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Reign of Discordia By Darrin Drader
Paperback: $44.72
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Science fiction the way you love it! Reign of Discordia is a True20 space opera setting book by the celebrated game designer Darrin Drader and Reality Deviant Publications. RoD gives you what you... More > need to know about the galactic civilization following the fall of the Stellar Imperium. Future sourcebooks and adventures will further add to the dynamic space opera setting presented in this core setting book. * Character rules for a space opera setting * Six new core races for the setting (Gaieti, Lamogos, Tallinites, Sangor, Relerrans, and the R'Tillek). * Seven character roles (soldier, naval officer, infiltrator, mentalist, pilot, bounty hunter, and low-life). * Descriptions of over 50 planets, which comprise the setting's core locations * Descriptions of numerous interplanetary organizations * Starship rules for True20 * A range of starships * A detailed description of the space station Rover's Beacon, which is one of the key locations within the setting. < Less
Reign of Discordia: Greyscale version By Darrin Drader
Paperback: $25.90
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Reign of Discordia: Virus By Darrin Drader
Paperback: $14.03
Ships in 3-5 business days
Virus is a Reign of Discordia adventure for 3rd level characters and serves as the first adventure in a loosely connected adventure path that will ultimately help decide the fate of the known galaxy.

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