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From the Darkness Risen By Jessica Jewett
Paperback: $21.99
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Leaving a young wife and son behind to join the Confederate Army was a risk Captain Robert Cavanaugh knew he had to take when Virginia called for good men to defend the state against Yankee invasion.... More > He never counted on such a tenacious, capable wife in Isabelle, however. Upon receiving news of her husband's capture and imprisonment by the Union Army, she must decide whether to continue her nursing work at home in Staunton, Virginia, or to take matters into her own hands. The arrival of a long lost childhood friend, Eva Reed, under suspicious circumstances, as well as her land suddenly occupied by enemy forces sets Isabelle on the road to espionage on the run. Along the way, Isabelle is betrayed and suddenly finds herself fighting for her own life against the Union Army. Together, Robert and Isabelle must take on a risky prison escape and make it out with Cole alive, not knowing if Eva will make her betrayal right and help them survive.< Less
Mist of the Mountains By Jessica Jewett
Hardcover: $18.00
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Mist of the Mountains is the second release by Jessica Jewett (see From the Darkness Risen). Unlike her first release which was a historical novel, Mist of the Mountains is a collection of poetry... More > spanning twelve years, and then some. The poetry collection offers a raw, intimate glimpse into Jessica Jewett's life, passions and battled demons. Poems are divided into three chapters - The Light, The Darkness and The Spirits. Included are exclusive poems passed down through the family penned by Jessica Jewett's great-great grandmother, Nellie (Rulon) Newell and here great-great-great grandmother, Jennie (Ross) Rulon. Illustrated.< Less
Unveiled: Fanny Chamberlain Reincarnated By Jessica Jewett
Paperback: $20.32
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Throughout her childhood, Jessica is involuntarily thrust into shadowy subconscious memories of faces, events, emotions and voices from a Maine family in a century past. Feelings of being haunted by... More > a woman from the 19th century plague Jessica until she comes face-to-face in a Georgia bookstore with what she realizes is her past life of Fanny Chamberlain, wife of Civil War general and Maine governor, Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain. Twenty years of dreams, visions, photographic evidence, eye-witness accounts and historical documentation culminate until Jessica can no longer deny the truth of who she was, despite her initial vehement refusal to accept it. As Jessica interweaves the events of her present life with her past, she pieces together the lessons, unresolved relationships and questions of self-acceptance to reach a higher understanding of herself, the power of love, the purpose of her life's journey and how to use her experiences to help others.< Less

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API Security API Security By Lee Brandt et al.
Paperback: $19.00