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Is This Burma? By Alistair Caldicott
Paperback: $8.90
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Is This Burma?
Long Road To Panama By Alistair Caldicott
Paperback: $13.83
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From the beaches of Mexico to the skyscrapers of Panama, this book takes you on an intimate and absorbing journey. One day you're sitting on a bus with clowns and the next you're discovering Jesus in... More > the middle of a hot night. An entertaining and enlightening journey through Central America, a small squiggle of the world which is off the radar of significance for most of us. However there are remarkable lands here which cram in so much: Steamy jungles, angry volcanoes, vibrant markets, ancient ruins of epic and mysterious empires, colonial relics, but most importantly of all, an array of interesting people. On the road or on the water in Central America, there's always something eye-catching around the corner. It really is so much more than you ever thought it was. So why not take a closer look?< Less
Batting for Pakistan By Alistair Caldicott
Paperback: $8.00
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From down the Khyber Pass out of Afghanistan all the way to the theatrical events on the border with India, this book reveals a fascinating country of great diversity, off beat appeal and many... More > assets, chief among them its people. You cannot write about Pakistan without writing about cricket. The two are intimately interlinked. It would be like going to England and pretending that football didn’t exist. A passion for cricket infuses much of this eventful journey through Pakistan, along with many other things: encounters involving guns, drugs and most lethal of all, dangerous cricket balls.< Less
Opening Up the Middle East By Alistair Caldicott
Paperback: $8.99
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An overland journey all the way from Istanbul to Cairo…and an eye-opening alternative take on a topical region. This book looks at the Middle East from a very different, often humorous, and... More > entertaining perspective. It might help to banish a few popular misconceptions. From Turkey, the reader follows the Mediterranean around into Syria and some of the world’s oldest cities and most spectacular desert ruins. Then the journey heads across to downtown Beirut in Lebanon and on into the amazing landscapes of Jordan. It continues to the powerful, but edgy, city of Jerusalem and into the Palestinian West Bank area, observing up close some intimate effects of the world’s most scrutinised conflict. Finally, the journey heads down into Egypt, along the Nile and into the Sahara, desert before a flourishing conclusion amidst the congestion of Cairo.< Less
Into India, Out of Africa By Alistair Caldicott
Paperback: $12.00
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Be transported from the relentlessly chaotic, but alluring assault on the senses that is India to the cool Himalayan magnificence of trekking to Everest Base Camp. Through the vastness of Australia,... More > unable to escape the predictably painful experiences of England’s cricket team, before plunging into the outdoor activity challenges of New Zealand. Then, perhaps most compelling of all, the continent of Africa from the bottom up. An ambitious journey overland encompassing Africa’s most extreme bottom tip right up to its snow-covered top, Mt Kilimanjaro. Here it is not so much the final destination as all that is entailed to get there that informs and entertains.< Less
Iranian Revelations By Alistair Caldicott
Paperback: $8.36
Prints in 3-5 business days
Iran is a country about which we hear a lot, but know relatively little. This entertaining and insightful book, refreshingly written, follows an eventful journey and exposes the life and people... More > inside a complex and misunderstood country. From the bustling bazaars of downtown Tehran to the majestic mosques of Esfahan. Illicit wine tasting and encounters with the opposite sex in Shiraz, to the winding old city of Yazd and an unexpected stint of school teaching, exploration of the world’s hottest desert before the climax of some religious martyrdom in the east of the country en route to the Afghan border. Amongst many other things, the author meets religious mullahs, helps to unearth a mass murderer, survives an attack by wild dogs and eats camel kebabs in the desert. All is not quite as you imagine it to be in Iran.< Less
Through Afghanistan By Alistair Caldicott
Paperback: $8.30
Prints in 3-5 business days
One of the most challenging and arduous journeys any traveller could undertake, across central Afghanistan. This book penetrates a relatively unknown country, starting from the Iranian border and... More > finishing down the Khyber Pass into Pakistan. It casts light on a part of the world about which have heard a lot, but, in reality, know little because it remains off limits for many. It reveals a land of distinct beauty, scenery as beautiful as it is remote, and unparalleled ruin. In spite of a catalogue of physical challenges and inconveniences, the journey traverses a stretch of the earth’s surface encompassing hostile deserts and up to the fringes of the Himalayas. A bold, thrilling and compelling journey.< Less
Travels In The New Europe: A Changing Continent By Alistair Caldicott
Paperback: $15.96
Prints in 3-5 business days
From well above the Arctic Circle in the northern most reaches of Scandinavia all the way down to the bottom stub of the Ukrainian Crimea on the Black Sea. From the bewildering metropolis of Moscow... More > across the continental landmass to the mysterious Albania and the war-scarred Balkans. From the beauty of St. Petersburg to the ugliness of rioting in Budapest. From the sobering greyness of Nazi death camps in Poland to the rewarding challenges of Ukraine. Europe has so much to offer, so many views to admire, so many cities to marvel at, so many people to engage, so many stories to tell. To our eyes and ears, Europe has been enlarging, or getting bigger, in recent years. More and more of this fascinating and changing continent is opening up before us.< Less

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Genius Matters Genius Matters By Angela Maiers
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