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Ranga Plays Australia - a cricket dream By Ian Burns
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It’s only four years after the end of WW2, when there were no great cricket matches. But now things are getting back to normal: the Australians have thrashed the Poms in England, India has... More > played its first Test series in Australia, and ‘the Don’ has retired. In a small Bangalore village young Ranganathan Rao is musing about life in general and cricket in particular. The weather’s been hot and dry for ever – everyone’s eyes are skywards, looking for the monsoon. Except for Ranga’s, whose spinning fingers begin to itch. Kumar, Ranga’s English/Geography/History teacher, as part of a discourse on the strangeness of the English language, introduces his pupils to an especially strange word - that he heard an Australian say during the war – and invites them to try to pronounce it and identify its meaning. After many unsuccessful attempts Kumar reveals both the word’s pronunciation and meaning, and suggests that everyone might remember this, as one day they might go to Australia. This starts Ranga thinking.< Less
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Thomas Bulford's Essays on Life, Language & Love By Ian Burns
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Readers may be aware that Thomas Bulford died recently (though not as recently as before), and that I had what I then regarded as the onerous honour of editing his lexicographical work. Following... More > this, his son presented the Publisher with a box of scribblings that he said were his ‘distinguished’ father’s. My impression was that they were, indeed, Thomas Bulford’s (the senior). Firstly, they bore a striking resemblance to the ‘essays’ that the Publisher insisted on being incorporated in the English Companion as introductions to the various definitional categories. Secondly, and I say this with as much grace as I can, they, whilst being somewhat idiosyncratic in construction and questionable in logic, contained a number of insights into the human condition that were also occasionally present in the earlier volume. Accordingly, with less reluctance than before, I agreed to edit this material, and offer it to readers for their judgement. Editor< Less
The Alone Man By Ian Burns
Paperback: $8.01
Prints in 3-5 business days
ADULTS The Alone Man is a simple story full of understated insights that will have deep emotional resonance with readers all over the world. It tells of a pioneering man's life, and his love for his... More > land, his wife, his children. You can find out more about Ian's books at< Less
The Wisdom of Harkishen Singh By Ian Burns
Paperback: List Price: $15.77 $14.19 | You Save: 10%
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A compilation of sayings - sometimes wise, sometimes inscrutable, sometimes humorous - of an Indian guru in post-WW2 India, as spoken to and recalled by his young protégé.
The Day and Night Machine By Ian Burns
Paperback: $12.67
Prints in 3-5 business days
It’s Jess’s thirteenth birthday. She’s been in bed for nearly a year, the result of a car accident that killed her father. Surprisingly, she finds a birthday present from him, an... More > unusual gift for a girl and one which she, her mother, and her grandfather, puzzle over. In the course of playing with it, Jess discovers that it has some highly-unexpected properties. But then, purely by accident, she discovers its most amazing feature.< Less
Scratcher By Ian Burns
Paperback: List Price: $9.37 $8.90 | You Save: 5%
Prints in 3-5 business days
Have you ever wondered why clocks have hours, and minutes, and seconds…but not firsts? You will not find the answer to this question in this book, but Scratcher will tell you what happens... More > if your dog goes wild in a butcher’s shop, or if an eel gets up your trouser leg when you’re standing in the middle of the creek in the rain, or if you fall in love with your teacher. And he’ll tell you about the McPhees, and his friends, and about the cat whose feet never touch the floor, and what happened when a swan’s EGG learnt to fly, and about the world’s only fat butter of a dog, and… and… and, well about one or two other things as well…< Less
Lissie Pendle By Ian Burns
Paperback: $16.46
Prints in 3-5 business days
Lissie Pendle is about trouble. But not trouble with a capital T. It's trouble which just...well, it just happens. Usually with the help of her little brother, or Scratcher and his friends, or... More > just....things. Lissie is busy, pre-occupied, if you like, coping with events and trying to sort out and put in their proper place (ie beside and slightly in awe of her) the various eligible boys of the town. In these endeavours she succeeds quite gloriously, although she's actually the only person who understands this. In the course of telling us about a number of pretty unusual events, such as the case of the killer koala, or what happened in old-fashioned trains' toilets, or when she met a lady who inserted capital letters into her conversation, or when there was blood instead of ink in the inkwell, or....well, a pile of other things, we discover an Australia of another time. When things were clear, including the air, and life was simpler and, yes, funnier.< Less
Possum and Python By Ian Burns
Paperback: $6.52
Prints in 3-5 business days
CHILDREN 9-12 Possum and Python is a story from the rain forest, of birth and love and companionship - of a most unusual (but splendid) kind. You can also find out more about Ian's books at... More > and< Less
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