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Productive Procrastination By Elgon
eBook (PDF): $2.50
The odd and memorable journies though the mind of a living author who casts aside multipaged documents in lieu of the fiction that he writes. This is what came out of the author, in its raw form. It... More > is as is offered here without any pastuerization. Somehow Elgon seems to be able to penetrate into the core of his being and in the process he loses nothing but gains a good deal of support and sometimes sympathy. This is his second virtual non-fiction release. As it continues on from How Do You Mispronounce Bill? it establishes its place as an insightful look into the mind of a writer.< Less
Down With It By Elgon
eBook (PDF): $3.75
Brent has returned to work for The Program after an extended absence during which he has been a husband, a father and an aspiring writer. During an aborted mission his partner is lost and a Board of... More > Inquiry is convened. Although Brent returns to duty there are lingering doubts about what really happened and why the mission failed. He is concerned that he is being set-up and so he resigns once more. While trying to connect the dots of his past to the present he attempts to contact Earl only to learn the extent of the changes in New Orleans since his brief visit only a year before. He knows that he has obligations that he needs to fulfill.< Less
Lift By Elgon
eBook (PDF): $0.99
A three act play, the first act is written to be staged as a single act play. Brent is out for a drive in west central Texas. He has had a lot on his mind between the demands of school and his recent... More > personal life. He sees a man, (Earl) hitch-hiking in the middle of nowhere and feeling sorry for his situation he stops and offers him a lift. In the process the two men develop a friendship and in the process Brent realizes that he may not be heading in the right direction.< Less
One Over X - Vol 2 By Elgon
eBook (PDF): $3.75
Andy has become lost in the multiple versions of his life. He is also saddled with the responsibility for events in a different world. All the while he is relentlessly pursued not only by the forces... More > of the balance in nature that he has disturbed but also a race of intelligent machines that his corporation created.< Less
One Over X - Vol 1 By Elgon
eBook (PDF): $3.75
Andy Hunter is a technician for the world's largest corporation, EthosCorp. While working on the programming code for one of the corporations major products, he discovered a critical error that he... More > wants to correct but he doubts that anyone will listen to him. He obtains the parts to build a model to test his revisions, beginning a sequence of events that change his life and the world.< Less
Still Born By Elgon
eBook (PDF): $0.99
A one act play depicting the relationship between a man and his daughter, their past together and her sudden discovery of pregnancy. It is a quirky play about discovering purpose and dealing with the... More > illusions in the world while ever seeking the truth and defining what is reality. The play ends with an abrupt and very unexpected twist.< Less
The Change By Elgon
eBook (PDF): $2.50
Ted is an aspiring lyricist and bassist for a unknown rock band. They have been working to be ready for a local Battle of the Bands competition. They have participated before but have never placed... More > very high. Through dedication and practice the band believes they are ready when suddenly the line-up changes and for the first time the quartet has tro perform as a trio. Despite the potential disaster the band pulled it together to produce the performance they are proud of. Despite the travails and difficulties, they believe in themselves and they learn that through their hard work and devotion to one another and their shared dream proceeds along toward the music and dreams they share. The Change is an departure from the author's best known work in fantasy and science fiction. It is an unvarnished look at the present state of music industry in the age of the Internet and the difficulties making it in the modern and ever changing world.< Less
How Do You Mispronounce Bill? By Elgon
Hardcover: $26.28
Prints in 3-5 business days
Never take anything about yourself so seriously that you cannot sit back later and have a good laugh. How Do You Mispronounce Bill? is an autobiographical sketch that is mostly about the author as a... More > teen and young adult and the sometimes strange and even bizarre circumstances that he encounters in his quest for individuality and acceptance. He finds romance lingering behind the scenes but doesn't know enough to avail himself when it is offered. In the process he adapts and matures as we all must do but in his case there is a curious twist that allows him to emerge in a different, unexpected way. How Do You Mispronounce Bill? is a beginning for a number books that follow. Although this one is told in the first person, it leads directly into the several sci-fi/fantasy series that have consumed the author's life to produce. This book may not be necessary in order to understand the author's fiction but it is a must read to understand the author's background.< Less

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