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A Guide to Fruit & Fruit Dessert Cookery By Vigilant Communications
eBook (PDF): $10.00
Preparing for College By Vigilant Communications
eBook (PDF): $12.50
The cost of college has risen faster than inflation for a generation, doubling about every ten years. In 2005-2006, one year’s average tuition at private colleges topped $21,235. For the... More > 2007-2008 school year, that bill is estimated to be $23,850. If the trend continues, by 2010-2011, students will have to pay $28,400 per year. And since costs continue increasing each successive year, that is at least $124,240 for four years. Paying for college isn’t just expensive; it’s also complicated. Even at its best, it’s a long-term project with many steps, many decisions, many unfamiliar terms and an alphabet soup of acronyms (FAFSA, EFC, SAR, and etc). While there are numerous loan, scholarship, grant, and employment programs available, it’s hard to determine which of all these options can be the most beneficial to you. Each family has to create a combination of savings, loans, scholarships and other money that’s suitable for them…and it will differ from family to family.< Less
HomeSchool Professor By Vigilant Communications
eBook (PDF): $12.49
A lot of parents would love to homeschool, but they’re afraid they just don’t have the abilities. You Can Homeschool Your Child Tomorrow! But first, you need to know a few items about... More > the whole process before you can fully jump in. When you order “Professor Homeschool”, we’ll give you what you need to know. Order the book today, read it tonight, and have your child home with you getting the education he or she needs within days! Believe it or not, there’s a lot that has to be considered before fully starting a home school. Making a schedule Keeping records Reporting to the right agencies, if any How to provide socialization for your child Fitting in everyday life with school Establishing a school identity For the novice, it can be overwhelming. Don’t give up on the dream, though. You can get all the information you need and never have to leave your home! When considering homeschooling your child, homeschool yourself with “Professor Homeschool”!< Less
Your New Best Friend By Vigilant Communications
eBook (PDF): $6.25
Few people in this world love another person unconditionally. With a pet, however, this is the norm. Pets don’t hold grudges or plot revenge. They’re sad when you are sad, and they are... More > happy when you are happy. Most people consider their pet a best friend – and it is no wonder why. Pets can also be a lot of work, though. It is like having a child. This living, breathing creature relies on you for all basic needs. You should never get a pet just on a whim. Pets take planning and, above all, complete responsibility. Make sure that you can give your pet the best life possible before you go through with the adoption.< Less
Guide to Allergies and Relief By Vigilant Communications
eBook (PDF): $12.49
Do you or someone you know suffer from allergies? Perhaps you think you’ve come down with a case of the common cold, yet time and time again you find you have difficulty getting rid of the... More > sniffles. Or, perhaps you find that your sniffles soon result in asthmatic symptoms that persist, even after you’ve overcome the sinus congestion you normally associate with having a cold. Maybe you have flu symptoms but no fever. You may even find you have the sniffles after biting into a piece of your favorite pie. You may not have a cold at all … in fact … the chances are much higher you suffer from allergies. More than 40 million people suffer from allergies in the U.S. alone, according to the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology. That is why it is important you take the time you need to learn everything you can about allergies, while you still can. If you weren’t concerned about allergies before, let this book be your wake up call.< Less
The Hidden Power of Setting Goals By Vigilant Communications
eBook (PDF): $11.24
How many times have you set goals only to watch miserably as they fall by the wayside? What happened? Did other dreams get in the way? Were you too busy to make your dreams a reality? Do you feel... More > you are a victim of life’s circumstances, rather than an individual capable of taking charge of their life, and the outcomes that result from action? Using this ebook, you will brainstorm even further, and discover your hidden talents, the tools you can personally use to ensure your goals are met with pride, accomplishment, AND with as little effort as possible.< Less

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