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Homer the Helicopter Grand Canyon Adventures By Julie W. Buscher
eBook (PDF): $3.50
Homer, an emerald-eyed, little 'copter is "born" in the factory , and given to the wise Elsa to raise. But the mischievous Homer disobeys his mother. Elsa enrolls him in flight school,... More > where instructor Hank teaches Homer the correct way to fly. Homer earns his wings, and becomes a touring helicopter at the Grand Canyon,taking children on rollicking, cliff-hanging rides! Homer's nemesis, Baldazar, the eagle, viciously attacks the copter. Homer is jealous of Baldazar's skills, and takes his controls away from Hank, following the eagle into the Canyon's bottom. Homer and Hank suffer a horrifying crash in the raging river! Instructor Jennie ultimately meets the wrecked 'copter and has him repaired.--Danger, pitfalls, excitement and heartfelt love abound throughout this delightful, entertaning and educational chapter book for 5-10 ages; with 72 pages, over 20 color illustrations. **Useful as a handup book to read to young children to increase their vocabulary and understanding of the English language.< Less
Humorous Tips To Cure Your Fear of Flying: The JetWay Is Not a Gangplank By Julie W. Buscher
eBook (PDF): $6.95
This is a 34 page.pdf format eBook, filled with colorful illustrations on each page; If you're frightened of flying, this book is for you; - humorous, educational and... More > entertaining! Intro: "My grandfather didn't like being higher off the ground than his horse's saddle. This booklet is chock full of humorous and useful information geared to conquer your fear of flying. You’ll be entertained and educated by each tidbit, and emerge a less fearful flyer. The suggestions, advice and jokes are sure to turn your clenched white knuckles back to pink. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride. Laughing out loud is allowed.< Less

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