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Dragon Half: Dragon Quarter By Jason Ricker
Paperback: $16.21
Prints in 3-5 business days
Volume 3 - It was once said that there is nothing wrong with knowing your future as long as you don’t run from it. This is the horror that Aimee’s been dealing with for the last five... More > years. On the surface everything looks like it’s going good. Aimee’s dreams, on the other hand, hint at something completely different. She constantly dreams of the horrors of old enemies returning but this time she has a daughter to protect. The kingdom has been peaceful for years, but peace is relative. When a wagon carrying royalty is attacked leaving everyone kidnapped, wounded or worse; one question remains. What’s more potent, a mother’s love or a mother’s wrath?< Less
Dragon Half: The Elite By Jason Ricker
Paperback: $15.87
Prints in 3-5 business days
Volume 1 - The land is grim, though the long war is finally over there are attackers threatening another all out war, dragons roaming the country untouchably, and numerous assassination attempts... More > against the royal family. When it comes to protecting the king and queen, they want nothing less than the best. They trained the guards to be the best and only select few of them could be granted a power to make them one of the elite. The country held an archery competition to make elite archers and promised the winner would be the first. When a mysterious young girl, entered their town for the first time and swept up the competition, they had no choice but to make the young girl one of the special warriors. She spoke of her journey across cursed lands to get to their town for the competition and being chased by hellish dragons the entire way. The young woman was the last of a legendary archer, rumored to never miss their target. But how could their future be left in the hands of such a clumsy girl?< Less
Dragon Half: Malevolent Memories By Jason Ricker
Paperback: $16.81
Prints in 3-5 business days
Volume 4 - Keeping peace in a world of chaos is a never ending battle. Within the kingdom things couldn’t be better…almost. Twelve years have passed since Alexis’s memory block... More > was put in place, and it’s just worn off. Now she’s haunted with memories of the events that took place twelve years ago. Everyone has things that have happened in the past that they would rather hadn’t happened. When an elite’s magic crosses into uncharted territory, they find out why few have the ability to change the past.< Less
Dragon Half: Deadly Cures By Jason Ricker
Paperback: $16.71
Prints in 3-5 business days
Volume 2 - It’s been over a year since Aimee arrived in the kingdom. While there are still occasional attacks from near by cities, the kingdom is in its overall most peaceful state. The... More > kingdom is growing and prospering, with close to a half dozen cities under their rule. More elites and archers are being trained constantly. As they trained more mages they come to realize exactly why they seem to be few and far between. Once again Aimee is sent to her home land, hoping to find the cure for the illness that’s stricken her friend. But will the trip help shed some light on her past...or her future?< Less

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