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Independent Confirmation of the Design By Harry Dale Huffman
eBook (PDF): $0.00
If you think the design of the Earth is simply unbelievable, and an insult to modern science, think again. The dodecahedron design I found and proved is independently confirmed by earth scientists... More > who uncovered a precise truncated-icosahedron pattern to the breakup of the Laurasian and Gondwanan supercontinents. These scientists did not know of my discoveries, nor do they even understand their findings as indication of design, instead explaining it as a "self-organization" of the Earth ("self-organization" is one of many popular euphemisms used by modern scientists to avoid consideration of design of the natural world, even when all the facts point to it). So the design detailed in The End of the Mystery is an objective, and verified, fact.< Less
The End of the Mystery By Harry Dale Huffman
eBook (PDF): $15.00
The ancient past of mankind is a great jigsaw puzzle of compelling stories and beliefs, composed of a limitless number of precisely-fitted pieces, whose final solution has been the impossible dream... More > of every generation.   This is the book that finally uncovers the hard physical truth behind the ancient mysteries, and reveals the overall picture:   The worlds-encompassing design of the "gods", the single source of all the ancient mysteries--myths, traditions, symbols and gigantic memorials to a lost past.   This is a true scientific narrative, the first of its kind and written for a broad audience, that rigorously provides the overwhelming facts, not speculation, about our incredibly designed world.   It is profusely illustrated, in vivid color, because seeing is believing.   283 pages, with table of contents, bibliography and index.< Less
A Simple Disproof of Plate Tectonics By Harry Dale Huffman
eBook (PDF): $5.00
Generations of earth scientists have utterly failed to note an anciently famous, mathematically precise and altogether simple symmetry of the landmasses on the Earth that precludes chance continental... More > "drift" and any undirected physical process such as "plate tectonics."< Less

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