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Black Men Have Big Dicks and Can Rule the Bedroom, But White Men Have Big Balls and Have Ruled the World! By Angry Warhol
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The emasculation of young black men via "Black History Month". The image of Black History has become one of Dr. King being spat upon and beaten in between telling “the man”... More > off in speeches. Rosa Parks seen being carted off by white men while black men stood around and watched in fear and awe. A black woman by the name of Harriet Tubman sneaking around in the underground railroad while black male slaves cowardly followed behind her, holding on to her skirt tail. While during Mrs. Tubman’s time her male counterpart, Frederick Douglass was riding around comfortably in broad daylight on horse and buggy giving “the man” a piece of his mind in speech after eloquent speech. In this book you will get an understanding of how black men were punked-out and turned into Maytag's during slavery and it's similarity in today's prison life. Also, how the 300-year repressed black American male machismo is being worn on the sleeves of thugs and gangsta rappers.< Less
Shoot it Black, Shoot it Blue By Angry Warhol
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In New York, they call it ‘Tin Pan Alley’, where the steel-bands practiced on Clarkson Avenue, before the Labor Day Carnival started. I walked pass them with my rifle broken down in parts... More > inside a 36 inch army duffle bag. It was calypso time in Brooklyn. The smell of curried goat and the flash of glittery gold and yellow costumes ran up and down Eastern Parkway. I had scoped the area out a week in advance and I had found an abandoned building around the corner just two tenements inside the block. It was a small view with just enough of a window’s peek to the avenue that I needed to hit my mark. After re-assembling the rifle, I stood in the dirty window with its broken glass and its dusty sill, waiting for mayor Mussolini’s float to pass. I was weak and my nerves kept jumping as I peeked through the scope of my Bushmaster .223 rifle, every time a new float came into view. I was in the final chapter of my life and this would be the exclamation point.< Less

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API Security API Security By Lee Brandt et al.
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