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Love Notes- Encouragement for Kids By Lorin Neikirk
eBook (PDF): $0.99
Time slips by us all too quickly. The things we want to say each day go unsaid, thanks to the rush of daily routine. Don't let time stand between you and what you want to say to your child. These... More > Love Notes are like 'coupons' that you may have seen, but they don't promise goodies or rewards. Just a reminder of your everlasting love. Print a sheet as often as needed. Each sheet contains 12 Love Notes, each with a different message.< Less
Highly effective... Catch Me! Behavior Game - ADHD, Aspergers, Autism, PDD, ADD, and general ed kids all love to play! By Lorin Neikirk
eBook (PDF): $1.25
Catch those kids! They did something GREAT! Whether one or several are racing towards the finish line, this easy to use page keeps track of good behavior. The printable, paper gameboard is... More > behaviorally designed to encourage repeat behaviors, by intermittently rewarding the child. As the game is played, the frequency of the rewards decrease and the value of the rewards increase. Near the end of the game there is a lengthier span between higher rewards, with a small reward in between. This is a behavioral method to help the child motivate him or her self, by fostering a strong desire for the “BIG” (red) reward, while maintaining a sense of accomplishment. The Catch Me Behavior Game is very effective with all children, regardless of age, including those with developmental disabilities such as Autism, HFA, PDD and Aspergers. Designed and created by Lorin Neikirk, successful writer, illustrator and autism speaker and consultant.< Less
The Neuro-Typical's Social Story about Autism By Lorin Neikirk
eBook (PDF): $1.88
''Someone handed me this book today. This means something important.'' I was called an idiot. I am the author, Lorin Neikirk, and I have Aspergers, which is on the autism spectrum. But even when... More > we are put down, we can still be kind to those who are not kind to us. This light hearted story is for those who have been unkind, or otherwise simply don't understand that people with autism aren't idiots, just because they don't appreciate his or her qualities! Written with humor wit, this story tells the reader that even though they have been judgmental, with this story, they are receiving the gift of kindness. ''People, who have loved ones with autism, tend to be very patient. This is a very good thing. And so I will try to be patient with their loved one with autism.'' Every purchase supports autism awareness, and helps the world be a safer, friendlier place. Go to for more information.< Less
Jack's Fantastic World-A Social Story for Pre-teens with Aspergers By Lorin Neikirk
eBook (PDF): $4.99
Belleville is a homemade, miniature town, created by Jack and his family. And Belleville is where all the trouble began! Jack, a pre-teen with Aspergers Syndrome, a disorder on the Autism Spectrum,... More > has painted the roof on his brother's house a flashy red, and now he's in a pickle! Typically, social stories are geared towards younger ages. But autism, including Aspergers, is a lifelong condition. And the technique should develop and grow, as the child with autism gets older. Jack's Fantastic World is a short story designed to retain the interest of the pre-teen with Aspergers, and encourage re-reading. Learn how Jack finds his way out of his problem, with a little help from mom. Written and illustrated by Aspergers consultant, speaker, and author/illustrator Lorin Neikirk. (1A) Visit Lorin's website at< Less
Lorin Neikirk Promo Page By Lorin Neikirk
eBook (PDF): $0.00
Promotional brief on acclaimed writer, artist and autism consultant, Lorin Neikirk. Photo included.
Free Sheet of "Reward Bucks" By Lorin Neikirk
eBook (PDF): $0.00
Download for free! Good behavior is worth more than a dozen bucks, it's priceless. This page can be cut into individual bills to be distributed for good behavior. Dole out generously, and watch your... More > investment grow!< Less
Following Directions at School: A Social Story By Lorin Neikirk
eBook (PDF): $2.75
'My teacher knows the best way for me to learn. Learning how to follow directions is something important I learn at school.' Following Directions as School is a short social story used in the... More > classroom or home, to correct/support good classroom behavior. Social Stories are a proven and effective means of teaching social skills and tasks for kids with autism, Aspergers and High Functioning Autism (HFA). Designed to be printed and stapled, the booklet is easy to read and understand, and has been successfully teaching good listening skills in the Cy-Fair Independent School District since 2004. Graphic illustrations reinforce the message visually, so even non-readers can "read" the story. Lighthearted and fun, Following Directions is great for any kid, or classroom, having a little trouble paying attention in class! Booklet interior contains 8 pages of easy-to-read text, and pictures. Read more about the author at< Less
The Learning Log: A reading log for teaching kids, including those on the Autism Spectrum - Mitigates processing/organizational issues related to ASD/Aspergers By Lorin Neikirk
eBook (PDF): $2.25
Kids don't like to fill them out, and parents don't like to hound their kids to fill them out. The well-known READING LOG! Teachers and parents alike know the value of the tool, but for kids on... More > the Autism Specturm of Disorders, such as Aspergers, HFA, PDD and autism, using a typical reading log is a challenge! Because autistic brains process information differently, it's difficult to understand why, by Aspergers expert Lorin Neikirk explains how, and mitigates some of the issues with her innovative Learning Log - A reading log for teaching. Download at the special price and included is a free preview of Jack's Fantastic World, a social story for pre-teens on the autism spectrum. Browse autism and Aspergers awareness apparel at< Less
A Little Learning Book About... Talking In Class! A Social Story for All Students By Lorin Neikirk
eBook (PDF): $2.99
A Little Learning Book About... Talking In Class is a gentle but firm, logical reminder as to why it is important to talk at appropriate times. Written to be especially logical to students with... More > autism, the story explains the point in a way that makes good sense to all students. File includes a FREE sheet of reward bucks (in color), a FREE preview of another social story, entitled...Following Directions at School, as well as detailed information about the writer, Lorin Neikirk.< Less