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The First Fracture By Matthew S. Ryan
Paperback: $18.43
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General Cerio and his army hope to defend the world of man from a threat that could end life as they know it. As they chase down the clues that could help them prevent the enormous loss of life a war... More > would bring, his eyes are opened to the realities of the people he has sworn his life to defend. The Book of Prophecies describe the one man essential to preventing the First Fracture of the Worlds. Jaysin of the Mizo Clan is that man. He, along with the rest of the Triad, fight their way across the land to reach the gateway into Trinaria. If they can make it, they will begin their training to defeat the impending darkness. Nadder of the Twal Clan has had his family stripped away from him. A tragedy which has taken his wife and daughter has left him an empty shell looking for answers. His beliefs and faith vanished in a heartbeat and now he is bent on revenge - no matter what the cost.< Less
The Ascension of the Xicin By Matthew S. Ryan
Paperback: $16.94
Prints in 3-5 business days
Jaysin, Azaria and Saark have passed into the Jusk Mountains and await their training. As they enter Trinaria, it is not what they expected, nor do they travel alone to the Heart of Trinaria. The... More > army of Mononthia has been pulled away from the coast, leaving it completely undefended as the Cyntal step foot into Fracdon. As the soldiers race towards the new enemy, they know their families are in the path of the darkness. Darkguiders show themselves - and their powers. With the aide of the Lightning Soldiers, Rovers drive their weapons into the enemy, showing the true spirit of mankind’s survival. The Cyntal are stunned by the finesse and brutality of these men, but they too have some surprises in store. Nadder has discovered a new destiny for himself. Though he has not made his peace yet, this new path intrigues him. His lust for revenge is temporarily put on hold as he struggles with his newfound powers.< Less
The First Fracture (400) By Matthew S. Ryan
Hardcover: $28.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
(1 Ratings)
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