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North, East and Far East in 2007 By Helen Baker
Paperback: $13.15
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Three visits made in 2007 to Tallinn in Estonia in the January snow, to Bucharest and the Danube Delta in the Spring, and to Nagoya in Japan in the Autumn.
The Man Who Was Born Too Late By Helen Baker
Paperback: $11.45
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The biography of Lionel Hoare, the last of a farming dynasty in the Blackdown Hills in darkest Somerset. Born on the eve of the first World War, saddled with ten sisters, he learnt at his father's... More > side, skills that were already obsolete. Head of the household at twenty, he struggled against the tyranny and injustice of landlords until the outbreak of the second World War, and the German Uboats, turned him into a hero. Lionel was the author's uncle. You will learn, from eye-witnesses, of a rooted, settled way of life that, after thriving for centuries, completely vanished in a few short years. 'all so well written and interesting' 'Please can we have 2 more copies of book, it is very popular.' 'I have read the book and thoroughly enjoyed it. You must have done a great deal of research to find out all that information - very impressive' 'a lovely afternoon well spent reading' 'I thoroughly enjoyed this journey'Dnkhobson< Less
Wealth For Women By Helen Baker
Paperback: $15.33
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A financial adviser (female)explains from experience, all about money. What it is, how to get it, keep it, invest it, transmit it. What it can and can't do for women and their families. How, in the... More > male-dominated world of finance, to live an independant life through controlling your affairs yourself. When and how to seek good advice, avoid fraudsters and avoid becoming one by mistake.< Less
The Land of the Long White Lie By Helen Baker
Paperback: $13.78
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In 1986, on the day the Chernobyl fall-out could first be measured in Britian, we flew off to live in New Zealand. All guide books, friends and acquaintances promised us paradise. This is what we... More > found.< Less
Far South with Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij NV By Helen Baker
Paperback: $11.83
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First visits to the South of Africa and America - South Africa to see the results of ten years of freedom and Argentina, twenty years after the Falklands War.
Going For Gold - the Expatriate's Financial Handbook By Helen Baker
Paperback: $11.35
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A complete guide, based on personal experience, of how to go abroad - to earn big money - and not return broke. This book, full of insider tips, tells you what business courses, the expatriate press... More > and professional advisers do not.< Less
Comfort By Helen Baker
Paperback: $11.68
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A manual showing how to make every aspect of your everyday life more comfortable. So, you can avoid the myriad arguments, accidents and even illnesses caused when you neglect, ignore or... More > mis-interpret your own comfort. A guide to minimising the stress of everyday living - at little expense - by rearranging your life to give your comfort priority.< Less
Under The Rainbow By Helen Baker
Paperback: $13.30
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Two visits to this vast country at an interval of five years gave impressions so violently contrasting that I might be describing two different continents. Love it or loath it - I did both!
Donald Baker - Countryman By Helen Baker
Paperback: $11.30
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The life, times, wisdom, humour and dialect speech of a farmhand, horseman, jockey, huntsman in rural Somerset, England, in the twentieth century. Showing how an ignored, despised and now forgotten... More > way of life flourished long after it had disappeared elsewhere. Readers say 'I loved the book Helen,a great little read and all very familiar territory for me, I was sorry when I came to the end.' 'I read it in two days!! It was wonderful to be transported back in time.' 'It is a real treasure!' 'Very enjoyable book in so many ways!'< Less
Miss Jane Austen's Lady Susan - Revived By Helen Baker
eBook (PDF): $7.77
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Lady Susan is the most beautiful, beguiling schemer in Regency England. She must subjugate every gentleman who crosses her path, conducting multiple flirtations and extracting herself deviously from... More > all the complications. When her husband dies, leaving her destitute with a pretty, innocent daughter on her hands, she uses all her wiles to find them both convenient husbands. Convenient to herself, that is. Jane Austen penned 'Lady Susan' at nineteen. It was her first completed attempt at a novel, but in the form of letters. She never submitted it for publication. Yet the twenty-three thousand words sparkle with genius. Here, the narrative is presented as it might have appeared as one of Miss Austen's mature works. If this seems sacrilege, this second English lady authoress begs the public to remember that 'Sense and Sensibility' was first written in the form of letters. Perhaps, if she had been spared, Miss Austen might have subjected her first youthful work to a similar revision< Less