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Tales Of The Bear, The Dragon And Other Wondrous Creatures By Patrick McGowan
Paperback: $39.99
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“Tales of the Bear, The Dragon and Other Wondrous Creatures” is a collection of travel newsletters written by Australian Patrick McGowan from 1998 to 2006. During these years he worked... More > in Russia and China and seized the opportunity to visit many places far from home. Here is a sometimes whimsical but always informative account of some of the favourite places he has lived and visited. This includes his series on the five sacred Taoist mountains of China (Wu Yue). While the focus is on travel in Russia and China, there are tales of visits to many European destinations, Africa, and even a few Australian destinations such as Kakadu National Park and Lightning Ridge.< Less
The Shades of Paracelsus By Patrick McGowan
Paperback: $16.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
Anna Waters, 17, a smart girl from a good home, has a passion for natural medicine. Inspired by a medieval miracle worker, she wants to bring the people of her town to better ways of living. Al... More > Flanagan, 24, a smooth talking and super ambitious businessman, works for a multinational pharmaceutical company. He’s not going to let some reckless young schoolgirl threaten his market share or career path. But how far will he go to protect his patch? We all wish every David could overcome their Goliath. But let’s not get too romantic about this; sometimes the Davids of this world are just not patient or clever enough, or perhaps the Goliaths are just too strong. Hmmm. ‘The Shades of Paracelsus’ is also a novel about place. It explores the Illawarra region of Australia, a place where the abrupt and unarguable logic of the escarpment meets the tireless expanse of sapphire waters of a pacific ocean. See how this place shapes the thinking of its people. NOTE: THIS IS A GALLEY PROOF EDITION< Less
TAO: Total Person And One World By Patrick McGowan
Paperback: $19.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
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This is a book about the joy of healthy living through simple, natural means. It's a compilation of writings by tai chi enthusiast, Patrick McGowan, over twelve years. The book contains a lot of... More > practical information for self help health care, covering tai chi health exercise and meditation, natural healing and taoist natural philosophy. This book complements "Tales of the Bear, the Dragon and Other Wondrous Creatures", a collection of travel stories to various parts of the world written over the same time period. There is significant reference to the essential teachings of Simon Lim, teacher and healer, who taught tai chi and conducted a natural healing clinic in the Sydney region from the 1970s until his recent retirement.< Less

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