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Last Rites By Claire Turner
eBook (PDF): $1.46
This story is all thanks to Thomas at Lieber guitars. I e-mailed him to check that it was okay for me to use the cover image in a different story, and he only told me the whole history of the... More > instrument! I was sufficiently fascinated by it to write my own version, about the fictional Jimmy Darko. It will not let me put the factual account that Thomas sent me here (too long), but you can click the link below to see it elsewhere. This document is 3 pages long, and I think it fair to charge 10p a page for it. That's how I work out the price for short story downloads.< Less
Brushstrokes By Claire Turner
eBook (PDF): $1.30
This is a slightly re-written version of my first erotic short story. I was trying to write something that just hints at what's to come. This story is 2 pages long.
The Power of Seven By Claire Turner
Paperback: $18.68
Prints in 3-5 business days
(1 Ratings)
My complete first novel. The story goes like this: There are two chosen warriors who are fated to battle darkness as they battle their internal demons and their pasts. They have always managed to... More > fight the good fight before, and to keep the rest caged inside them, but it's about to get much harder. Several strong demons and their minions have formed a pact to destroy these two warriors and, if they succeed, apocalypse will ensue. Can they join together and fight, or will they fall seperately? There's only one way to find out... The document is 278 pages long. The cover was designed by Jet Amago< Less
The Rumble People By Claire Turner
eBook (PDF): $4.44
When Chloe is ill from school one day, she discovers the magical people who live in the speakers.
Brian and the Stranger By Claire Turner
eBook (PDF): $1.30
I created this story to warn my eldest two children about strangers. The four pictures were made by me, and are dliberately childisly done. The story is three pages long, and I've used clear,... More > simple language rather than the talking-down-to-small-people way that a lot of childrens' stories are written in.< Less
Mara the Mouse Squeaks her Last By Claire Turner
eBook (PDF): $1.22
I wrote this to teach my children about death in a way that they could manage. I have taken the Catholic view of what happens (purely because it felt right for a kindly priest to explain it), but... More > have made it clear that there are other beliefs. It would be a good opening for parents to talk to their children about a recent berevement. This story is 3 pages long, and although it was intended for young children, some adults like it even.< Less
Hidden Beauty By Claire Turner
Hardcover: $28.85
Prints in 3-5 business days
(1 Ratings)
This book shows the beautiful things that we rarely notice or appreciate. Some photos have been digitally altered to further enhance that beauty. The are not "things which are too rubbish to... More > notice" as one person suggested without looking as far as the cover image, but the things which we just either don't have the time or enthusiasm to look at usually. After taking some shots of a beautiful statue in Whitby, I said about how nice it was to some of the locals and their reaction was invariably, "There's a statue? Where?"< Less
A Mother's Gift By Claire Turner
Paperback: $15.07
Prints in 3-5 business days
(1 Ratings)
A selection of my work compiled as a gift for my mother. Contains poems, songs, and short stories. This would be a nice gift for mother's day if yours likes literature. No bad language or... More > disturbing themes. I know this is kinda expensive, but that's how Lulu sets prices. I would only make £1 per unit sold, and I did all the writing. There is nothing childish about them, and I have only chosen things that I believe to be beautiful. Nothing is added purely because it suits the theme. This volume contains 31 poems or lyrics (they tend to cross over a bit, as most of my poems have a tune to them), and 3 stories. I have only used pieces that I believe to be beautiful and work together, nothing is fitted in purely because it goes with the theme Cover by Miranda Stork< Less

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