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Temporal Cross Currents By Garrison Clifford Gibson
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A Martian philosopher, Patrick Voevoda, encounters evil embodied in aliens and humans alike. An event horizon of concentrated wickedness overcomes good sense in political-economic leaders stimulating... More > their will to power to reach for absolute power with bitter ends. The recurrent cycle of human and alien behavior is morphed by evolution in a variety of forms across Universe (1). Voevoda and friends search for deeper meaning in truth directed evolution spiritually, Jesus Christ and God overcoming the chaos of conflict and philosophical enigmas of quantum physical cosmology.< Less
A Commentary on Berkhof's Intro to the New Testament By Garrison Clifford Gibson
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Garrison Clifford Gibson wrote a commentary on Berkhof's excellent 1915 work of Biblical scholarship titled 'An Introduction to the New Testament'. Gibson's commentary on Berkhof's book by book... More > analysis of the content, characteristics, destination and author of each book of the New Testament includes liberal direct quotations from Berkhof's public domain book that was a text for generations of students of the Holy Bible.< Less
Philosophy in the Elements By Garrison Clifford Gibson
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During the course of two years living outdoors in Alaska Garrison Clifford Gibson wrote philosophical essays on cosmology and Christianity considering how spirit and the Universe are reconciled with... More > reason. The author's interests reading popular cosmology, the Bible, philosophy and history yielded construction of a synthesis of logic, epistemology, philosophy of language and the gospel into a world view examining transcendence of mass and energy through the Spirit.< Less
Honest History - Volume Four By Garrison Clifford Gibson
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Gary Clifford Gibson wrote contemporary history as a mosaic of essays on contemporary American affairs from an independent point of view. Emphasis on philosophical interpretation. Institutional bias... More > often shapes retro-historical recapitulations so it's worth reading an ordinary citizen's point of view.< Less
Waveform Politics 6 - Inelastic Ecosphere Supply By Garrison Clifford Gibson
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Waveform Politics 6 is subtitled 'Inelastic Ecosphere Supply' in recognition of the overall decline in the health and sustainability of the planetary ecosphere. These essays from 2006-2008 on matters... More > historical and political continue to consider corporatism, organization man with the limited stimulus-response unexamined life point of view role and the inertial deleterious change to the planetary environment. The essays were all published at some Internet web site or other such as the now defunct N.P.R. Your Turn discussions at a program discontinued in 2013 named 'Talk of the Nation'.< Less
Honest History - Volume 1 By Garrison Clifford Gibson
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This is my non-concise contemporary history capture of 2011 and 2012. Presenting my own worldview Honest History regards phenomenal events and provides commentary on select social and political... More > phenomena concerning Americans. Excreted through the broadcast media and oozed on the Internet information first reported by others is sometimes synthesized and frequently considered with historical and philosophical tools. Some data is also of the first person kind. Historical perceptions written live in real-time rather than with a detached, post hoc retrospective may bring a better review of how the events of the day were regarded. The following essays of about 246,000 words comprise the a tip-of-the-iceberg of U.S. historical events worth a mention that happened over a couple of years.< Less
The Post Bush II Era: Waveform Politics 7 By Garrison Clifford Gibson
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This seventh volume in the Waveform Politics series follows the continuing saga of the Bush II presidential administration beginning in 2006 and fast forwards to selections from my essays on... More > contemporary issues of the year 2009. I would like to say that the economic performance of 2007 and 2008 never occurred and that a few trillion extra weren’t added to the public debt for badly run foreign military affairs and corrupt mortgage, banking, insurance and assorted other Wall Street factors in the red. Yet the national debt was about 12 trillion as of this writing, and the ecosystem debt to the world is increasing with more carbon into the global sink. Even so these essays have a largely philosophical theme in the beginning. The presence of a non-Curly, Moe and Larry approach to government is an improvement, yet there is a long way to go to get a new good nationalism in the U.S.A. with a Herman Daley sort of renewable resources approach to living within our means.< Less
Honest History - Volume Two By Garrison Clifford Gibson
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Honest History comprises essays on topics in contemporary history of interest to me during the year. With the trend toward globalism, corporatism and careerist media versions of world events... More > saturating popular thought I believe it useful to provide my own, independent point of view. With modest goals backed with solid work I have captured enough data to discern the disconformity with the commercial narrative of events.< Less
Kinetic Military Action-Next Generation Debt - Waveform Politics Volume 10 By Garrison Clifford Gibson
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Waveform Politics Volume Ten wraps up the contemplative contemporary historical journal of Gary Clifford Gibson during the first decade of the 3rd millennium give or take a couple of years with more... More > than 400 brief essays. These are ad hoc philosophical, analytical and political essays on the social dialectic of the era in which the broadcast media was a kind of air attack on electorate political conditioning in the political power blitzkrieg to concentrate wealth in the U.S.A. and globalize economic reality to the advantage of ecologically ignorant second-rate minds .< Less
Honest History Volume Three By Garrison Clifford Gibson
eBook (ePub): $1.49
A collection of my essays from 2014 comprising contemporary history viewed from a personal perspective. Societies and civilizations are always a mix of good and bad trends. Good government with good... More > leadership can address those challenges while bad governments tend to disregard them or even regard evil as virtue. I hope that the challenges are overcome with complete border security, cessation of printing free money loans at zero interest to large banks, better Wall Street regulation and so forth. I also hope the world of security and ecological challenges have adequate responses and that democracy can be recovered from corporatism and incipient plutocracy. I wrote on some of those issues in the essays of this volume.< Less