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Twelve: Night Collapsing By Clifton Meador
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How do we experience time? How does memory change our experience of time? It was night and everything seemed sinister.
Kardanakhi Tataroba By Clifton Meador
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A book makes time into an object: this book is the slow unfolding of an experience in a foreign country. At first, the reader sees without understanding, a simple watching through oddly colored... More > photographs. Then a narrative recapitulation, in the form of drawings and one-sided conversations in multiple languages, leads you to some dim understanding. How do photographs and drawings differ? How do the stories that they tell agree and disagree? How do we experience life: through words or through pictures?< Less
Sapara Monastery By Clifton Meador
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We took a train to the far corner of the Republic of Georgia to spend a few days at a 10th century monastery on the Turkish border, high up in the mountains. It was winter, bleak, gray, and cold,... More > but the monastery was another world, really unexpected, though that sounds trite. I can't explain it in words. A photo-essay about an orthodox monastery in the Republic of Georgia.< Less
Nicht Drain By Clifton Meador
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The doorway always looked like the spot that Mr. Hyde would have used to slink back home after a hard night out. When I finally saw where it led, it was, well, you'll have to read the book. This is... More > a typographic experiment in branching/decaying narrative in a photographic context: words and pictures, words and pictures, based on a building at the Glasgow School of Art. This book was originally issued in a limited edition (three copies!) and produced during an artist's residency in the printmaking department at the Glasgow School of Art in 1999< Less
Every Offering By Clifton Meador
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On the morning of July 22, 2007, I photographed every offering left at the Derge Parkhang. The Parkhang is the most famous sutra printing temple in the Tibetan world, and still houses more than... More > 300,000 wooden printing blocks. It is a site of pilgrimage for Tibetans, who come from many parts of the world to honor this important cultural treasure.< Less
heart By Clifton Meador
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In the summers of 2006 and 2007 I traveled to Kham, a historically Tibetan area, as a member of an interdisciplinary study group. We were there to study traditional Tibetan book production,... More > particularily at the Derge Parkhang. We traveled to many other monasteries that still print books, and at Babang we met an old lama, the brother of a famous thangka painter. Meeting him changed my awareness about what I do: orientalism and the exotic still have a hold on me, no matter how hard I struggle against them. This book is starts with the mantra from the Heart sutra, and structures a travel experience around it. In March 2008, I printed a limited edition, offset lithographed and hand bound version of this book at the Center for Editions, Purchase College. This print-on-demand version presents a glimpse of that iteration.< Less
Dallas Texas Bail Bond Yellow Pages Ads By Clifton Meador
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Dallas, a pleasant city in Texas, has a remarkable number of bail bond businesses. I was stuck in a hotel with a fever of 103, tossing and turning, and this dreadful fact became clear to me: there is... More > a lot of money to be made in punishing crime.< Less
Internet Police Uniform Sites By Clifton Meador
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Catalogs once brought the world into the home: place-bound people could roam the planet, shopping from a magazine. But this was a focused experience, since catalogs always represented a particular... More > notion of commerce, with a particular, unique physical identity: LL Bean never seemed anything like Omaha Steaks. The web is a catalog of enormous proportions, and everything is produced in the same medium—RGB pixels. Police uniforms are identical with French cheese, making crime-fighting just another way to turn a profit.< Less
1950s Chicago Medical Banquet By Clifton Meador
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They sat in the Palmer House and, during the soup course, had their picture taken. Chicago's medical elite were staring at the camera.
Saint Petersburg Apartment By Clifton Meador
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The apartment was beautiful when seen through a veil of romanticism, decaying and noble. I heard a strange voice echoing in the place and it took me a year to figure out what it was saying. Words... More > and images form a new text when read together.< Less