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Vintage Travels in Japan By Babette Abbeywood
Paperback: $25.95
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Two Victorian travellers' eye-witness accounts of their adventures while journeying through Japan. Filled with entertaining anecdotes, this special ebook edition is illustrated with dozens of... More > beautiful and evocative photos (many hand-tinted), early postcards; antique prints and engravings. Landscapes, portraits, rural, domestic and urban scenes of traditional daily life, local ceremonies and customs, including marriage, crime and punishment, royal court life, festivals, hara-kiri suicide. In her letters from 1878, published as Unbeaten Tracks In Japan, Isabella Bird complained about the "abominable weather" and the "insect pests". In Sketches of Japanese Manners and Customs, by Lieutenant J.M.W. Silver, from 1867, we discover the secrets of mixed bath houses, funerals, and criminal executions. This joint re-edition is illustrated with dozens of beautiful and fascinating hand-tinted photos from the period, specially selected, plus prints and engravings.< Less
Antique Teddy Bear Scrapbook By Babette Abbeywood
eBook (PDF): $2.99
A digital anthology of vintage bears, for all toy collectors and lovers of old teddies. Over 100 images from cartoon postcards, greetings cards and rare photo portraits of early bears - many with... More > their original owners! Victorian, Edwardian and early 20th century nursery nostalgia from around the world, in downloadable ebook format.< Less
Amazing Kitsch Beauties - Vintage Photo Album (PDF ebook & slideshow) By Babette Abbeywood
eBook (PDF): $3.99
(1 Ratings)
An unusual and highly amusing ebook anthology of early photos postcards and greetings cards with a Kitsch glamour theme - mainly from the Art Nouveau and Deco periods! Ladies in colorful hats, girls... More > in billowing ballgowns, outrageous actresses and pretty models in diaphanous dresses and floral costumes - complete with glitzy jewelry, lace, bows and frills. The height of vintage style, or sheer bad taste - you decide! Visual humor for fashion victims? Nearly 150 early 20th century images, many in hand-tinted color. Also includes samples from our sister titles. In PDF ebook format for Acrobat Reader, with optional rolling slideshow functionality and random transition effects between images! In presentation mode this e-book makes a novel alternative to a screensaver. Also includes tasters from other titles in our ebook series. New edition, improved and extended, January 2010!!< Less
Bizarre Victorian Inventions - PDF Scrapbook / Slideshow By Babette Abbeywood
eBook (PDF): $3.99
From the curious backwaters and dead ends of science, we proudly present some of the brilliantly wacky ideas that didn't quite make it! From the drawing board and think tank, to File 13, via the odd... More > strange or failed experiment... you can savor the eureka moment of these crackpot concepts in this handpicked selection of rare & forgotten images from the 19th century archives and abandoned patent vaults! Evolutionary dead ends of technology and scientific red herrings, plus some eccentric anachronisms - just too far ahead of their time - these inspired and ingenious inventions will amuse, and maybe inspire you! Who could have predicted that there would be no market for the family velocipede but that the pocket machine gun, automatic teller and electric stair lift would eventually succeed! Downloadable in PDF ebook format with optional random page transition effects for amusing browsing! Lab humor, a hi-tech treat for all science history fans and armchair inventors!< Less
Circus Sideshow Freaks - Vintage Photo Album By Babette Abbeywood
eBook (PDF): $2.99
Step right up ladies and gents, for all the fun of the Victorian fairground... you'll be amazed by these genuine old photos of circus sideshow freaks: meet the Fat Lady, The Elephant Man, The Living... More > Doll, The Strong Man, The Human Cannonball, giants, Lilliputian midgets, Siamese Twins, curious animal mutants, visual illusions, lady pipe smokers, eccentric performers, strange tattoos and piercings, medical and anatomical oddities, and bizarre appliances... Strange, bizarre curios from around the world, in downloadable ebook format. Second Edition improved with dozens of great extra images!!< Less
Strange But True! Bizarre Vintage Postcards By Babette Abbeywood
eBook (PDF): $2.99
An amazing scrap book of old postcards and genuine photos from yesteryear, capturing some of the strangest portraits you'll ever see! A digital anthology of ethnological pictures of scary ladies from... More > jungle tribes, tattooed warriors, weird French peasants, mysterious veiled Arabian women, oriental and and circus performers, Indian fakirs, freaks, pygmies and eskimos, real-life witches and wizards, pipe smoking dames, mind-boggling ethnic costumes, Victorian eccentrics... An album of bizarre curiosities from around the world, to download in PDF ebook format.< Less
Souvenirs of Old Montmartre - Historic Photo Tour By Babette Abbeywood
eBook (PDF): $2.99
Visit the original haunt of French artists, writers and Bohemians in 19th century Paris, the picturestque hill and its streets around the Sacré Coeur, in the 18th Arrondissement. Vintage... More > photos, antique prints, old documents and theatre programmes, souvenirs from the notorious cabarets, famous bars and cafés, such as the Moulin de la Galette and Cabaret du Néant. A fascinating virtual tour featuring dozens of historic images. Fascinating for all fans of France, art and literary history. Also includes tasters from some of our other recent history and vintage photo series titles! This ebook edition is downloadable in PDF format for Acrobat Reader, with optional rolling slideshow effects.< Less
Amazing Victorian Inventions - PDF Scrapbook / Slideshow By Babette Abbeywood
eBook (PDF): $3.75
A digital anthology of over 100 vintage illustrations of marvelous Victorian machines, gadgets, famous scientific instruments and watershed innovations. From the great age of 19th century invention... More > and scientific discovery - steam-powered contraptions, early electric and petrol motors, boats and steam locomotive trains, weapons, optical and photographic devices, patent diagrams and illustrations from popular science journals and reviews. Sometimes beautiful, often clumsy, these early prototypes changed our world. Mainly American, British and French inventions, from the steam turbine to Edison's phonograph, the Maxim gun, the typewriter, wireless telegraphy, the gramophone, early aeroplanes and motor cars... Downloadable in PDF ebook format with optional random page transition effects for amusing browsing! Please check out our other titles including Amazing Victorian Amazing Vintage Medical Devices, Ads & Illustrations, available at our store< Less
Bizarre Ethnic Photo Album - Vintage Postcard Scrapbook By Babette Abbeywood
eBook (PDF): $2.99
A weird and wonderful anthology of victorian and edwardian travel photos from around the world: tattooed tribesmen, colorful characters in exotic costumes, portraits of strange customs and... More > traditions, ceremonies and rituals, lost trades, ethnological oddities and curios. An album of curiosities, from Africa, Asia, Europe and America... to download in PDF ebook format.< Less
19th Century Gadgets, Gizmos & Science Illustrations - PDF Scrapbook By Babette Abbeywood
eBook (PDF): $3.95
A digital scrapbook filled with an international collection of vintage illustrations from the pages of Victorian popular science journals and anthologies. Over 100 great images, mainly American,... More > British and French machinery, novel transport and inventions, including steam and electric power, cameras, guns, boats, lighting, telescopes and telephones, scientific instruments, X-Rays, household devices.... great visual inspiration for creative and inventive people! Downloadable in PDF ebook format with optional random page transition effects for amusing browsing! **Also available: "Bizarre Victorian Inventions", and "Amazing Medical Curios, Devices, Ads & Illustrations" **< Less

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Our World Our World By Deleah Payne
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