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The Origin of the Heart Symbol By George J Barratt
eBook (PDF): $2.50
Consider these facts: 1. The ‘heart’ symbol has been found in a number of different cultures from widely dispersed areas. These include the Aztecs, Buddhists, Celts, Christians, Hebrews,... More > Hindus, Muslims and Taoists. 2. The heart has appeared at a number of different ages. The oldest known occurrence is with the Cro-Magnon peoples. Other occurrences have been in ancient China 5000 years ago, ancient Egypt, Greece about 400BC, India, and in Mexico around AD1400. 3. The shape has been reasonably consistent from one region to another. The hypothesis to be presented here will propose that the heart symbol is a construction derived from astronomical observations and based on ‘scientific’ reasoning. It is interesting to note that all early occurrences of the ‘heart’ symbol appeared in cultures located in the northern hemisphere, north of the Tropic of Cancer. The hypothesis proposed here is that the symbol was developed by ancient peoples living somewhere along this tropic, or north of it.< Less
The Origin of the Yin Yang Symbol By George J Barratt
eBook (PDF): $2.50
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The Yin Yang or Tai Chi symbol is recognised throughout the world as an icon represented in a number of belief systems and as a component of the national flag of South Korea. History does not record... More > when or where the Yin Yang symbol originated, though it first appeared in Chinese records over four thousand years ago. It seems reasonable, therefore, to suggest that it originated in China. The symbol was developed by ancient thinkers, (today we would probably call them cosmologists), who were attempting to understand the universe. They were obviously thorough in their work for, in proper scientific fashion, they closely observed, measured and recorded their subject ― the universe ― or, more precisely, the heavens. The shape of the Yin Yang symbol is based on their observations.< Less

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