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FLOW By Zachary Gartmann
eBook (PDF): $12.50
Performance: You hand the spectator a full water bottle. After this, you ask them to open the cap, and poor a little bit out. Once done, you instruct them to put their hand over the opening of the... More > water bottle. After a dramatic pause, instruct them to very slowly, turn the water bottle upside down. Tell them that water has a strange property. The flow of the water can literally be stopped with a little bit of magic. They will, of course think you are crazy, so have them slowly remove their hand from the opening of the water bottle. Just like magic, the flow of water stopped, and nothing will come out. Have them raise the upside down water bottle, to see the non-flowing water. After they recover from shock, have them lower the water bottle, place a toothpick through the mouth, and watch as the toothpick floats to the top. Once all is said and done, have them squeeze the bottle to release the flow of water. This is flow…< Less
The Poker Protege: The Deal By Zachary Gartmann
eBook (PDF): $1.00
Sitting at the card tables is like another world. Focusing on the cards you play, but more importantly what you opponent plays. Arin Berndt, a young rounder with a life ahead of him, embarks on his... More > quest for glory. Trying to build up his bank roll before he turns 21 for the WSOP, Arin is put to the test with every hand. Fallow Arin in his 50 issues of "The Poker Protege: The Deal."< Less

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