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The Mighty Loners By Charles Mazzarella
eBook (PDF): $0.77
A look at what propels athletes at the Olympic level to succede. This is just a view at the motivations of 5 people who are doing what they love and, just happen to be among the best in the world.... More > What makes them so great? What pushes them to becomer the best? Perhaps you too will be inspired to do better or, become the best at what you do, or what you would like to do.< Less
We know only pain! By Charles Mazzarella
eBook (PDF): $2.00
From a dream, and partially taken from real life, a story of the struggle of two young brothers and their abusive, alcoholic father. This is a story representative of our age, where boys in this... More > situation are neglected, have divorced parents, and most days, only have themselves to rely on. These boys are hit and yelled at, but they are incapable of wrong. They are rescued from their fate by themselves and others that care. A portion of the download cost will go to help children in need in 3rd world countries or in the USA.< Less
Do Not Forget to Remember By Charles Mazzarella
eBook (PDF): $0.55
Thik of this: do you know about your family history? I have talked to people younger than me that do not know and seem not to care. Whatever the reason, perhaps it is not too late for them to... More > learn. That is the point to this story. A college student realizes how special his family is to him by learning from its' founders. A visit to his grandpaents' house reveals the history of how they met. May this let you think about your family and how much you know about them. If you find out that you do not know very much, take the time to ask, before the story tellers live no more.< Less
Every Family Has One. By Charles Mazzarella
eBook (PDF): $0.77
This is the third story featuring the character, Victor E. Caruso; first depicted in the writer's premier story, Rembrance of a Kievian Romance. Vic is just recalling a story about his family while... More > he awaits their arrival to their lunar vacation time-share. This is an homage to the author's family. Enjoy.< Less
The Photo Album - A radio play By Charles Mazzarella
eBook (PDF): $0.95
This is a play based on the short story of the same name. It is meant to be read on the radio. Enjoy.
The Defender - A Radio Play By Charles Mazzarella
Paperback: $13.50
Prints in 3-5 business days
The Defender is intended to be a play performed on the radio; in the spirit of the radio plays of olde. An homage to the noir detective stories of the 30's and 40's, which the author came to admire;... More > not that he is that old. The main character gets help from some good friends as he fights crime in rural Canada as big city criminals hide out among the snowflakes and pancakes. The potential of what the local villians are planning to build, can and would effect any small town or large city in North America. The sequel is already written. Enjoy reading or acting out the parts to this play. Imagine yourself, as The Defender!< Less
Live Without Regret! By Charles Mazzarella
eBook (PDF): $1.25
This is the third story that features my unnamed serial killer who likes to use a nail gun. This story is once again told through the perspective of a friend of the main character, via letters the... More > nailgun killer wrote his friend. Two victims are chosen: one because of his flaws, one for his talents. As you may have already learned from the other stories, the nail gun killer sets his own agenda; not one you might expect. Perhaps, my friend will strike agian. For now, please read this third installment and enjoy the others, if you have not already done so. Thanks.< Less
Sometimes They Use YOU as an Alibi! By Charles Mazzarella
eBook (PDF): $1.25
This is my first attempt at a Noir-type story. A theft occurs at a university campus. Someone steals a book! Who cares, right? It is an irreplaceable manual worth more than one million dollars. P... More > I Quick is called on to solve the case. Some try to throw him off the trail of evidence. As long as he has a pack of cigarettes and some room to think, he'll be fine. Will he solve the case? Read on and find out.< Less
Culinary Coup at Le Monde By Charles Mazzarella
eBook (PDF): $0.45
A lesson in personification. This is what would happen if meals were as impatient and head-strong as we humans can be. A skirmish breaks out at an upscale food court during the Winter holidays. ... More > Many tried to prevent this encounter, but the entrees stewed as they thought upon the many slights and ill wafts that had eminated since they were all forced to live together. This is a ridiculous look at war with a redeemable conclusion; maybe a lesson we can learn from.< Less
If These Trees Could Talk! By Charles Mazzarella
eBook (PDF): $0.50
Another lesson in Personification. Listen as 5 trees tell their stories and observences. Trees see us every day and could be good recorders of his story, or her story.

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