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JESUS: The Man and His Work By Wallace D. Wattles
eBook (PDF): $7.95
Jesus, The Man and His Work is based on a lecture that Wallace Wattles delivered in 1905 and really is a must-read for anybody that wants to learn about Jesus' real mission on earth. It could be a... More > real eye-opener for you if, like most people, you have never devoted much thought to the subject before. The reader is earnestly enjoined to read this beautiful lecture with open mind. Prejudice and intolerance are millstones about the neck of aspiring intelligence. They are a fatal handicap and cannot be discarded too quickly. Do not shy at a word, like a horse shying at a feather, for one is as ridiculous as the other. A better day is dawning and no nobler work is presented than to lend a helping hand to the establishment of an economic system where Christianity can be practiced.< Less
A NEW JESUS By Wallace D. Wattles
eBook (PDF): $9.95
This is one of Wallace Wattles' very first books, and it is virtually impossible to find original copies nowadays, yet it contains some of his very best work. This book does not attempt to prove... More > something about Christ; instead it is an effort to ascertain by scientific study, what He was, how He lived, and what He taught. Too many people have studied Jesus from the standpoint of some preconcieved notion of Him or His mission. Such an attitude always leads to eroneous conclusions. This book was once described by Wallace D. Wattles' son, Russell, as, "the best thing Wallace D. Wattles ever wrote" and by his publisher, Elizabeth Towne, as "the greatest new thought book, and without a doubt the most important book Wallace D. Wattles ever wrote.< Less
The New Science of Living & Healing By Wallace D. Wattles
eBook (PDF): $7.95
The New Science of Living and Healing contends that it takes a great deal of argument to make the average man and woman understand that strength is renewed in sleep and that they grow weaker, not... More > stronger by eating. He believes it is the brain that needs to be recharged and that the reader would do well to find out the smallest quantity of food upon which they can live and work without losing weight and live on it.< Less
The Science of Being Well By Wallace D. Wattles
eBook (PDF): $7.95
This volume is the second of a series, the first of which is "THE SCIENCE OF GETTING RICH." As that book is intended solely for those who want money, so this is for those who want health,... More > and who want a practical guide and handbook, not a philosophical treatise. It is an instructor in the use of the universal Principle of Life, and my effort has been to explain the way in so plain and simple a fashion that the reader, though he may have given no previous study to New Thought or metaphysics, may readily follow it to perfect health.< Less
The Science of Being Great By Wallace D. Wattles
eBook (PDF): $7.99
The author explains that this book is for the men and women, young or old, who wish to make the most of life by making the most of themselves. He has tried to show plainly the way to power and... More > capability and believes that no mere reading of books can develop a great personality; nothing can make you great but thought; therefore think, think, think! Contents: Any Person May Become Great; Heredity and Opportunity; The Source of Power; The Mind of God; Preparation; The Social Point of View; The Individual Point of View; Consecration; Identification; Idealization; Realization; Hurry and Habit; Thought; Action at Home; Action Abroad; Some Further Explanations; More about Thought; Jesus' Idea of Greatness; A View of Evolution; Serving God; A Mental Exercise; and A Summary of the Science of Being Great.< Less

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