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Contact Flying: The Art of Ground Reference Flying By Jim Dulin
eBook (ePub): $9.99
Unlike conventional aviation authors and instructors I do not teach primary flying, crop dusting, pipeline patrol flying, bush flying, helicopter medical evacuation flying, and air to ground gunnery... More > using instruments inside the aircraft as the primary situational awareness tool. Rather I teach Dutch rolls, slow flight and stalls over the runway, the energy management turns, use of ground effect on all takeoffs, the brisk walk apparent rate of closure approach, hover taxi in fixed wing aircraft, and low level low power mountain flying using sights, sounds, smells, and kinetics. Sight is used 99.9% of the time looking at the ground. Airspeed, nor any other instrument is used in takeoff or landing. This text teaches the art of flying in the old style at low level using ground references. Its author has over sixteen thousand hours of flying Army helicopters, crop dusters, and pipeline patrol airplanes at three feet to five hundred feet above ground level.< Less
Contact Flying By Jim Dulin
eBook (PDF): $15.95
Contact flying involves the best situational awareness available in flight: visual observation of the earth, relative wind noise, control pressure, and application of rudder based on differential... More > butt cheek pressure. No instrument, including airspeed indicator or ball is needed or used. The techniques covered are the low (6" to 3') ground effect takeoff, 45 degree Dutch rolls, the energy management (no load factor) turn, the apparent brisk walk rate of closure approach, the six second low level forced landing, the angle across the runway extreme crosswind landing, flying slow in updrafts and fast in downdrafts to achieve greater than excess engine thrust for climb in the mountains, the box canyon (energy management turn) turnaround, mountain operations with low powered aircraft, agricultural operations, and pipeline patrol operations.< Less

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