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The Cabin By Christopher Setterlund
eBook (PDF): $3.00
Will Frank is in need of a break from his hectic and stressful life. His idea of a vacation up in the untouched wilderness of Northern Canada seems like the perfect solution until the beast arrives.... More > Over forty miles from the nearest town, Will must try his best to survive the terrifying attacks perpetuated by the beast on the campground where he is staying. With a twist ending sure to keep the reader guessing, The Cabin is a classic tale of suspense and horror.< Less
The Quiet One By Christopher Setterlund
eBook (PDF): $6.00
From the author of the surprise hit 'The Cabin' comes The Quiet One. The Quiet One is a mixture of science fiction and fantasy revolving around a weak, shy young man named Stanley McGee. Stanley... More > has been pushed around and passed over for seemingly his entire life. That begins to change when his identical twin brother, Max, begins giving him advice from deep inside his own mind. The advice works and Stanley's life becomes all he had hoped for until Max's own advice, filled by his own selfish greed and paranoia, turns more sinister. Max suggests the only way for Stanley to keep all he has worked for is to kill off his competition before it is too late. Will Stanley listen to his brother, who has yet to steer him wrong? Or will he use his new found confidence to choose right over wrong?< Less
Eight Hours By Christopher Setterlund
eBook (PDF): $3.00
Eight Hours is a short story which deals with a desperate man searching along the highway for somebody, preferably a police officer, to help him commit suicide. John Gerard has just been rejected by... More > a television station eight hours from his home. It was a job he had hoped would right his sinking ship. With little hope on the horizon John decides that it would be easier to end his life rather than face the uncertainty of tomorrow. He feels he does not have the guts to do it himself and takes to the highway, heading home, but also looking for some help in committing his act of suicide. John is looking for a police officer. On his eight hour trip John brings up memories of his life and past failures, it only seems to reinforce his choice. Will he find a reason to carry on before he finds the officer to end his life?< Less
Dreamality By Christopher Setterlund
eBook (PDF): $3.00
Dreamality centers around Albert Hood, a man whose vivid nightmares begin to affect his daily life. The nightmares begin after his breakup with his girlfriend, and only grow in intensity along with... More > his stress at work. Concerned for his employee, Albert's boss, Mr. Horace, sends him to a psychiatrist friend. With the help of the psychiatrist Albert is able to develop lucid dreaming skills which allow him to remember more and more details of these horrible nightmares in the hopes of discovering their meaning. As more details emerge the biggest question that looms is whether Albert really wants to know what is happening to him. A tale of suspense with a shocking twist ending, this story will keep you guessing until the end.< Less
Goot's Mittens By Christopher Setterlund
eBook (PDF): $4.66
Everyone has something that makes them different. For Goot the Cat it is her over-sized front paws. Her friends in the neighborhood treat her the same as anyone else, but when a former television... More > celebrity cat moves into her neighborhood, her unique trait becomes fodder for the new cat's laughter. When her friends join in the laughter Goot feels all alone and runs away. She meets a friendly toad and escapes from a hungry coyote by crossing a busy highway. She eventually winds up at Miss Delia's farm where all of the animals have unique traits that make them special, much like Goot. With the help of her new friends, especially Dot the Catbird, Goot finds out that her large feet are what makes her special.< Less
Footsteps, Vol. 2 By Christopher Setterlund
eBook (PDF): $5.33
A second collection of photography and poetry. These are all originals, there are more recent photos and writing. Each page is a work of art in itself.
Postcards From My Mind, Vol. 2 By Christopher Setterlund
eBook (PDF): $5.33
This is the second collection of my own personal poetry and song lyrics written over a ten year span from 1996-2006. They explore the vast range of emotions felt through the late teen years and into... More > the twenty-something age. Anybody can relate to what I have written.< Less
Postcards From My Mind By Christopher Setterlund
eBook (PDF): $5.33
Postcards From My Mind is the first collection of my own personal poetry and song lyrics written over a ten year span from 1996-2006. They explore the vast range of emotions felt through the late... More > teen years and into the twenty-something age. Anybody can relate to what I have written.< Less
Love Is By Christopher Setterlund
eBook (PDF): $1.43
What is love? Everybody has different definitions and no two are the same. This is a poetry collection of some of Christopher Setterlund's best love poems as chosen by a select few readers. This... More > is a perfect gift for Valentine's Day, or any day. It will make you smile, give you shivers, and maybe even open you up to a new idea about love that you had never even thought of. The low price ensures that anybody who wishes to enjoy these poems about love can do so.< Less

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