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French Seaside Ports & Resorts - Vintage Postcard Album By FishesEye Publishing
eBook (PDF): $2.99
A nostalgic scrapbook and rolling slideshow with historic views of France's most pictureseque ports and pleasure resorts. Over 100 old photos, vintage postcards, prints and posters: fishing boats,... More > markets, daily life, tourism, lighthouses... 19th and early 20th century images, many hand-colored. From Normandy and Brittany to the Cote d'Azur. PDF Ebook supplied with optional rolling slideshow functionality.< Less
A Saucy Captioned Postcard Album (Erotic PDF Ebook / Slideshow) By FishesEye Publishing
eBook (PDF): $3.99
Over 100 naughty vintage postcards, annotated with contemporary humorous captions: sexy double entendres, funny, sometimes shocking (but no XXXX words!), this collection makes an ideal gift. Read... More > it as an ebook, or use the built-in rolling slideshow function - a great alternative to a screensaver, a conversation point or party ice-breaker, sure to amuse open-minded friends and colleagues! Seaside and bedroom scenes, French maids, Lesbians, smokers, scary ladies, surreal... something to tickle everyone's fancy, ooh er... Random transition effects between images. Also available in Windows screensaver format on this site.< Less
A Comic Postcard Album - Volume 2 (PDF ebook / slideshow) By FishesEye Publishing
eBook (PDF): $3.49
A retro postcard humor collection - over 100 vintage photos and old postcards, with original or contemporary humorous captions. Seaside scenes, literary, rural life and party themes, Wild West,... More > travel, childhood, sports, military, Sci-fi... something to for everyone to chuckle at! Plenty of double entendres, amusing inuendoes, puns, visual jokes - funny, sometimes a little suggestive or shocking, not very politically correct, cheeky, but no nudes or XXXX words! Supplied as a PDF file, for Acrobat Reader. Features built-in rolling slideshow function - a great alternative to a screensaver. A conversation point or party ice-breaker, sure to amuse your friends and colleagues - or strangers on planes and trains! Collectors of classic postcard humour will love this hilarious collection. (See also our first volume "100+ Humorous Vintage Postcards." Adults may also care to see our Saucy Captioned Postcard Albums, available on this site.)< Less
100+ Old New York City Picture Postcards - (Ebook / Slideshow) By FishesEye Publishing
eBook (PDF): $2.99
Many major NYC landmarks, monuments, parks, squares, banks, newspapers, bridges, early skyscrapers, historic panoramas: Flat Iron Building, Empire State, Central Park... Supplied as a PDF ebook with... More > rolling slideshow functionality and random transition effects between each image.< Less
Classic US Navy Warship Postcard Album - PDF ebook slideshow By FishesEye Publishing
eBook (PDF): $2.99
Ahoy there! Mostly early 20th century and WWI vintage images scanned from genuine old postcards and photos of US Navy Battleships, Cruisers, Destroyers, Monitors, Dynamite Cruisers, Ironsides. Many... More > photos and painted images color tinted, from the Edward H. Mitchell series! Fascinating, historic artist portraits of armored and protected USS vessels, iron and steel-clad, three and four-funnel dreadnought monsters, capital ships from the age of Naval Steam power! Includes crew scenes, life aboard, dry docks, shipyard, high seas and naval combat battles. A naval review slideshow or ebook photo album, full of nostalgic souvenir pictures! Images display full screen, with with random transition effects between each ship. Supplied as a PDF format e-book for Acrobat Reader. Ideal for Navy personnel past and present, sailors, yachtsmen, Armed Forces servicemen, veterans, patriots, armchair admirals, collectors and fans of military and nautical history everywhere!< Less
100 British Castles and Stately Homes - PDF Scrapbook of Antique Prints By FishesEye Publishing
eBook (PDF): $2.49
A PDF scrapbook of over 100 antique prints, vintage postcards and engravings - the old castles, stately mansions and manors, palaces and majestic ruins of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, many... More > in color. Taken from classic books, mainly 19th century editions including those by artist/authors including Grose and Rev. Morris. A nostalgic taste of past elegance. Includes several castle ground plans and rural landscapes. Supplied as a PDF ebook which opens by default in rolling presentation / slideshow mode with random image transition effects - great alternative to a screensaver.< Less
Pagan Tribes of Borneo (Vol 1) by Charles Hose & William McDougall By FishesEye Publishing
eBook (PDF): $2.99
A fascinating insight into the lives, customs, magical beliefs and superstitions of fierce, stone-age jungle tribes, for all fans of true-life adventures, ethnology and anthropology. The authors,... More > Charles Hose and William McDougall, were founders of modern anthropology. Compiled in PDF format for easy portable reading, with a hyperlinked index, and links to recommended further reading. Illustrated with vintage photos, prints and postcards. "It seems not impossible that the practice of taking the heads of fallen enemies arose by extension of the custom of taking the hair for the ornamentation of the shield and sword-hilt. It seems possible that human hair was first applied to shields in order to complete the representation of a terrible human face, which, as we have seen, is commonly painted on the shield, and which is said to be valued as an aid to confusing and terrifying the foe...."< Less
Voyagers and Voyeurs - Travels in 19th Century France By FishesEye Publishing
Paperback: $20.03
Prints in 3-5 business days
(1 Ratings)
A treasure-chest from the golden age of travel writing. Annotated, humorous highlights from over 100 eye-witness travel accounts (diaries, journals, collected letters, reports, travel guides) written... More > between 1750 and 1918. English and American authors, including some of the most famous literary figures of the 18th and 19th centuries: Dickens, RL Stevenson, James Fenimore Cooper, Mark Twain, Henry James, plus an eccentric host of itinerant parsons, amateur antiquarians, well-heeled aristocrats and ladies of independent spirit. A huge read.  Long before Peter Mayle grumbled his way through A Year in Provence, or Stephen Clarke traced his slippery path through A Year in the Merde, travellers from the English-speaking world were amazed by the curious customs, the strange sights, sounds and smells of France. Complaining about the waiters, the plumbing, admiring the cheeseboards and pretty girls...  Now available as large-format (A4) perfect bound paperback, or as a PDF ebook to download!< Less
Art of Fungi - illustrated PDF ebook By FishesEye Publishing
eBook (PDF): $3.75
An illustrated ebook by writer and photographer Nigel Woodhead A stunning compendium of graphic art inspired by the mysterious mycological world of wild mushrooms. Over a hundred beautiful images -... More > edible, exotic, toxic, hallucinogenic and rare species of fungi including ceps, parasol mushrooms... For art lovers, mycologists and fungus fanciers alike. From FishesEye Photo at< Less
Classic Geisha Girls - Vintage Postcard Scrapbook (PDF ebook / slideshow) By FishesEye Publishing
eBook (PDF): $3.75
A digital album of over 100 old postcards, prints and photos of Japanese geisha girls. Charming and fascinating portraits, many in early hand-tinted color, of these beautiful, traditional oriental... More > hostesses in colorful kimonos. The role of the geisha is often misunderstood. Erotic, risqué, some semi-nude. Tea ceremonies, bathing scenes, tending gardens, playing music, smoking opium.... as well as pictures hinting at these women's role as high-class courtesans or prostitutes. Haunting images from the late 19th and early 20th centuries, depicting a pre-industrial lifestyle that has largely disappeared in modern Japan. (A PDF-format, illustrated ebook / slideshow for Acrobat Reader. Includes optional rolling slideshow functionality and random transition effects between images.) A great alternative to a screensaver! **One of our best-sellers. Second edition revised and extended, Februrary 2007. **< Less

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