low self-esteem, behavioral problems and a lack of achievement. Thus, it is important make the right efforts to try to help the so-called children of divorce and to minimize the impact of divorce. Fortunately, it is possible to do more to help children who have suffered from the divorce or separation of their parents as they confront a reorganization of their family. Parental education about divorce, interventions designed to help children open up, discuss issues and to acquire problem solving skills as well as peer support do help. Schools are important in helping a child to adjust. This essay presents a discussion about ways to help children through a divorce or a reorganization of their family.< Less
How do Films from the Past and Present Create a Cultural Anxiety to an Audience from both Image and Text? By Farrukh Khan
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This study seeks to explore how film creates cultural anxiety for spectators. Film as a medium permits the filmmaker to present strong immersive experiences that challenge the old model of culture... More > with a popular grip. Whereas spectators may want to denounce the old model, the permeating grip of the old culture and a need for cognitive adjustment and debate causes tensions that result in cultural anxiety. After all, a film presents its message to many, permeating political and media rhetoric across the majority, minority, political and religious spectra. For those interested in films and the art of making films, it is important to understand how anxiety about ‘our’ culture now appears ubiquitous and how films have contributed to this anxiety.< Less
Quality Television By Farrukh Khan
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For all those with an interest in television, it is important to realise that understanding television can demand an extremely rich analysis. Yet it is important to understand television because it... More > has become a fundamental part of everyday life for a vast majority of people in all societies from around the world. Today, television is a wondrous looking-glass which provides a multitude of views and perspectives to anyone who watches it from the comfort of their living room. However, not many will have thought about television as media because they are more interested in the news and entertainment that is presented on the tube. Despite the previous observation, debates about what is presented on television are common in the community and “quality television” is often much talked about. This essay presents a discussion about quality television and an attempt is made to decide if there is such a thing as “quality television”.< Less