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A novel on war, witchcraft, scifi, fantasy, sex, death and hope. About the conflict between a group of young people who are freedom fighters, living by law of the gun, who face an army of immense... More > power. Set after a major conflict in the near future. Who will win? Based in an alternate England after civil war and a European war. A shady mystical figure, Juniper's Daughter, is added to the mix to give a nail biting no holds barred but sentimental story of a great what if? With real characters including Sarah, a skilled warrior woman deeply troubled by her past and her friend John, her brother in battle. From the use of military weapons to raunchy erotic scenes set in the background of total war, this book is something very different. Watch out for the follow up.< Less
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A novel following up Juniper's Daughter The Final War by Nick Armbrister. In a world full of violent gangsters, secret intelligence operatives, a shady witch called Juniper's Daughter, dark Goths and... More > many other erotic characters, all are set for a showdown with the much vaunted English Army who is intent on invading and wiping them all out. The war rages on and the struggle continues in a world where poodle dogs have laser beam eyes and machine guns fire nuclear bullets. Science fiction meets the near future in this raunchy tough story of madness and dark humour. Set in a ficticious town called Renford in a war ravaged land, this story is an intimate look at one version of the future. Will people be nice to one another or will the Devil and death sweep the land?< Less
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This is Nick Armbrister's new short story collection featuring a variety of stories. From war with Russia in Red Empire and Final Flight to the horror of Loss Of The Icequeen to varied romance like... More > What Could Have Been and Tattoo Me A Smile, this book introduces Nick's work and varied story telling. Other stories cover topics like life and human behaviour.< Less
Loss of the Icequeen By Nick Armbrister
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A young girl escapes her former Satanic comrades after participating in ritual murders. Her secret love affair with an outsider was discovered. She fled for her life and undertakes a terrifying... More > journey, both within herself and through the wilderness, to one final destination where everything will come together. Will the damned girl live or die? Not for the faint hearted and over 18s only.< Less
Ian and Abby Go Thai By Nick Armbrister
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Join Ian and Abby on their first ever trip to Thailand. Here they do what they do best: enjoy good times and have fun! From times alone, experiencing Ladyboy culture, checking out room service,... More > jaunts in the bar, they certainly have fun. Ian and Abby live the life most of us only dream about. How much fun can they have in a week away in exotic Asia? Join them and find out on this cool Thai jaunt. Over 18s only.< Less
Juniper’s Daughter - Fragmented Whole/Black Lense By Nick Armbrister
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This is Nick Armbrister's new book, featuring short stories and poetry on a variety of topics, in his Juniper's Daughter series. Juniper's Daughter is a witch with a difference; no flying broom here... More > but a silver flying saucer! She stars in his other novels and her job is to fight evil and save the world. Will she win? Stories like Barren, about a woman banished to a remote island and Fragmented Whole, where a holiday goes badly wrong for three streetwise women, are here. Poetry on many topics, both light (like Damp, a trip outdoors on a rainy day), and dark (like I Become Nothing, a soul searching poem on war) are featured. This book is Nick's first release of 2012 and is in two parts in one volume; poetry and short stories. He is working on a new poetry collection for future release. Over 18 only due to adult content.< Less
Ian and Abby Adult Erotic Short Stories By Nick Armbrister
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Ian and Abby are two young adults who have the perfect lives. With total trust, both embark upon a path that most of us can only dream of. Join them in their erotic escapades in the following short... More > stories: Ian Gets a Treat where Ian makes love to Abby's sisters, Abby Gets a Treat where Abby has her wicked way with Ian's brother and other guys, Ian and Abby Go Swinging featuring a jaunt in a swingers club and finally, Ian and Abby Romp in the Pub where they have adult fun in a public ale house. What are you waiting for? Ian and Abby await you. Over 18s only.< Less
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This collection features Nick's adult erotic stories for over 18s only. A series of short works about a variety of people making love in many different situations. From the Ian and Abby series to the... More > Pussy Pounder collection, there's a bit of everything here for openminded people. Also gay/lesbian themes. Written 2009-2011.< Less
Next Jump: Erotic Stories By Nick Armbrister
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Next Jump: Erotic Stories features four adult erotic stories by Nick Armbrister. Two feature Holy Men in compromising positions. Southern Cross features Javid, a Christian Minister, and Kenna, a... More > pagan gothic witch. They become more than friends when a heated affair begins. Use Me Like a Bitch is about Big Gun, a crazy cowboy. Is Preacher man able to convert the evil cowboy to the path of the Lord? Two other stories are featured, Office Fun where two office girls do a bit of erotic blood letting in their dinner break, and Sandra Ruby Witch in which a witch, Sandra, protects her forest from evil loggers. She has sex and then murders them in a roughneck bar in a logging town.< Less
Three Tears and One Kiss By Nick Armbrister
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This is Nick Armbrister's new ebook of romance short stories with a dark edge. From two English Goth romance stories where a dark lady of the night meets her dark prince, to Tattoo Me A Smile where a... More > lady walks into her new love interest with deadly results, this ebook is an alternative view of modern romance. Not forgetting What Could Have Been where not everything is as it seems. Nick covers multi emotions and situations in this collection. For all people, not just alternative souls.< Less