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America's Forgotten History: Part Two - Rupture By Mark David Ledbetter
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Continuation of Part One. Monroe to Lincoln, each president a chapter. The struggle between Jeffersonianism and Hamiltonianism continues, but slavery warps the debate. Westward expansion, tariffs and... More > free trade vs. government/business collusion. The Great Awakening. John Quincy Adams. Marshall, Clay, and Lincoln. Jackson and Van Buren. And finally, Puritans and Cavaliers dispute once again their deep cultural divide in another great and terrible civil war on a new continent. CONTACT:< Less
Dancing on the Edge of the Widening Gyre: A History of Our Times By Mark David Ledbetter
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The American and French Revolutions mark the beginning of our era. They overthrew the age of kings and replaced it with an era of democracy, equality, and liberty, though two different versions. Mark... More > David Ledbetter traces the evolution of the American Way and the French Way into ideologies such as free market capitalism, socialism, fascism, globalism, and the vaunted "Third Way" of Sweden. Ledbetter consolidates the sequence of War-Depression-War between 1914 and 1945 as a single pivotal whole, a Thirty Year Event which slammed the door shut on classical liberalism. The internal contradictions of the new age, bereft since the Thirty Year Event of its classical liberal roots, are manifested in ethno-nationalism in the Third World, and unsustainable debt and crony-capitalism in the First. Unsustainability threatens to bring the epoch to either an end or a rebirth as people and nations dance obliviously on the edge of the widening gyre.< Less
Globocop: How America Sold Its Soul and Lost Its Way By Mark David Ledbetter
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The first two post 9-11 presidential elections have offered America a choice between big-government, high-tax globocops quibbling over the details, not an alternative to the aggressive international... More > militarism that makes America the natural and logical target of terrorism. This book looks at the progression from republic protected by militia to empire protected by standing armies in Athens and Rome - and the similar progression in America. It looks at an alternative: The Swiss way, which has kept Switzerland free and republican for 700 years in the center of a warlike continent. America once understood and followed Washington's Great Rule and J. Q. Adams' admonition not to go out into the world in search of monsters to destroy. America was then the light of freedom, not the sword. Now it has picked up the sword only to see the light grow dimmer year by year. (Newly updated and expanded for 2009)CONTACT< Less
America's Forgotten History. Part Three: A Progressive Empire By Mark David Ledbetter
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"America's Forgotten History" is the story of America seen through libertarian eyes. It aims to be a good story, and one sympathetic to all sides. Part Three of the series, "A... More > Progressive Empire," takes us from the end of the Civil War to the Spanish-American War and the Philippine Insurrection. Along the way, as we trace party politics and presidencies, we look at... • Reconstruction and the Freedmen • The Indian Wars in the West • The land grant railroads • The labor and farmer movements • Populism and Progressivism • The Social Gospel and Christian Socialism • Jim Crow laws and Sundown Towns In the climactic final chapter, an America both driven to lead and fearful of being left behind finally joins Europe and Japan in the pursuit of overseas colonies. 1898 would mark the great if largely forgotten turning point when America became a progressive empire.< Less
America's Forgotten History: Part One. Foundations By Mark David Ledbetter
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Is it America’s destiny to be both a nanny state and garrison state? America’s Forgotten History questions standard history from a constitutionalist point of view. This, the first of... More > five volumes, covers English roots, the colonial period, the Revolution, the Constitution, and the first four presidential administrations, those of Washington, Adams, Jefferson, and Madison. CONTACT< Less
Leap for the Sun: By Mark David Ledbetter
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America was built by heroes, some famous, some not, all flawed in one way or another but heroic nonetheless. Leap For the Sun is a collection of short vignettes describing some of those heroes, both... More > those who made the pages of standard histories and those who didn't. All of them were children of their times and circumstances. All leapt beyond the confines of time and circumstance, and though they may not have reached the sun, they all got off the ground. Many of the stories have been excerpted from my series America's Forgotten History. Among the famous, there are stories of politicians like James Madison, Henry Clay, Tecumseh, and Sam Houston. There are stories of innovators and entrepreneurs like Cornelius Vanderbilt, who changed the world much as Steve Jobs did. There are fighters for freedom, both those who saw freedom through libertarian lenses like Rose Wilder Lane, and those who saw freedom through the lenses of social justice advocacy like Jane Addams.< Less
Language and Globalization: The History of Us All By Mark David Ledbetter
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Language and Globalization: The History of Us All is a short book combining my two interests, Linguistics and History. Linguistics contains some intriguing hints about the entirety of the human... More > journey, hints which have been confirmed in the late twentieth and early twenty-first century by genetics. How do History, Linguistics, and Genetics connect? What do they tell us about the fifty-thousand year human journey condensed into the contentious word globalization? This short book hopes to open the door to the answer, and hopes also to inspire some awe at both the grand cycles of human development and reconnection, and the way spontaneous order works to uplift us in spite of ourselves. Mark David Ledbetter is a visiting professor of linguistics at Hosei University in Tokyo; he has spent over thirty-five years teaching in Japan. He has published a number of books in both English and Japanese, including three volumes of America’s Forgotten History. He is presently working on the fourth volume of that series.< Less
Secret Dictionary of Conversational English By Mark David Ledbetter
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This is a dictionary of conversation for Japanese students of English. It includes the essential but untaught words and expressions that smooth the flow of conversation and give color and nuance to... More > your speech. All explanations are written in Japanese.< Less