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Echoes of Memories Past By D. L. Edwards
Hardcover: $22.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
An endearing story of an old man and a young woman, Echoes of Memories Past takes the reader on a journey through the hills of Virginia and the depths of human compassion. On this journey, Bobbie Lee... More > Murphy suffers the joys and the sorrows of her grandfather’s memories. Always close to her grandmother, Bobbie knows that secrets have been kept. Upon her grandmother’s death, Bobbie goes to Virginia in search of the grandfather she never knew. He is not the man she expected. Neither is Bobbie welcome into the dying man’s life. He seems no more willing to tell Bobbie of the past than had been her grandmother. Slowly, however, secrets are revealed. Although thinking she wants to hear of the past, Bobbie is ill prepared for the final, dark secret of her grandparents’ estrangement.< Less
A Life of Time By D. L. Edwards
Paperback: $11.92
Prints in 3-5 business days
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Fifteen short stories ranging from the mythical to the magical. Horror creeps in as a husband battles with his conscience in The Nightly Visitor. They Only Come Out At Night sees young Mark Billings... More > solve the terror of life and of the dark shapes which have taken up residence in his bedroom. A terrified she-dragon is hunted by mankind in They Are No More, the Dragons. Most magical is The Sojourner, where a young boy must face the impending death of his father and the confusing riddles of an old man hunkered in the cold of an abandoned cookhouse. In The Distant Horizon, Anark faces his future. The gullibility of old fellows is tested in The Weather Man. A Tender Flower offers a glimpse into the mind of a mentally challenged, teen girl. Imagination and humor reign supreme for young, fun-loving boys in The Three-Eyed Critter of Dickenson County. These and seven other stories will entertain and enlighten the reader—if one dares a dip into the seas of the author’s mind. Book contains some mature content.< Less
This Side of Darkness By D. L. Edwards
Paperback: $14.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
Born in 1905 to poor parents in Appalachia, Luther Grady began life in a remarkable fashion. Whether a portent of great things to come or simply the amniotic sac, a diaphanous skin covered the... More > infant’s face. This caul, according to the superstitious Nanny Jacobs, was an omen of greatness. Luther’s father, however, was a hard working man of righteousness. He had no use for superstition or the frail child born by his timid wife. He needed a child of physical strength. Both blessed and cursed by the veil behind which he was born, Luther approached life as did any child of the time. If not for the prophetic visions and the ceaseless voices, Luther might have gone through his many years unrecognized. Whether or not it was greatness that befell Luther, he lived his life in his own manner and found faith where faith could be found. When in doubt, he turned to the voices and let them lead him so that he might lead those who turned to him for direction.< Less
Long Comes the Dawn By D. L. Edwards
Paperback: $15.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
With commercial flights out of San Francisco canceled due to fog, taking a private plane to Las Vegas seemed a risky but logical choice for Brad James and his traveling companions. Their pilot,... More > however, seemed devious, and the flight path took them directly toward the highest peaks of the Sierra Nevada range. What should have been a time of fun and gambling in Vegas quickly turned into a time of survival. Lost in the mountains, the group splintered as bonds were lost and bonds were formed. Though planning to propose to Logan during the vacation, Brad found his attraction to Logan’s sister too great a temptation. With Nikki growing ever closer to Brad, Logan took great interest in the suspicious pilot. As days passed, survival became a game of wits.< Less
Being Megan By D. L. Edwards
Hardcover: $23.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
Being Megan was not easy for Megan Lynch. Following an accident on an ATV, she had no memory of her family. Worse, Megan had no memory of herself. Her life had become a dark void, and it was into... More > this void that she was cast as she returned home to a house of strangers. Disliking her mother, Megan feared she would regain her memories, only to dislike herself. If not for the slow return of memories, however, Megan might have adjusted, but she soon realized that some secret darker than the void existed within the Lynch household. Her greatest fear was that she was part of the horrible memories that fell upon her.< Less
So Dark the Light By D. L. Edwards
Hardcover: $25.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
As a writer for her local newspaper, Julie Adams went to the campus in Roanoke to investigate a student suicide. What began as a simple inquiry into the life of the youth soon turned darker than... More > Julie had imagined. Another student took her life, but what Julie uncovered at the campus was only the beginning of ever darkening days. Falling into despair after uncovering a dark truth, Julie became suicidal. Wanting only to help, her friends took her to her hometown. Unfortunately, they took Julie to the very heart of the darkness, to a thing far stranger and darker than that from which she had fled. She learned of a strange boy living in the mountains, a boy who held secrets—and possibly the answers to life and death. But the Bonner family was protective and wanted nothing of strangers on their mountain. Julie persisted and found her answers, but the light of Billy Jo’s knowledge proved murkier than the dark depths of Julie’s ignorance. Even the peace of the mountains was shrouded by death.< Less

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Paperback: $19.00