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Fun E Book Dictionary: A Seriously Funny Guide To Ebook and Internet Terms By E.J. Kelly
eBook (PDF): $1.99
FUN-E-BOOK DICTIONARY HELPFUL E-BOOK TIPS AND TERMS FOR THE BOLD BRAVE AND CHALLENGED! Here it is folks…It’s what you have been waiting for all your internet life. A collection of... More > terms and tips to get you pumped and ready to write and sell your next e-book. Keep it handy. You never know when it will serve as a hammer for smashing writer’s block or at the very least put a smile on your face.—hopefully? Hi, this idea came about while considering my next book. Turns out it can be used as a way to brainstorm or freestyle for ideas. See the Fun E-book Dictionary for the definition of freestyle and brainstorming. Inside learn e-book and internet terms with definitions and phrases. That’s right e-books have their own vernacular (big word). You better get to know them and memorize them. Discover the things that can help you make tons of money and save you oodles of time.< Less
Treasures In Time, How to Profit Collecting Vintage Watches By E.J. Kelly
eBook (PDF): $6.95
A life long watch collector E.J.Kelly delves into the secrets of buying and selling vintage collectable timepieces,with an emphasis on older wristwatches. He offers innumerable tips for the... More > entry-level hobbyist to the well-seasoned watch collector. Anyone interested in collecting, buying, and selling watches will appreciate the tips, tricks and secrets of finding, inspecting and negotiating for wristwatches.This new book will help turn your hobby into a profitable enterprise. At sixty plus pages, the book includes photos, and historical overview of the watch making industry, from its beginnings as fine jewelry to the dependence of the railroad industry on accurate timepieces. The book includes a very helpful glossary for novice collectors.Anyone looking to enrich their lives and make money, will benefit from this concise illustrated guide.< Less
Discover&Profit From the Forgotten Treasure: A Quick Guide to Quartz & Electric Watches By E.J. Kelly
eBook (PDF): $13.69
A fantastic Watch Collecting Guide which delves into the transition period, before the quartz watch.Inside the reader can discover the history, both the American and European, including the Swiss.... More > Find out who the makers of both the Electric and Early Quartz watches were. Over 30 models listed, with an array of important photos. A handy bonus chapter on how to "set" a home business for collecting and selling watches. There is a full chapter on how to buy a modern quartz watch and the quality and differences between the makers. In addition there is a discussion about military watches as collectibles. A very useful buyer glossary is included as well. Overall a very handy guide that will expose you to this fantastic era of "lost treasures". It is written from personal experience with the emphasis of keeping the readers eye on collecting the early quartz and electric watches. Whether a serious hobbyist or someone interested in starting a home business...This is for you. Discover the "Forgotten Treasure."< Less
Let´s Get Native...How to Teach Spanish Students ´Everyday English´ By E.J. Kelly
eBook (PDF): $14.95
This new guide brings sparkle to teaching native English to Spanish students. It’s ideal for teaching Spanish adults English conversation. They will quickly communicate with native English... More > speakers. Some Highlights Include: Pronunciation Secrets by a linguist expert with breakthrough tips on getting students to pronounce difficult words. They become confident when speaking English. Correct pronunciation improves participation and dialogue. ‘25 Cool American Expressions’ familiarizes students with popular native phrases. ‘F.A.Q. by students—and their answers’ provides a quick reference to questions asked by students and not easily answered by teachers. ‘Conversational Gambits and Ice Breakers’ bring fun to any classroom— a great way to get them to enjoy the new language. The author says, it’s up to the teacher to make class fun. Students need to talk with native speakers. This guide, without a doubt,will enable teachers to do this in a fun way.< Less

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