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The 9 Keys to become a Joyful Lifestyle Traveler (18 Years on the Road) By Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken
eBook (PDF): $10.18
The sustainability of the lifestyle travel has been always a question, almost avery lifestyle traveler have been trying to answer on the road. How to keep yourself on the road, have and develop your... More > wealth and create your own family.? Where to start? travel for ever? Is that a romantic idea or a lifestyle? How to keep yourself on the road, have and develop your wealth and create your own family.? The Lifestyle Travelers Club Join our intranet network • Travel Operator School. A team that back you up on the road. • Extreme Travel & Business School. Learn through weekend trainings monitored online the best skills and knowledge you need on the road. • Lifestyle Travel Culture Project. Join lifestyle travelers into lifestyle travel culture projects ( land, arts, retirement, global citizenship pass) and business ventures. • Membership Only with invitation: for a skype interview @ luisdanielmaldonadofonken< Less
9th Guide for a Spiritual Journey while Living Abroad Traveling By Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken
eBook (PDF): $24.08
by Odin Ѳ: 18+ years Spiritual Journey Abroad Traveling Written in 9 Languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Chinese, Japanese, Hindi, Russian, Finn. Includes: * Workbook *... More > Spiritual Journey Diary * Easy simple guide to follow up * Shifts & Ascension while living abroad traveling. * Practical advice for maximizing travel budget, love and fun while abroad traveling. * Spiritual practices and excersices that can change the frequency of your trip and your spiritual journey destination. * Themes of a spiritual journey and ideal travel destinations, sites, people, activities and cultures to work them out. * Why to shift from a global citizen (traveler) into a citizen of the divine creation?< Less
Prime Guardian Star By Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken
eBook (PDF): $18.00
Prime Guardian Star, By L D Maldonado Fonken, the awakening of the golden bridge, is a new creative experiment done in 2012, on twitter. "The day I started with this project I knew that to... More > bring this information to public will create and attract certain quality of attention to the field of the work that was not experienced before. It is my intent to provide through this text accurate information regarding the guardian star, and to share it, and now it will be available to public. The experience of writing in twitter have been complete and brought to my awareness the completed-ness of the field, while integrating it to twitter. There for I would like you to discover with me, the prime star, how wonderful this travel is and have been, and will be."< Less
ODIN Ѳ’s TRAVEL GUIDE By Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken
eBook (PDF): $12.04
This is an e-book travel guide, created on the road, which means along a travel experience, that is now, in 2014 counting for 18 years about. The Odin’s Travel Guide is about Luis Daniel... More > Maldonado Fonken, Akka: Odin Ѳ spiritual Journey destinations WHY TO BUY THIS GUIDE ? Why should any one be interested into this travel guide; well, if you are into a spiritual journey yourself you would love to know about locations, places, people, and strategies for traveling that would make of your trip a spiritual adventure. DEDICATED Dedicated to all new spiritual friends that i met in my spiritual Journey, in particular those that made of the journey a spiritual adventure, their list would be too long, and the words i would tell for them would be too many, just now to say thank you for being who you are.< Less
Odin's Diary Sacred Land MAP of a Consciousness Field - The Timeless Mountain in Austria By Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken
eBook (PDF): $676.03
The Timless Mountain (Archive) Probably one of the most recent experiences that prepared me for the sunshine of Russia, is that of the time mountain in Austria. According to my records, the Time... More > mountain in Austria holds within a cavern with an engine which creates in collaboration with the earth gates, a time neutral gate. A time neutral gate defined here will mean a time portal The following document will help you find out more of the benefits, risks and regions interesting and meaningful for exploring. It is a perfect case for training and study of a consciousness field. References are many in history that are beyond myth, and also a list of individuals that used the same track of exploring for own aims. I wont talk about them now, but will share with you key advice for navigating the consciousness field of Timeless Mountain in Austria. Odin Ѳ< Less
Odin's Diary Sacred Land MAP of a Consciousness Field By Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken
eBook (PDF): $367.13
What is a consciousness field? Consider for a moment that you find yourself, also your consciousness, within a vase of water, which have been programmed with a particular emotion. Now, what would... More > take place if you bring another type of emotion or your perception is not ready to perceive the emotion of the field, nor to realize the experience the field brings to you. Along my trips i realized a pattern that need to be observed, on how the sacred land reacts on you. These observations i did mostly at spiritual archeology expeditions, not only at archeology spots or locations, but at natural places which gaia created within own body for earth inhabitants to learn and evolve in consciousness, but also for holding information and eventually also protecting life, culture and people. The MAP of a consciousness field, will help you travel along the field of the spiritual archeology site and find yourself ready for reaching your prefered destination. Odin Ѳ< Less
Romantic Love or Spiritual Love By Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken
eBook (PDF): $10.82
Spiritual love is not the same as romantic love. In the world of humans, romantic love is the reason why humans decide to perceive and belief that they should spend several years together and even... More > have children. In the divine worlds, children, conception, is a matter of spiritual love. Spiritual love is all about ascension, completion, prime self union, of the whole quantumverse and divine Verse consciously. In that sense, divine brothers and sisters might decide to have children, their off spring would bring a new divine house, self responsible, as for in prime self union, to the realm of the goss and goddesses in prime self union, as well as for the organic light sound body, according to case and preferences of the gods and goddesses in prime self union. Why should be have children? as for the birth of divine consciouss beings on earth with organic light sound bodies, and the Healing process of the royal and divine houses blood lineages on earth.< Less
Lovers´Culture - Workbook for lovers and couples By Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken
eBook (PDF): $45.26
Lovers Culture Workbook, dedicated to Lovers Culture Workshop students and EM Academy Students. "the experience of union, the mythical and archetypical experience of the god and the goddes in... More > sacred union, starts within ourselves and can be developed with a loving partner or friend" "to understand sexuality as nourishing, sacred, healing, self-generating, self-evolving, cocreating experience, should be our next responsibility and interest after becomming able in our daily life to care for our health, shelter and nourishment"< Less
Women Planet : The Cutting Penis Ceremony By Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken
eBook (PDF): $22.67
The women planet: The Cutting Penis Ceremony & The liberation of the male A work on truth and self healing Draft Edition, and collection of letters. Open work on process to be completed. This... More > book is dedicated to the lovers, in a state of sacred union, the sacred healers of water, the collective which is nor male nor female, the gods and the goddesses in a state of sacred union, at the innermost space of the heart, the space of the beloved. This book is dedicated to the state of oneness necessary for collective self healing in truth and love. "I would like, through this form of a men, to experience through my own femenin frequency and principle, organically and emotionally too, that vision of oneness and harmony, you, through your female form knows. in the same way i will share with you mine, by supporting your awakening in a state of union and oneness. Just to say " we apologize" it is not a real change, unless onenness and truth is present in a 3-Fold expression of care for each other."< Less
Women Planet By Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken
eBook (PDF): $11.37
Do you know what the women know and the secret agenda of the women council? "... The council decided needed to erease from their meories those acts of agression and war, until the final day... More > comes...and then reeducate them through the law of harmony...." “ Ones a women told me that a men had to be able to stand her feelings, changes, mood, evolving and unfolding self expressions of a women, also sexually, if wished to be the right partner for her..."< Less

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