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vs. Monsters Addition By Michael Hammes
Paperback: $9.97
Ships in 3-5 business days
This 40-page supplement for vs. Monsters, written by Michael Hammes, expands upon Philip Reed's vs. Monsters Deluxe Edition roleplaying game. With a closer look at the world of vs. Monsters, more... More > monsters, more rules, NPCs, and more equipment this supplement adds detail to the setting and game. Note: You must have vs. Monsters to use this supplement.< Less
Future: Datastream Collection By Philip Reed, Michael Hammes
Hardcover: $41.80
Ships in 6-8 business days.
174-pages of new options for use with your d20 sci-fi campaign! Includes all new character starting occupations, feats, prestige classes, starships, mecha and mecha devices, cybernetics, and much... More > more!< Less
DM's Idea Pipeline -- 2004 Collection By Philip Reed, Michael Hammes
Paperback: $21.28
Ships in 3-5 business days
This 72-page book collects the entire 2004 run of Ronin Arts' DM's Idea Pipeline subscription service. Packed with new feats, spells, rumors, treasures, NPCs, and more, the DM's Idea Pipeline is a... More > constant stream of new material for use in fantasy campaigns. Inside this collection you'll find: Over two dozen feats; Specialty priests and new prestige classes; Over a dozen spells; Almost twenty pages of treasures, including weapons and armor; Nine rumors. Each one's an adventure waiting to happen; Over a dozen NPCs, each including stats and enough information to slot them into your campaign; Over a dozen locations and campaign events; A dozen new monsters and hazards. Written by Michael Hammes and Philip Reed, this collection of material is designed to spark the DM's imagination and to present him with a host of adventure ideas.< Less
A DM's Directory of Demiplanes (D20 System) By Philip Reed, Michael Hammes
Paperback: $21.28
Ships in 3-5 business days
This 72-page book, written by Philip Reed and Michael Hammes, provides the DM with 8 new demiplanes that can be dropped into any planar campaign. The demiplanes included in this PDF are The Ageless... More > Chamber, The Astral Ship, The Blackguard's Tomb, The Bone Field, The Burning River, The Chiming Clock, The Clockwork-Driven Lighthouse, and The Great Corpse. Also includes an appendix of 12 unusual planar gates. Illustrated by Ted Wing and Paul Daly Playtesting and Proofreading by Mark Gedak with Kent Little, Tanya Bergen, Patrick Kossman.< Less
Four Color Basic System (Review Edition) By Philip Reed, Michael Hammes
eBook (PDF): $0.00
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The FASERIP projects takes another step with the release of "Four Color Basic System." This is the review edition. Released March 16, 2007, this version is not official and not available... More > for use. All feedback and comments posted to by March 23, 2007 will be considered. We will finalize this Basic version before starting the Advanced.< Less

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