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The Chronicles of Varuk: Book One (pocket book) By Scott Reeves
Paperback: $3.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
In the grand tradition of Robert E. Howard's Conan the Barbarian, this 18,000-word novella begins the chronicles of Ko Yingh Varuk, a mighty northern barbarian who leaves his clan and ventures into... More > the civilized lands to the south. Along the way, he encounters evil spirits, fierce soldiers, beleaguered miners, and a princess who is determined to tame him in her bed.< Less
Demonspawn (pocket book) By Scott Reeves
Paperback: $6.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
In this dark epic fantasy that crackles with sinister sorcery and eldritch energy, ancient evil and prophecy collide as an unsuspecting medieval kingdom, still recovering from a hellish oppression... More > that devastated the land a thousand years earlier, is about to be plunged once more into nightmare. Sharn is the insane descendant of a people who were once forcibly interbred with demons from an extra-dimensional netherworld that's separated from ours by the thinnest of sorcerous veils... Captured by knights who have hunted the hybrid demonspawn to near-extinction, Sharn is imprisoned in the dank depths of the royal castle, where he becomes caught up in the nefarious plans of a scheming king's chancellor who is secretly practicing the darkest of magical arts. Sharn escapes, and as the hunt begins anew, Sharn flees across a countryside where every hand is turned against him, heading toward destiny.< Less
Tales of Science Fiction and Fantasy By Scott Reeves
Hardcover: $21.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
This volume contains 35 science fiction and fantasy short stories with notes from the author on nearly every story.
Welcome to Snowybrook Inn By Scott Reeves
Hardcover: $17.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
Welcome to the magical land of Snowybrook Vale! While you’re here, enjoy the good company, fine drink and elegant lodging to be had at the Vale’s premier vacation spot, Snowybrook Inn.... More > But if you venture into the countryside, watch the shadows! Because Goblins lurk behind every rock, and Imperial soldiers are always around, looking to teach an unruly frontiersman a lesson.< Less
The Last Legend By Scott Reeves
Hardcover: $19.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
Long ago, the One True God abandoned the world. Now, in His absence, His ancient nemesis has begun a final campaign to plunge the world into eternal darkness. The only hope of salvation lies with two... More > unlikely heroes. Beamer the Falliwagn lives in tranquil comfort in his underground warren beside the Rapid River. Then, a devastating attack by a dragon heralds an onslaught of darkness and evil. In the aftermath of the attack, he is driven from his home by a terrible flood, embarking upon a quest across a changing land prowled by the evil Nameless Ones, a quest that will ultimately lead to a confrontation with the newly-returned Dark God.< Less
Tales From the Big City (pocket book) By Scott Reeves
Paperback: $2.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
Imagine a time thousands of years in the future when the entire Earth is covered by enormous skyscrapers that are tens of miles tall and extend miles beneath the surface. There’s not a bare... More > spot of ground that isn’t covered with blacktop or occupied by one of these skyscrapers. Hundreds of billions of people spend their lives entirely within these “megascrapers.” Living, working, shopping, relaxing… Life is lived wholly within these self-contained, environmentally-controlled buildings. Rare is the individual who ventures onto the roofs, or even crosses over to the next building. The concept of “outside,” of green hills and vast natural countryside, has been all but forgotten, because “outside” has all been paved over or built upon. These millions of megascrapers comprise one vast, endless city. Imagine that, and you have the Big City.< Less
Soldiers of Infinity (pocket book) By Scott Reeves
Paperback: $2.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
In this 15,000-word science fiction novelette, mankind's time in the galaxy is at an end as the Banshees, enigmatic and savage energy beings who haunt the galaxy, begin a campaign to exterminate... More > humanity.< Less
Colony (pocket book) By Scott Reeves
Paperback: $5.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
In the thirtieth century, Earth is dangerously overcrowded and on the verge of ecological collapse. To ensure the survival of Mankind, people are chosen by lottery and shipped off to the stars to... More > colonize other solar systems. Shiploads of colonists are dropped off on unexplored worlds and left to their own devices. Jorge Leever and Meesha Androva are the only survivors of one such failed attempt to colonize a distant planet. For twenty years, they’ve been alone, unable to communicate with Earth. Now, another cargo ship arrives and discharges a new group of would-be colonists. Jorge and Meesha intend to guide the development of the new colony, since they’ve accumulated twenty years worth of knowledge about the planet. Bannock, a brutal, criminal slumlord back on Earth, has other plans. He intends to reestablish his crime syndicate on this fledgling colony world and eventually return to Earth as a conqueror. But Jorge and Meesha stand in his way.< Less
The Miracle Brigade: Episode One (pocket book) By Scott Reeves
Paperback: $4.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
After attending a seminar led by a famous, charismatic motivational speaker, four dysfunctional misfits are unexpectedly granted superpowers that are fueled by their individual dysfunctions.... More > There's the nerd whose extreme shyness allows him to become invisible. There's the princess, whose fear of old age allows her to time travel into the past. There's the stressed office worker, whose sense of not having enough time allows him to freeze time. Finally, there's the delivery guy, whose claustrophobia allows him to walk through walls. Their first mission: find the President of the United States, who has suddenly gone missing.< Less
Zombie Galaxy: The Outbreak on Caldor (Hardcover) By Scott Reeves
Hardcover: $16.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
Part Christian dystopian fiction and part zombie thriller, Zombie Galaxy: The Outbreak on Caldor is a new breed of science fiction horror. Thousands of years in the future, the planet-city Caldor... More > is ground zero when a new method of matter transmission unleashes a zombie apocalypse on the planet’s 800 billion inhabitants. Zombie Galaxy: The Outbreak on Caldor is an epic space saga that spans thousands of years, from a near-future encounter at Cydonia on Mars, to the day when Christ’s thousand-year reign on Earth comes to an end, and then onward to the 40th century, when history reaches its culmination in a zombie apocalypse that sweeps the galaxy. WARNING: Although there is no proselytizing, this novel contains Christian elements that some readers might find objectionable.< Less

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