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The 150 Year Debate to Add Ohio to the Union By Neil Webner
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Why it took the Federal Government 150 years to formally admit Ohio to the union.
Of Our Fathers' Legacy By Neil Webner
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OF OUR FATHERS' LEGACY is the history of Peter Webner who abandoned his homeland to seek freedom in early 1800's America. He lived in German-American towns of middle Pennsylvania, until his luck ran... More > out -- he and his wife died leaving most of their children to be bound out until they became adults. What follows is a story told many times in the Land of Opportunity. Son David is released from his apprenticeship when he reaches the age of 21, travels to small town Smithville, Ohio, where the exciting, new railroad industry starts him in a new business. Soon, David's children all embrace a career involving the Iron Horse. Son Rush spans a 49-year career as railroad station master and operator. OF A FAMILY LEGACY also tells about life in middle Pennsylvania in the 1800's and in Ohio in the 1900's and the traditions of German-Americans. You meet mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters and follow their lives. And in the end, we learn just what legacy was inherited by their descendants.< Less
He Was a Hero By Neil Webner
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In October 1962, the United States and Soviet Russia nearly played into a world-wide nuclear holocaust which historian Arthur M. Schlessinger, Jr., called "the most dangerous moment in human... More > history." The errors in judgment and diplomacy during the Cuban Missile Crisis, by both sides, are only now being fully realized. War was narrowly avoided, but the U. S. had marshaled its full military might and was prepared to engage the former USSR on its own turf as well as in Cuba. Were it not for the readiness and dedication of our men and women in uniform, it may have been a different story. But men did die during the Cuban Missile Crisis and one of them was my brother-in-law whom I hardly knew. Capt. Bob Dennis was an electronic warfare officer aboard a sophisticated B-47 outfitted for black ops reconnaissance when the aircraft went down in Bermuda, killing all aboard. Were it not for several coincidences, Bob would not have been aboard that flight. But then, was it really such a coincidence!< Less

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