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I Love You A Million Times! By Gary Beers
eBook (PDF): $52.47
Author Gary Beers has come up with an ingenious idea to tell that special someone, "I love You A Million Times!" Just imagine what it would be like to download this book for your lover on... More > their birthday, Valentine's Day, on your wedding night, honeymoon, or just to say "I Love You!" The book says "I Love You A Million Times" to that special someone in your life. You can surprise them at any time with this gift of your affection for them. They will touched by the sentiment and maybe you will have the night of your life!!! So, if you are at a loss for words, this is your solution. Whether it be that memorable first time, or one of many that you enjoy together, you can bring your evening to an unforgettable and surprising pinnacle when you share this unique gift of love!< Less
Heaven Only Knows: Death of Timeless Innocence -- Volume I By Gary Beers
eBook (PDF): $22.61
(2 Ratings)
What would you think about an angel, Timeless Innocence, who came to the world through sin to save and had an impact on millions of lives? The angel was called to duty, as Christ was, not to save the... More > world from sin, but was asked to take part in a great mission saving lives with the use of education and love helping to divert the devastating consequences of the AIDS epidemic during the late 1970s and 1980s. This was during a time when there was a sudden, explosive increase in this disease. This angel, earthly name Beth Mitchell, was to edify, teach purity, and love through her being with the employ of human interaction made by her lifelong friends, though she eventually suffers from this disease. The fateful interaction by the so-called "Judas," Mike Kessell, Beth's boyfriend, in the story seems incongruously introduced in the turning point. As history has shown, Christ had no awareness of whom He was until later in life. Beth is not aware of her angelic purpose until reunited with her guardian angel Rose.< Less
Heaven Only Knows: Volume Two -- The Lost Diaries By Gary Beers
eBook (PDF): $19.31
When Beth Mitchell's mother finds a bundle of long-lost diaries left in her attic by her deceased daughter, a storm is created by Beth's friends, who are left to unravel the mystery of who she was as... More > angel of God. Following the death of his beloved Beth, as told in "Heaven Only Knows: Death of Timeless Innocence," Mike Kessell cannot get through the endless days of loneliness thinking about his long-lost love. He is left to struggle with the reality that he has to live life without her. Or will he? Come along with him on his mysterious journey, as he deals with his own depression and inner guilt, for which he can never forgive himself. The story tells of a love that three friends have for one remarkable person--Beth Mitchell--who was a true angel to all who knew her.< Less
She Lives On Love Street - A Diary for Tricia, The Love of My Life By Gary Beers
eBook (PDF): $6.25
Using a combination of English vernacular and various styles of genre along with "free-flow poetry," Gary Beers chronicles his relationship with Tricia, the love of his life! He opens his... More > heart to his readers and tells it like it was, and many of you will probably be able to identify with his story. He offers a profound glimpse into his past love life that will shock you and send waves through your bones as he recounts the times he shared with the love of his life!< Less
Cornelius Grande's Journey Into Eternity -- Living by the Sword of Time By Gary Beers
eBook (PDF): $10.69
In 1977, Cornelius Grande’s Journey Into Eternity leads us down many unpredictable roads with the starving, New York artist. He leaves the Big Apple enroute to France seeking fortune and fame... More > from his paintings. Upon his arrival, fame, murder, & mystery become one with this artist’s attempt to become the newest artist of the Millennium. The undying love that he shares with gallery owner Robin Le Traude takes him on a rocky road to fame—but perhaps he should have taken a detour! You decide.< Less
Psycho Circus: Dawn of The Reckoning By Gary Beers
eBook (PDF): $9.94
Jim, a lost soul beleaguered by bipolar illness, has just one day left on earth to settle his differences with the Devil in order to reclaim the love of his life. Jim tries every tact to reason with... More > the Dark One, but to no avail, as repossession and dark fantasies have become one with him. With only twenty-four hours in a repressed and stinky, rotten mental ward covered in past human secretions, priests and a young psychiatrist in upstate New York are left to deal with a middle-aged man whose realm of reality--a reality known only to him alone--flickers in and out of psychoses to an erratic state of psychotic possession and laughter that can only be heard from the bellowing belly of the Devil himself! Now, the question is, will our protagonist Jim survive the dark tortures that would lead any man to a state of suicide? Or will he be set free by the grace of the God in whom he once believed?< Less
Psycho Circus-Volume Two-The Never-Ending Night of Lust By Gary Beers
eBook (PDF): $8.73
As in Gary Beers’ first horror novel, “Psycho Circus: Dawn of the Reckoning,” the Devil himself is back by popular demand to once again wreak havoc on innocent people. This time... More > the action takes place in the Amish countryside of Pennsylvania, where two priests are summoned to save an eight-year-old girl from the clutches of the Dark One, who stops at nothing to win her soul. His treachery is unnerving as he defames the Church, embarrasses the clergy, and plans to kill anyone who gets in the way of his desires. The circus is here again…and the psycho is loving it! Come see the circus—if you dare!< Less
The Book of Songs --- Lyrics for Everybody By Gary Beers
eBook (PDF): $4.06
For all the music lovers who may read this book, Gary Beers has created lyrics to various song titles in the hopes that they will inspire you to be creative and produce your own melody for each. ... More > This is a fun book, which can also be considered romantic, as friends and lovers gather and try to make beautiful music together! It may even inspire you to come up with your own lyrics, as well. Devise contests among friends to see who can create the best melodies, and have a good time with it!< Less
The Book of Songs -- Lyrics for Everyone: Volume Two By Gary Beers
eBook (PDF): $4.06
Gary Beers wrote “The Book of Songs” for music lovers who enjoy creating their own melodies to his lyrics. Since then, scores of friends and lovers have gathered together, trying to come... More > up with their own unusual melodies for his words. And now Mr. Beers has filled the demand for more lyrics with “The Book of Songs -- Lyrics for Everyone: Volume Two.” You, too, can create a fun-filled evening, as others have done, while you try your best to ‘make your own kind of music’ with this unique work of art.< Less
Heaven Only Knows by Gary Beers By Gary Beers
eBook (PDF): $33.75
(1 Ratings)
Developed between 1989 and the present, this piece has achieved theatrical perfection. This play was edited by renowned actor-singer-producer-director Anthony J. Carlucci. As the mother of all Heaven... More > Only Knows theatrical plays, this script was especially adapted for performances in various communities such as Yonkers, New York and the surrounding areas, as well as for productions off-Broadway and on Broadway itself. This script is enriched with set design, sound effects, and props for each act. It is suitable for ages 15 to adult. As the ultimate manual for anyone who wants to stage a contemporary, multimedia production that will leave its audience in awe and glad they came, this edition of Heaven Only Knows is the pinnacle of Gary Beers’ artistry!< Less

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