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Don't Ask Don't Tell By Loren Lambert
eBook (PDF): $12.99
Out of fear for his life, Smith, a black, in-the-closet homosexual, pretends to rape his drugged female superior. Charged with rape, Smith is defended by Captain Oaks, a married, white, male Mormon.... More > The case is marred with bias and intrigue. Smith fails to reveal his complicity in the rape to Oaks. Smith’s superior officers and the Military Judge conspire to ensure that Smith is expeditiously convicted. Oaks speaks to the media in direct violation of court order. He is court-martialed and is sent to jail with Smith. While Smith and Oaks are in jail, with the assistance of Specialist Kolbert, a black female soldier, Oaks continues to uncover the facts surrounding the case. Meanwhile, Sergeant Mollier, to avoid more jail for drug charges, blackmails his superior officer into granting him clemency, provided Mollier, “Takes care of Oaks.” At its climax, these characters confront each other in a battle of wills, bodies and minds.< Less
Seven or More Habits of Highly Successful Weasels By Loren Lambert
eBook (PDF): $15.00
"The Seven or More Habits of Highly Successful Weasels," lays bare with great comical elan for all to see the secrets of those movers and shakers of our society who have arisen to the... More > highest ranks of success, not because of their brains, brawn, or skill but because they've developed into an individual that the rest of us of quietly label a "weasel." But this is a label that should be proudly proclaimed aloud and embraced, not shuned. In fact, studies have shown that despite all the hype surrounding most self help books, they do little to reveal the real secrets of the most traveled path to success. This book does, and it brings success within the reach of all people no matter what their parentage or position. So dig in and enjoy and soon you will find yourself--if not fabulously rich, famous or powerful--immensely entertained. My thanks, Author Loren Lambert< Less

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