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Idunna #100 By The Troth
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Our hundredth issue! IDUNNA #100 (Summer 2014) is our compilation of some of the best material to appear in our journal since its first issue in 1988. We included Edred Thorsson's "Who Will... More > Build the Hearths of the Troth"?; Eric Wodening's "Is it Odin or Woden?", a glossary of Old English religious terms and their Norse equivalents; Winifred Hodge on "Oaths: What They Mean and Why They Matter"; Jordsvin on "Seidh for Psychic Attack and Spirit Rescue"; Bekkhild's "Taking Up the Tablets", on the old technique of tablet-weaving; Ben Waggoner's "Some Thoughts on Evolution"; Patty Lafayllve's "Hospitality and the Host-Guest Relationship"; and Kveldulf Gundarsson's "On the Alfar". We feature fine poetry from Swain Wodening, Diana Paxson, Laurel Mendes, Michaela Macha, and Hilary Ayer. We have columns and essays reflecting on the Troth's past, present, and future, plus recipes, herb lore, a story for children, and more!< Less
Idunna #66 By The Troth
eBook (PDF): $3.00
This is issue 66 of IDUNNA, the quarterly journal of the Troth, with the theme of "Jotnar". Here you'll find: Diana Paxson on giants, Ben Waggoner on Norse cosmogony, William Bainbridge on... More > elemental forces in spiritual practice, Juleigh Howard-Hobson on "troll-runes"—plus poetry, columns, news, book and music reviews, and more!< Less
Idunna #35 By The Troth
eBook (PDF): $3.00
IDUNNA #35 (Spring 1998) centers around the theme of "The Vanir". Here you'll find Alfgeir Freyjasgodhi on "The Rest of the Vanir" and "Brisingamen"; Kveldulf Gundarsson... More > on the Wanes (Vanir); Jenny Blain's "Meditation on Yngvi-Freyr"; and Sheena McGrath's essay on "Are the Vanir Fertile?" Plus there's poetry, recipes, book reviews, and much more!< Less
Idunna #34 By The Troth
eBook (PDF): $3.00
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The Winter 1997 issue of the Troth's quarterly journal, IDUNNA (#34) focused on "Yule" as a theme. Here you'll find Alice Karlsdottir on dancing and ritual theater, Kveldulf Gundarsson on... More > Yule and the dead, and a large selection of Yuletide carols, old and new. Plus seasonal recipes, book reviews, columns, and more!< Less
Idunna #7 By The Troth
eBook (PDF): $3.00
January 1990 saw the publication of IDUNNA #7 (Vol. 2, no. 3). Edred Thorsson leads off with articles on the future of the Troth and its Elder training program at that time. James Chisholm writes on... More > cosmology and the Hail (Hagalaz) rune, as well as on starting heathen kindreds; Kveldulf Gundarsson contributes pieces on Dumezil's tripartite system in Germanic culture and on Hagen/Högni in the Nibelung legend through time; and Tadhg MacCrossan presents part 2 of his article of "The Origins of Humankind". And the issue also features artwork, music, poetry, book and movie reviews, letters from readers, and much more!< Less
Idunna #41 By The Troth
eBook (PDF): $3.00
IDUNNA #41 (Autumn 1999) is dedicated to the god Odin—also known as Woden, Wotan, Ódhinn, and by hundreds of other names. Freya Aswynn writes about her experiences with "Odin the... More > Initiator", Swain Wodening writes about "Woden", Stefn Thorsman describes his own "Wodenic Rune Ritual", and Steve Wilson writes about "Basic Blót Construction". Several heathens describe their personal experiences with Odin in "Close Encounters of the Thridhi Kind". There's book and Web reviews, columns, recipes, news, artwork—and as you might expect, plenty of fine poetry.< Less
Idunna #4 By The Troth
eBook (PDF): $3.00
IDUNNA #4 (February 1989) features Edred Thorsson's "The Edge of the Sword", on the Germanic view of time; and his essay "The Soul" on the complex Germanic way of looking at the... More > soul. James Chisholm contributes a translation of the Old Norse poem "Svipdagsmal", an adaptation of the poem as a drama, and a discussion of traditional spring dramas and rituals. Artwork, news, and correspondence fill out the fourth issue of the Troth's journal.< Less
Idunna #33 By The Troth
eBook (PDF): $3.00
Issue #33 of the Troth's quarterly journal, IDUNNA (Fall 1997), focuses on Thor, and on warriors in general. Here you'll find Birgit Knorr's translation of the Hildebrandslied and Kveldulf... More > Gundarsson's translation of the Ynglingatal. Paul Zimmer, Angela Turner, and Thorskegga Thorn all offer their thoughts on Thor; Lynn Goodnight writes about William Tell; Dirk Mahling writes about the "Wehrbauern" or "fighter-farmers" of Germany; and Diana Paxson offers her short fiction "Oesc's Seat". There's letters to the editor, poems and artwork, recipes and reviews, the usual columns, and much more!< Less
Idunna #5 By The Troth
eBook (PDF): $3.00
IDUNNA #5 (Vol. 2, issue 1) appeared back in July 1989. This issue features some excellent scholarship: James Chisholm writes on the "Lay of Alvis"; Dianne Luark Ross discusses "Women... More > and the Runes" and "A Symbol From Our Heritage"; and Edred Thorson contributes "Who Will Build the Hearths of the Troth" and a ritual script for a Harvest blessing to the Vanir. We also have James Chisholm's translation of the "Skirnismal" from the Poetic Edda; songs and reviews by Kveldulf Gundarsson; news and announcements; and the legendary "An Axe In The Park" story by Janos Gyori. Have a look at some of the deeper layers in the Well. . .< Less
Idunna #59 By The Troth
eBook (PDF): $3.00
Issue #59 of IDUNNA (Spring 2004) discusses the goddess Ostara and her feast. Kurt Oertel and Jordsvin each review what's known about Ostara, Ben Waggoner reviews Indo-European goddesses of the dawn... More > and spring, Janice Burgess writes about eggs in folklore, and Diana Paxson presents a ritual script for the Ostara holiday. And you'll find book and music reviews, columns, recipes, and much more.< Less

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