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Hidden Treasures By Arthur Eedle
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Hidden Treasures The Authors have sought to present three of their treasures, opened up to them by the Lord over many years of study and contemplation. Each Treasure may be hotly contested by... More > Evangelicals, but this did not deter them from presenting the information, in the hope that perhaps some of their readers will be delighted with the themes, thereby to expand their knowledge of God and His multicoloured wisdom.< Less
Unless The Lord Builds the House - Volume Three By Arthur Eedle
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This third volume of “Unless the Lord Builds the House” has a series of chapters on unusual topics, for example there is a series dealing with the state of the dead and how it affects the... More > living. Another series investigates the background and the spiritual state of the Charismatic Movement. An ancient text, The Apocalypse of Abraham is reproduced for study. The Millennial Reign of Christ has two chapters. The origin of Evil and Satan is considered in depth. The number 666 is shown to be linked to money. These and many other topics are investigated. The Author believes the subject matter of Volume 3 is of great importance for serious and discerning Christians, especially in the present climate of the world and the church.< Less
Shiraz meets Jesus By Arthur Eedle
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Over recent years many tales have come out of the Middle East of Arabs, Moslems, and Jews receiving vivid dreams and visions of Jesus, and yielding their lives to Him, regardless of their own safety.... More > However, this form of Divine Evangelism has not been limited to the Middle East. Here is the full account of a most amazing experience received in England in 1992 by a young Moslem business man, staying in a Travelodge overnight. His complete change of faith from Islam to Christianity produced ostracism from his family, and the near loss of his life. He shared his experience with friends of the authors, who passed it on to them shortly afterwards. This story is a wonderful example of the living Christ at work today calling people to Himself in person, as He did 2,000 years ago.< Less
The Caxton Conspiracy By Arthur Eedle
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Caxton College is an ancient seat of learning. Built at the time of William Caxton’s death in 1491, its purpose has gone through several changes over the years. In this story it is a... More > Theological College for young men, housing about a hundred students. Dr Alan Dunstan, Master of Calvin House, returning from his summer vacation in Scotland, expecting the new academic year to follow its usual course, was very alarmed to find that within weeks, disturbing undertones of a sinister nature were beginning to emerge. Who is behind it, and why? Would he and his little band of Pioneers be able to cope with this? Would they be able to retain their integrity and position as the pressures build against them?< Less
Albion Restored By Arthur Eedle
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Arthur & Rosalind Eedle spent some years researching the history of the centuries before Augustine, coupled with field trips to Cornwall and Somerset. Fired by the enthusiasm of men like Henry... More > Ardern Lewis who had the same life-long urgency to prove that Britain was the first nation to espouse Christianity, they have made known their results in this volume. It is a detective story which grips one’s attention and imagination to reveal the hand and purpose of God for our nation.< Less
Unless the Lord builds the house Volume 2 By Arthur Eedle
eBook (PDF): $6.22
This second book of Biblical studies is of a specialist nature. For example, there is a series entitled "Hidden Treasures of Genesis", in which a number of traditionally accepted concepts... More > come under close examination of the Hebrew text. A second series entitled "Studies in Biblical Science" investigates areas where scientific and mathematical truths undergird the Scriptures, and bring glory to God. A short series gathering available evidence on Lucifer opens up much information on the mind and character of man's great accuser. And then there is a series of "Historical studies" relating to Biblical cities which unveils important information. Other subjects under examination are the Coming of the Lord, the Origin and meaning of Evil, Hidden Numerical Treasures, and the Millennium.< Less
Susans Journal - Omnibus Edition By Arthur Eedle
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The author bases his story on a series of remarkable visions he received in the autumn of 1991, which alerted him to a process quite different to his own previous understanding of eschatology. Flesh... More > and sinews have been added to the bare bones of these visions to show how one nation is taken completely by surprise, and how it handles the ever-growing list of unsettling and often disturbing events which could not be explained away by liberal theology, rational atheism, or even evangelical eschatology, but which nevertheless conform entirely with the essence of New Testament records.< Less
The Last Days By Arthur Eedle
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Eschatology, the study of the last things, has been a life-long pursuit for Arthur & Rosalind Eedle. But a few years ago they decided to publish collections of their findings, which came out in... More > four series of articles. These were well received, and made way for the publication of this book. Sadly Rosalind died in January 2014, and therefore never lived to see this book in print.< Less
Restoring the Honour of His Name By Arthur Eedle
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The authors have sought to identify theological topics which the Church has misapplied, misunderstood, or passed over, in respect of the future judgment of all mankind, and which when examined cast... More > dishonour on the Lord's name. Establishing the theology of God's Total Victory over sin and the Devil; failure of Universalism; Examination of Creeds; the “everlasting” problem; Legal Requirements of Christ's Death; for whom did Christ die?; Sheep and Goats; the Rich man and Lazarus; Firstborn and Firstfruits; Confession; Fire, Brimstone, and Torment; Hell, and the Lake of Fire. The authors do not assume that they have all the answers, but have set forth the results of their own extensive studies. They hope their writings will engender deeper thought and greater enlightenment to those who have been troubled by the problems and misunderstandings found within the words “conscious everlasting torment”.< Less
The Periodic Table of the Elements By Arthur Eedle
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Scientific Monograph. A three-dimensional model of the Periodic Table of the Elements in the form of a Pyramid, which satisfies the demands of Groups, Periods, and Shell Structure in a manner which... More > could never have been achieved by any two-dimensional model.< Less