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17.01J—Fall 2002: Justice By Joshua Cohen
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This course explores three broad questions about the values of liberty and equality and their place in a just society: * Which liberties must a just society protect? Freedom of expression?... More > Sexual liberty? Economic liberty? Political liberty? * What sorts of equality should a just society ensure? Equality of opportunity? Of economic outcome? Political equality? * Can a society ensure both liberty and equality? Or are these warring political values? We will approach these questions by examining answers to them provided by three contemporary theories of justice: utilitarianism, libertarianism, and egalitarian liberalism. To clarify these theories, and assess their strengths and weaknesses, we will discuss their implications for some issues about liberty and equality that are topics of current controversy and that exemplify the three broad questions about liberty and equality noted above.< Less
17.000J—Spring 2003: Political Philosophy: Global Justice By Joshua Cohen et al.
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This course explores the foundations and content of norms of justice that apply beyond the borders of a single state. We examine issues of political justice, economic justice, and human rights.... More > Topics include the case for skepticism about global justice; the idea of global democracy; intellectual property rights; the nature of distributive justice at the global level; pluralism and human rights; and rights to control borders. It meets jointly with Harvard's Philosophy 271, and is taught by Professors Joshua Cohen, Thomas Scanlon, and Amartya Sen. Readings are from Kant, Habermas, Rawls, Sen, Beitz, Nussbaum, Stiglitz, Ignatieff, Walzer, among others.< Less

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Bootstrap Student Workbook Bootstrap Student... By Emmanuel Schanzer et al.
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