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Black Dog By Adam Simon
Paperback: $5.77
Ships in 3-5 business days
By reading this, you are hereby contractually obligated to read this book. Don't worry! Yes, it is a chapter book with no pictures, but you might still enjoy it. It's about this terribly corrupt... More > and lazy cop named Wayne Williams who puts on a mask so he won't be caught breaking the law to break his case. The problem is that someone mistakes him for a superhero and he gets stuck playing the part. Before you know it there's spandex and supervillains, secret identities and sidekicks... all of that stuff. They're all calling him the Black Dog. He's even got a psychotic sidekick called the Little Bitch that's trying to sniff his butt! The poor bastard keeps trying to escape responsibility, but when you're a superhero, that's something you just can't do. "I would rather have my testicles nailed to a sinking ship than read one more page of this reeking drivel." - Stan Felix,< Less
Freeport By Adam Simon
Paperback: $11.00
Ships in 3-5 business days
When a nice quiet town is under the threat of a supervillain, the sheriff is forced to take action. The mayor sighed and said, “Kincade, are all these plans ways to keep the prison transport... More > on the 40?” Kincade looked confused and answered hesitantly, “Yeah.” “Oh, Kincade,” the mayor said rubbing his face, still trying to wake up. “I didn't want you to come up with a politician's plan. That's my job. I'm doing that... well, I'm trying to do that.” Kincade looked at him confused. “I want you to come up with a combat plan. I want you to come up with the plan that we really, really don't want to have to use. If there's traffic on US-40. If the prison transport takes the bypass. If Impossible's men attack the transport in Freeport. If they succeed. Then we need your plan.” “That's not going to happen,” declared Kincade. “But if it does, Kincade,” said the mayor gravely. “If it does, then I have to know. How do you plan to stop Mister Impossible?”< Less
Nebba: The Easy RPG By Adam Simon
Paperback: $5.73
Ships in 3-5 business days
A quick and easy RPG for filling time and teaching newbies.
Levi's In Africa By Adam Simon
Paperback: $3.68
Ships in 3-5 business days
Explotative journalist Levi Rucker is hoping the tiny African nation of Swaziland is testing chemical weapons on its citizens. Fame and glory if he survives the story. Lindiwe Dyuba is a... More > female-turned-male drug lord who offers to guide Levi through Hell in exchange for the travel papers of Levi’s ex-living photographer. Levi is callous, racist, sexist, and classist. In America, that’s enough to be evil, but in Swaziland? He’s the nicest man Lindiwe has ever met. Sex, drugs, and dismissive political commentary on gender roles in third world countries fill the road trip of two horrible people in a more horrible land. Under special permission from King Mswati to show the world why Swaziland is the next hot tourist destination, the couple fakes compliance while moving ever closer to their goal of uncovering the lucrative details of the nation’s war crimes.< Less
Psycho-Babble By Adam Simon, Adam Simon
Paperback: $7.48
Ships in 3-5 business days
Junior grew up watching his mother and father fight evil as superheroes. When his mother was killed in a super-battle, his father retired to a career as a psychiatrist to both superheroes and... More > supervillains. Junior blames his father and super-powered people in general for the loss of his mother as he sees them as beholden to the self-perpetuating cycle they create with their battles. As he works to end supervillainy, he finds himself shoehorned into the role of superhero when he discovers a plot to control the city. All the rules of comics are thrown out the window when a person with common sense is forced to put on a cape. NOT FOR CHILDREN! MATURE CONTENT!< Less

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