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Feudal Arms By vincent zach michaelisz
eBook (PDF): $6.54
Feudal arms A nobleman’s castle. But is the Lord behaving nobly? His son does not think so! His daughter is content in being bossy, demanding. But is his son content, who loves his... More > page? But, being homosexual heir? Who would give the next heir? How will a feudal castle, a feudal family operate, Being disrupted by homosexual love? It is a story of the fifties, J Lyons teashops, Woolworth stores, Young film idols,…. fishermen, as well as nobility. How will the Castle deal with modern pressures?< Less
Out of Chains of Cruelty By vincent zach michaelisz
eBook (PDF): $6.54
Out of chains of cruelty The love of a soldier of Mussolini and a Jewish student young man. Nazi Anti-Semitism becomes strong, very threatening in Rome. The soldier knows that he has to make a... More > choice, he needs to desert. He has to save his lover and his lover’s mother. Communist partisans help them escape, make their way to Palestine. How many people do they help to get there? Can they make it? And do they hear warnings about the faith that their Communist helpers got. Is the politics, that they think good, much less cruel, than Hitler? Or is madness of cruelty more wide spread?< Less
Speed of Horses By vincent zach michaelisz
eBook (PDF): $6.54
Speed of horses Hungarian horseman, herding long horned cattle and show riding, Falls in love with a priest, who admires him. Communism has recently crumbled. But people are slow to get back to... More > church. Communist rulers, government, and managers at work, both used to look down on faith, as affront to Communist rule. People did not dare to go to church, except the old. When the love of horseman and priest is discovered and trouble is hyped up, people react rebelliously. They see the priest as human. They return to church. The bishop has no power to stop the ‘sin’. Free thinking spreads to Jewish rebels too. Struggle grows, but have laws and traditions have any chance to stop the ‘rot’?< Less
Under Tank Fire By vincent zach michaelisz
eBook (PDF): $6.54
Under tank fire. The Hungarian Uprising of 1956. Students rise up against oppression. Workers join them. Mothers come to support their sons. Two university students love on the hills of Buda, amid... More > the trees, bushes, High above the town. They hear continuing gunshots. The two young men run to help their friends. The secret police is shooting into the crowd. Kill. Soldiers join the attacked uprising. They open the barracks, the arsenal, they give out guns, ammunition. The people grab power, take the radio station. They defeat Russian Tanks and secret police. They feel prisoners. The lovers fight, amid their friends. One of their mothers joins them. Grandmother supports them. Will they survive? Will their love go on? It is a story, fiction, based on true history, truth. Violence, horrors mix with love. Terror in Auschwitz, terror in Communism, will they ever have peace?< Less
Thistle Amid the Grass By vincent zach michaelisz
eBook (PDF): $6.54
Thistles among the grass The Anglican community ordains women, but not all the church. Some clergy refuse to have women priests working with them. Some parishes refuse to have them. Acceptance of... More > homosexuals, lesbians, women priests, become similar issues. When homosexuals excepted, but women priests are not, the rejection of human rights becomes pointed and the unreasonableness is obvious. Young priests, who first ignore the women issue, soon realise that they should not ignore it. A church community develops, who promote female priest calling from God and also save young people who struggle under homophobe hatred. Gays, lesbians, drug addicts, are rescued, given home, parented by heterosexual, homosexual, lesbian couples; by both cleric and lay couples. The flock, in church, accepting church rules against human rights is contrasted to flock eating thistles amid good grass. The community fights for the right of the flock, not to eat thistles.< Less
Should Vegetarians Take Holy Communion? By vincent zach michaelisz
eBook (PDF): $6.54
Should vegetarians take Holy Communion? A young First Holy Communicant does not want to be a cannibal. He does not want to eat Jesus! He even hated his grandma killing animals on the farm! He is... More > vegetarian! He is grown up; he is also homosexual. The word of the Bible says that he is wrong. Is he? Is Bread flesh? Is wine blood? Is his drunk, non caring mother the good Catholic, or is he, who escapes home and keeps taking in his brothers and sisters. It is also a fictitious story about the real squat commune that was at the old, now demolished Dalston Picture House. Fictitiously this picture house – arts commune also get into the Cannes Film Festival. Homosexual rights, lesbian rights flourish in the commune, vegetarian or not. And the story still got a lot to do with Holy Communion!< Less
Terence By vincent zach michaelisz
eBook (PDF): $4.89
Terence. Terence is the grandson, whom Grandmother openly dislikes. The story begins as a semi autobiographical telling of a family, whom the author knew well. Terence is described, as in real life,... More > then the family history goes into fiction. Terence becomes a pillar around whom human rights build up, both in the family and in the community. Grandmother soon realises that her grandson is a good man. Unexpected visitors come. Auschwitz, acceptance of different people, accepting homosexuals, pushing for justice in church politics, all come into Terence’s and the family’s life. Lake Balaton, the ‘seaside’ of Hungary, becomes the stage for life and human rights. Liverpool is another stage for it. The Beatles peep into the fiction. Naturism becomes an expression of freedom, freedom of the spirit.< Less
Chapel - Dreams 2 By vincent zach michaelisz
eBook (PDF): $2.94
Dreams 2 - Chapel (Second of sextet) Love of Roman Catholic priest and an actor. Rows of beds at the Tate Modern remind of molly houses, male brothels, ‘Chapel’ of beds for hire,... More > for male couples to love. 18th century. Reverend John Church, openly known homosexual priest from history. Stoning of homosexuals. John Church becomes parallel to the modern couple. They perhaps go even further.< Less
Redeemed - Dreams 1 By vincent zach michaelisz
eBook (PDF): $2.94
Dreams I. - (Redeemed) (First of a sextet) Dejection, depression, loneliness in the middle of Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster’s exhibition of a huge expense of lines of bare bunk beds. End... More > of the world? … Dean feels that it is the end of his world. Rick his lover dumped him. It is a young woman who tries to cheer him up. Will that work? What is his future? Will he have a future? All those beds!!! Will he ever have a family, a constant love?!< Less
Angels of Soho By vincent zach michaelisz
eBook (PDF): $6.54
Angels of Soho Homosexual love. Secrecy from the family. Drunk mother. New baby sister. These are things that worry Mark. But his greatest problem is with lying. He hates the secretiveness. He... More > breaks up with his lover, because of it. When he finds new love he refuses to have secrecy again. However, the only one he trusts at first in his family is his grandmother, whom he loves most. She is supportive. Soho, where the lovers live and Brighton, where grandmother lives become the places for the couple’s love and work. Their work becomes to be helping angels to the troubled. Homosexuals, lesbians, drug addicts, need help. They give it. Grandmother helps, sometimes with old fashioned, strict, physical response. She does not quite say, “Spare the rod and spoil the child”, but the old strictness does break through at times. Their help in both places grows and strengthen.< Less

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