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Hanging On By S. J. Lea
eBook (PDF): $14.60
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A spectator is given a new deck of cards and some clothes pegs. Tearing off the cellophane they open the deck and begin to peg cards onto a washing line. When they run out of pegs, they shuffle the... More > deck and pick one card at random. This card helps them randomly choose one of the pegged cards. Imagine there are 9 cards pegged to the line and they choose the 4 of diamonds - they would then count along the pegged cards stopping at the fourth card. This card is turned around and re-pegged so that the audience can see what it is. A prediction is opened revealing the name of selected card.< Less
Tarot Psych By S. J. Lea
eBook (PDF): $11.34
A spectator takes 7 tarot cards from any deck of your choice. Each card represents a day of the week. The spectator thinks something she plans to do in the next seven days and writes it on the card... More > that corresponds to that day. The card is returned to the deck which is wrapped in a cloth (or returned to the box). The 'spirit' of the card contacts you and tells you what she plans to do and the day she plans to do it.< Less
Anti Tarot By S. J. Lea
eBook (PDF): $11.34
This effect is entitled Anti Tarot for two reasons. Firstly, it dispenses with tarot cards, using playing cards instead; secondly, the most important card in the reading is never seen by the reader.... More > Instead of reading the cards and telling the spectator what should happen to them, the reader hears what has happened to the spectator and tells them what their chosen card should be. More information is on< Less
Sh-h-h--! Tarot By S. J. Lea
eBook (PDF): $11.34
To the spectator this effect looks no different to a tarot reading. The tarot cards are not handled in a tell-tale 'card trick' manner. To the spectator, there is no possible way that you, the... More > reader, could know what card they chose. Yet you can discuss the impressions you get from the deck - what the tarot is telling you - and ultimately reveal their card. How you reveal their card is up to you. Are you reading their mind, seeing images of their card in their thoughts or is the tarot deck itself is drawing you towards their card? Perhaps there is a perfectly rational psychological explanation of how you discovered their card - how you use this effect is up to you!< Less
The Totem Tear with 10 applications By S. J. Lea
Hardcover: $48.65
Prints in 3-5 business days
The Totem Tear is a billet technique with a difference. This book comes with 10 strong effects. The first chapter deals with the billet technique with 17 large photographs detailing every move... More > step-by-step. The Totem Tear captures an incredible amount of information, quickly and easily.< Less
Katterfelto By S. J. Lea
Paperback: $47.39
Prints in 3-5 business days
Articles and discussion on all aspects of mentalism, magic and 'pyschic' readings. Fully explained magic and mind-reading effects. Step-by-steps tutorials in the art and science of numerology and... More > graphology (hand-writing analysis). Full description at< Less
Exhibit A By S. J. Lea
eBook (PDF): $12.63
In this effect you tell a story with help from some spectators. All the important details are given to you by them and you have no control over what they say. Despite this, these details appear... More > inside a book of matches, inside your pocket. And a card, crucial to story, is missing from a deck that, like the match book, has been inside your pocket the whole time! This eBook contains everything you need to perform the effect as a 15mins+ piece. Including tips and jokes for playing it light. Despite the macabre subject matter the laughs come easy with the spectators providing most of them as they adlib the story throughout the effect. Inspired by film noir and cheap novels you set the scene. A gangland hit in some downtown dive, a small time player wiped out and a big fish in custody waiting for you to send him to big house. You got evidence but that means nothing without the witnesses...< Less
Comic Book Test & STAG MAG-IC By S. J. Lea
Paperback: $33.19
Prints in 3-5 business days
A spectator is invited on stage and asked to select a card, which is put in an envelope and pinned to a board. The performer brings out a page of adverts ripped out of a comic book or stag magazine.... More > The spectator is asked to rip each advert off the page, to choose one and stick it to the board. Attention is then drawn to a sealed package that has been on display the whole time. To everyone's amazement - inside the package is a set of novelty x-ray specs - the product advertised in the selected advert! To test the effectiveness of the x-ray specs you put them on and see through the enveloped pinned to the board, reading the face of the card inside!< Less
Social Contract Ethics By S. J. Lea
Paperback: $16.14
Prints in 3-5 business days
Specially formatted book test for use by magicians.

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