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Discourse on the Method of Rightly Conducting the Reason and Seeking Truth in the Sciences: Rene Descartes By LogoStar Press
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The Discourse on Method is best known as the source of the famous quotation "cogito ergo sum", "I think, therefore I am." In addition, it contains Descartes' first introduction of... More > the Cartesian coordinate system. This is one of the most influential works in history. It is a method which gives a solid platform from which all modern natural sciences could evolve. With this work, the idea of skepticism was revived from the ancients such as Sextus Empiricus and modified to account for a truth that Descartes found to be incontrovertible. Descartes started his line of reasoning by doubting everything, so as to assess the world from a fresh perspective, clear of any preconceived notions.< Less
Orations: Demosthenes By LogoStar Press
Paperback: $12.48
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Demosthenes is one of the 10 greatest orators and logographers included in the Alexandrian Canon compiled by Aristophanes of Byzantium and Aristarchus of Samothrace. He is generally recognized as the... More > greatest of ancient Greek orators. Cicero acclaims him as "the perfect orator",[ His orations constitute the last significan expression of the Athenian intellectual prowess and provide us a thorough insight into the life and culture of Athens of this historical period. Demosthenes idealized his city and strove, during his entire life, to restore Athens' supremacy and to motivate his compatriots against Philip II of Macedon and his son, Alexander the Great.< Less
Sade: 120 Days of Sodom By LogoStar Press
Paperback: $24.93
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Sade wrote "The 120 Days of Sodom" in the space of thirty-seven days in 1784 while he was locked up in the Bastille. Being short of writing materials, he wrote it in tiny writing on a... More > continuous, twelve-metre long roll of paper. When the Bastille was stormed and looted on July 14, 1789 during the height of the French Revolution, Sade believed the work was lost forever and later wrote that he "wept tears of blood" over its loss. However, the long roll of paper on which it was written was later found hidden in his cell, having escaped the attentions of the looters. The first publisher of the work, Dr. Bloch, regarded its thorough categorization of all manner of sexual fetishes as having "scientific doctors, jurists, and anthropologists." For sure, one of the most shocking and challenging books of all time.< Less
A Christmas Carol: Charles Dickens By LogoStar Press
Paperback: $8.76
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Originally written as a potboiler to enable Dickens to pay off a debt, the tale has become the most popular and enduring Christmas stories of all time. In fact, contemporaries of the time noted that... More > the popularity of the story played a critical role in redefining the importance of Christmas and the major sentiments associated with the holiday. Few modern readers realize that A Christmas Carol was written during a time of decline in the old Christmas traditions. "If Christmas, with its ancient and hospitable customs, its social and charitable observances, were in danger of decay, this is the book that would give them a new lease," said English poet Thomas Hood in his review in Hood's Magazine and Comic Review.< Less
Huckleberry Finn: Mark Twain By LogoStar Press
Paperback: $15.98
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The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (1884) by Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens) is commonly accounted as one of the first great American novels. It was also one of the first major American novels ever... More > written in the vernacular, or common speech, being told in the first person by the eponymous Huckleberry "Huck" Finn, best friend of Tom Sawyer (hero of three other Mark Twain books). Norman Mailer, likewise, had great praise for the book, saying, "The mark of how good Huckleberry Finn has to be is that one can compare it to a number of our best modern American novels and it stands up page for page."< Less
The Clockmaker: Thomas Chandler Haliburton By LogoStar Press
Paperback: $13.32
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Thomas Chandler Haliburton (1796 – 1865) was one of the first major Canadian authors. Haliburton was born in Windsor, Nova Scotia to an upper class family. He attended University of King's... More > College in Windsor and became a lawyer, opening a practice in Annapolis Royal. Haliburton became noted local business man and a judge, but his great fame came from his writing. He wrote a diverse number of books on history, politics, and farm improvement. He rose to world wide fame with his "Clockmaker" serial that first appeared in the "Novascotian" and was later published in book form throughout the British Empire. The books recounted the humourous adventures of the character Sam Slick and became extremely popular. This new edition of one of the first novels published in North America is going to surprise the reader with the amazingly freshness it has preserved for over one and a half centuries.< Less
The Republic: PLATO By LogoStar Press
Paperback: $23.00
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Plato's immortal masterpiece has inspired countless thinkers around the world. This edition, which is set in an exquisite typography, is a must for all those with a love for the humanities.
Flatland: Edwin A. Abbott By LogoStar Press
Paperback: $8.84
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"Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions" is a classic 19th century novel, which is more than useful reading for people studying multi-dimensional spaces in modern mathematics and physics.... More > As a piece of literature, "Flatland" is respected for its satire on the social hierarchy of Victorian society. The story posits a two-dimensional world (Flatland). The narrator, a humble square (named A. Square), guides us through some of the implications of life in two dimensions. A. Square dreams of a visit to a one-dimensional world (Lineland), and attempts to convince the realm's ignorant monarch of a second dimension. A masterpiece which blends Lewis Carroll's mathematical fantasy with Thomas Morus' political utopia, thus prefiguring Eugen Ionesco's literature of the absurd.< Less
The Lair of the White Worm: Bram Stoker By LogoStar Press
Paperback: $11.08
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"The Lair of the White Worm," Bram Stoker's second masterpiece, centres on Adam Salton, who is contacted by his great uncle in England, for the purpose of establishing a relationship... More > between these last two members of the family. Adam travels to Richard Salton's house in Mercia, and quickly finds himself in the center of some inexplicable occurrences. The new heir to the Caswall estate, Edgar Caswall appears to be making some sort of a mesmeric assault on a local girl. And, a local lady, Arabella March, seems to be running a game of her own, perhaps angling to become Mrs. Caswall. There is something strange about Lady March, something inexplicable and evil...A Gothic masterpiece which surpasses "Dracula" in its psychological tension and stylistic refinement.< Less
The Tables Turned: William Morris By LogoStar Press
Paperback: $7.02
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"The Tables Turned" shows William Morris - the famous English writer, artist, designer, and socialist activist - at his best.This "Socialist Interlude" - as Morris subtitled his... More > play, was supposed to be a literary and dramatic mediator between the Marxist and anarchist sides of the socialist movement, created in order to save the Socialist League. What the play has become is a masterpiece pinpointing Morris' outstanding wit and character.< Less

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